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The Greatest Showman – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Public Debut

The concept of a premiere has existed for a long time, but it was not until the global synchronized premiere of “Star Wars” that it was given special significance.

Before this, a premiere was simply a public event that announced the official release of a new movie, concise and clear. But now, a premiere has become a highly commercialized ceremony, with wealthy film crews spending millions of dollars to hold a premiere, inviting journalists, celebrity guests, and passionate fans, truly turning the premiere into a show and an important part of the public relations and publicity process, laying the groundwork for the commercial harvest of the work to come.

Considering the vast difference in levels between TV dramas and movies, HBO is the only network in the world that holds premieres exclusively for TV series and it did that for only two works – “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific”. Furthermore, the ceremony is held at the most popular and prestigious premiere location in Hollywood, the Chinese Theater. The industry appeal of Tom and Steven, two big names, was evident.

However, these are things Renly only read on paper, and he still didn’t realize the reality of the premiere he is going to be part of. So, when the scene at the Chinese Theater entrance came into his view, did Renly truly understand the significance of this premiere.

Sitting in the black stretch limousine sent by HBO, looking out the window, a huge crowd was standing on the pedestrian crosswalks on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard. The spacious four-lane road has now been divided into two lanes with iron railings, and the dense crowd has packed the road to the point where it was impossible to pass through, there was at least seven or eight hundred people.

The crowd was holding up “Band of Brothers” stills and posters, filling the sight, making it deeply felt that even after nine years, this series is still popular. Occasionally, “The Pacific” promotional posters could be also seen, but there were almost no character posters, they were all drowned out by the familiar faces of “Band of Brothers” cast.

After passing by the Kodak Theatre and the El Capitan Theatre, the iconic temple roof of the Chinese Theater appeared in sight. A red carpet less than fifty yards long was laid out between the two stone lions at the entrance, extending from the theater entrance all the way across the road. As Hollywood’s most distinctive landmark, the Chinese Theater not only embodies Westerners’ understanding of Chinese culture, but it also became the premier location for major premieres. The cement ground at the entrance was covered in the handprints, footprints, and signatures of outstanding film people, complementing the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front.

On both sides of the red carpet, there stood numerous journalists in a neat and orderly fashion. Rows of neatly arranged camera lenses were aimed at the central runway, and the more than sixty reporters crowded the area, making it difficult to see. The large and empty camera lenses were like the mouths of beasts, wide open and ready to devour everything in sight.

The hot air filled the sky and the ground, and the surging crowd was like a vast army. The sound of clanging armor and galloping horses could be heard clearly in the ears, and the grandeur of Hollywood unfolded before their eyes like a painting.

This was only the premiere of a TV drama.

Taking a deep breath, Renly opened the car door and stepped onto the soft red carpet. He couldn’t help but feel the sense of solidity as his feet touched the ground. He buttoned his suit jacket, straightened his back, and then took his first step onto the red carpet.

At this point, the red carpet was already bustling with activity. Not far away, David Nutter and Jon Seda had just walked up the roadside steps. Reporters on the left side stopped them for a brief interview, apparently, they had arrived at the scene just before Renly.

On the right side of the red carpet, it was a boiling and scorching scene. Ron Livingston, Donnie Wahlberg, Kirk Acevedo, and others were all gathered together, the team of “Band of Brothers.” Renly didn’t expect them to attend the premiere.

In the midst of the crowd, Renly caught a glimpse of Alexander Skarsgard’s figure by chance, and he at first thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. But then he saw the petite figure of Anna Paquin, who was surrounded by reporters, showing a brilliant smile.

Renly finally realized that the cast of another popular HBO series, “True Blood,” had come to show their support. Familiar and unfamiliar faces intertwined before his eyes. Renly walked forward steadily, and the commotion coming from all directions surrounded him. The overwhelming crowd made it impossible to find a place for him to focus his gaze. He couldn’t help but look around and try to figure out the technique for walking on the red carpet. Should he slow down and show off a bit or join the crowd and celebrate together? Or should he communicate with the journalists in front of him? Or maybe he should go to the theater entrance and stand with the other members of the cast?

Without the guidance of the agent, Renly felt out of place and didn’t know what to do. It was as if the fans’ screams and cheers weren’t meant for him, as if the journalists didn’t even notice him. He couldn’t blend in with the ebb and flow of the red carpet, and a strange sense of loneliness swept over him.

