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The Greatest Showman – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Grand Introduction

Almost the moment when Tom and Steven appeared, the entire venue boiled up, like a pot of boiling water, like bubbles bursting one after another. Fans on both sides of the road vigorously waved their posters and screamed; reporters on both sides of the red carpet rushed forward, and the flashes lit up, creating an illusion that everyone’s eyes were about to go blind.

It was not until this moment that the premiere of “The Pacific” truly reached its climax.

After hesitating for a moment, Bradley was struggling inwardly, then gave up on Renly, and followed his colleagues to the crowded starting point of the red carpet, aiming his lenses at Tom and Steven.

Although Renly was worth interviewing and had many gimmicks, it was Tom and Steven who had hired Renly who were the real focus – not to mention Renly, at this moment, everyone else on the scene was temporarily put aside. For the reporters, there was no need to struggle with this choice.

Following the direction of the surging crowd, Renly also looked over. Tom and Steven were shrouded in a silver light, so he could only vaguely see the outline of their figures and could not see their facial expressions at all. They waved their hands proficiently towards the crowd, and frenzy on the scene went up another level. This frenzy truly illustrated the meaning of a “superstar”.

Renly couldn’t help but show a big smile, and turned to exchange a glance with Rami, as if to say, “They are really a true big shots, the whole entrance was different.”

Rami stood on tiptoes and shouted loudly in Renly’s ear, “Next time you attend a premiere, remember to inquire in advance so don’t pick the wrong time.” After his shiny debut, Tom and Steven followed closely behind. Not to mention the newcomers, even those first-line stars would be overshadowed. Renly’s timing of entrance was not the best.

But, Renly, as the person involved, was very open-minded. The corners of his slightly raised mouth deliberately pulled down, then he shrugged helplessly. Even without saying a word, his innocent and frank appearance was obvious, making Rami laugh helplessly.

The two industry giants became the focus of the audience’s attention, with spotlights following them closely. It seemed like the center of the room had shifted towards them, giving Renly plenty of social space. Accompanied by Rami, they went to the theater entrance and actively greeted colleagues from the “True Blood” and “Band of Brothers” drama crews.

Although this premiere was somewhat different from what Renly had imagined, without the spotlight following them, without the cheers of the crowd, and even without enthusiastic journalists’ interviews, instead it was more like going through the motions. They stepped on the red carpet, took a stroll, and then it was over. However, the feeling of disappointment only lingered briefly in his chest and soon dissipated. Participating in the filming of “The Pacific” was already miraculous in itself, and this was just the beginning. He shouldn’t be too greedy, right?

In no time, Renly had already made many new friends.

“So, when you saw your father fully naked in a movie, what kind of feeling did that evoke?” Alexander Skarsgård heard Renly’s question and was momentarily stunned. Then he slapped his thigh and burst out laughing – his father, Stellan Skarsgård, was a Swedish national treasure-level actor with a good reputation in Europe. Later, four of Alexander’s six siblings also became actors.

Alexander realized he was being a little impolite and unconsciously touched the center of his lip to cover his slightly open mouth. “My sex education was watching restricted movies with my father, which established the foundation for me. So, when I saw that in a movie, I wasn’t too surprised.”

Compared to American actors, European actors are always “freer” when it comes to showing their bodies, and they are also more casual, purely as part of their art. This is one of the reasons why the film styles produced by the two continents differ.

“I have seen two Lars von Trier films, both of which Stellan starred in. So, I’m sorry, I know my behavior just now was a bit rude.” Renly politely expressed his apology. For most second and third-generation entertainment families, what they dislike the most is mentioning their family background. Once they enter the entertainment circle, what they are most eager to do is to get rid of the halo of their family and carve out their own path.

Alexander did not like others mentioning his father, but he had to admit that Renly’s approach was clever. He didn’t feel offended nor resistant. “No, no.” Alexander shook his head with a smile, “I will tell my father about this when I call him next time. I think he would be very happy to become friends with you.”

“Renly? Renly?” Just as Renly was about to respond to Alexander, a sudden call came from behind him, transmitted through the speakers, which was quite abrupt. This made both of them turn their heads, and then they saw the crowd parting to make way – they were standing among the cast and chatting, and at the end of the passage were Tom and Steven, who were being interviewed by the media.