However, Renly’s footsteps remained calm and steady. He knew that this was Hollywood, and that this was the real world. As a completely new actor, not only the audience might not know his name, but even the journalists might not recognize him. So, this treatment was entirely normal.

Thinking of this, a smile slowly appeared on his lips, and the awkward sense of detachment gradually disappeared. He began to adapt to the atmosphere and rhythm of the red carpet. Standing under the spotlight isn’t so bad.

Bradley Adams had just finished an interview with David Schwimmer, and several reporters rushed over.

After the end of “Friends,” the actor’s career fell into a lull, and “Band of Brothers” was his only other well-known work. Most of the time, he is moving behind the scenes. Today, he attended the premiere, and everyone naturally hoped to dig up more news.

Bradley lowered his head to check the photos in his camera, flipping through them casually before raising the lens again, aiming it at the beginning of the red carpet and waiting for the next interview-worthy subject to appear. As a senior reporter for “The New York Times” entertainment section, his focus naturally differed from that of entertainment gossip media like “Entertainment Weekly,” “USA Today,” and “TMZ.”

The lens captured a tall and straight man wearing a military green suit, standing out amidst the oppressive black and gray color scheme. The suit, combined with the theme of the “The Pacific,” perfectly matched the fitted black shirt, with the first button fastened to outline the proportions of his broad shoulders and slender waist. His long legs effortlessly captured the attention of the beholder. His golden brown, slightly curly short hair was combed with hair wax into a retro 2:8 parting, presenting his clear and refreshing face, with a special charm that could not be accurately described in words.

If you were to say that this man was stunningly handsome, many reporters present would probably roll their eyes. Alexander Skarsgard, who has also appeared on the red carpet, was the second-place winner of sexiest man in the world award last year. Everyone’s aesthetic views were drastically different, which also determined their different perspectives of appreciation.

However, Bradley couldn’t help but press the shutter button in his hand, trying to use film to record the moment when the time stood still. It was like…the moment when fireworks burst, everyone loved the brilliance and colorfulness of fireworks, but also understood that they were fleeting. That ultimate beauty made people happy but also filled them with sorrow.

Who is this?

Question marks floated in Bradley’s mind, but his shutter in hand couldn’t stop. When he realized that the person had already walked past him, he instinctively shouted, “Wait.” Without him calling out a name or an addressee, the other person naturally didn’t stop, and the noise around them quickly swallowed Bradley’s voice.

“You’re here!” Rami, who had been standing at the theater entrance, quickly walked over and gave Renly a big hug, excitedly saying, “I was just wondering when you’d arrive.”

Today Rami is wearing a three-piece suit, opting out for a very formal look, with a black suit, black waistcoat, and black tie, paired with a white shirt, the typical formal attire for these kinds of occasions. However, the use of the waistcoat still took some thought.

Seeing Rami’s serious appearance, Renly couldn’t help but laugh. “You look like you’re going to court.” The teasing words made Rami roll his eyes helplessly. Before Rami could respond, a voice came from beside them. “Rami, Rami!”

Bradley quickly moved through the crowd of his peers and walked to Rami’s side. Since there were no reporters around who cared about Renly’s identity, Bradley’s actions were effortless. Renly was an unknown face, even if he had some attractive features, this is Hollywood, where everyone’s appearance had their own unique characteristics. Why should reporters care about Renly? Even Marilyn Monroe went through nearly five years of long, anonymous period after her debut.

“Rami, won’t you introduce us?” Bradley quickly asked.

Rami didn’t know Bradley, but he recognized “The New York Times” logo on Bradley’s backpack. He smiled and said, “Renly Hall, one of the three main actors in our drama series.”

This simple introduction made Bradley suddenly enlightened. The name of the newcomer, the one with no acting experience, he could finally match the name in the rumors with the face. Bradley’s eyes lit up. Such a newcomer was chosen by Steven to play the lead in “The Pacific,” which was truly remarkable. The news highlight immediately emerged in his head.

However, before Bradley could continue speaking, a burst of uncontrollable screams came from the beginning of the red carpet. Everyone looked over and saw that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg had arrived at the scene!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. If that were me, I think I’d walk very robotically and awkwardly. It’s hard to be the center of attention.

    1. Yup, same here, reminds me the awkwardness of doing short theater act (for a stage fright person like me), I just throw everything to the wind in the next 5 seconds after stepping on the stage and doing it for real instead of an act (kicking my friend in the butt for real instead of an act), payback for forcing me to act as substitute 10 min before the show also add to the tension.

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