After his line of sight opened up, Tom immediately spotted the low-key yet uniquely dressed Renly and showed a big smile, waving at him.

What is going on?

Renly was puzzled and apologized to Alexander, then took a step forward. As he passed by Rami, he cast a doubtful glance at him, and Rami showed a big smile and led the applause.

Applause? Why the applause?

Tom also started applauding, and his voice spread through the speakers, “Ladies and gentlemen, give our young man some encouragement.” The applause and whistles at the scene gradually increased, and the flashes of the reporters’ cameras suddenly lit up, catching Renly off guard – he thought the premiere was almost over, why did he feel like the climax was just now beginning?

There were countless question marks in his mind, but Renly’s footsteps remained very steady, his pace not slow, and he had a calm and steady demeanor. He finally stopped next to Tom, raised his head to nod and also greet Steven beside him, and then saw James Badge Dale and Jon Seda who were a step behind. So, was this the introduction of the main cast?

“This is Renly Hall, the soul character of this TV drama,” Tom took the initiative to introduce him, “As we all know, the main character of ‘Band of Brothers’ was played by Damian Lewis. However, this time it’s a bit different. The whole story is divided into three subplots, but the character played by Renly is the core soul of the entire series.”

“Swish, swish, swish,”

Renly could even hear the sound of air friction clearly. In an instant, everyone’s eyes fell on his shoulders. The pressure increased suddenly, weighing heavily on his shoulders, making it difficult to even breathe, as if he was bearing the weight of a mountain.

Feeling a touch on his hand, Renly looked down and saw a staff member handing him a microphone. He instinctively took it and glanced at the whole room. Just a second ago, he was chatting at the back, but now he became the center of attention. He thought that the premiere would end like that, and he for sure didn’t expect it to take this kind of turn.

“Tom, James, and Jon are watching from behind,” Renly’s tone was steady without intentional ups and downs. He just reminded them earnestly. However, people quickly reacted, and the whole room burst into laughter. Even Steven, who was standing next to him, couldn’t help but smile.

Bradley’s eyes lit up suddenly, as Tom’s actions just now explained a lot – not only did he choose a newcomer to play one of the three main characters in “The Pacific,” but he was also very satisfied with the newcomer’s performance. This signal meant a lot. So, Bradley raised his right hand high, seizing the first opportunity and smoothly obtained a chance to ask a question.

“Tom, as far as I know, Renly is a completely new actor who has not appeared in any works before. Why did you choose him to play a character that is the core soul of the drama?” Bradley emphasized the phrase “core soul,” and reporters were eager to hear an answer.

“In fact, Steven and I had a dispute about whether to use Renly. We both knew that using a newcomer is a risk, and it could have ended up even as a total loss. But the result proved that our choice was correct. Renly is a very special actor, and his performance has a special kind of spirituality that leaves a deep impression on people.” Tom’s praise caused a stir among the reporters. His attitude towards Renly couldn’t be clearer, and everyone’s gaze on Renly suddenly became more complex – there being envy, jealousy, pickiness, and expectation. People are always harsh on newcomers, in any industry, at any time.

“Steven, what do you think?” Tom’s redirected question made all the reporters shift their focus.

Steven crossed his arms in a defensive posture and swayed his body slightly before answering, “‘The Pacific’ and ‘Band of Brothers’ are two completely different works, with vastly different demands on actors. Therefore, we are always very careful in our actor selection process. Choosing a newcomer like Renly was a gamble.” After a slight pause, the glint in his eyes flickered, “But as Tom said, our choice was wise.”

Although there was no direct praise, Steven’s words undoubtedly carried more weight, causing all the reporters present to buzz with discussion.

In the highly anticipated work that is “The Pacific,” Renly instantly stood out and became the focus of attention. However, this is definitely a double-edged sword, as the anticipation and attention placed on Renly also raise the bar for expectations. If the final product fails to live up to expectations, Renly, an inexperienced newcomer, will face ruthless criticism and ridicule from the media; of course, if successful, the effect will be multiplied.

The situation began to become delicate.

“Renly! Look here! Look here!” The reporters in the audience shouted, quickly capturing this moment. However, whether it was a moment of honor or shame, only the audience will judge.

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