The Greatest Showman

Author: 七七家d猫猫

TranslatorPoseidon via. MTL

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Summary: Is he a genius in the spotlight, or is he a madman behind the scenes of the Second Avenue?

After getting the final relief from his past sufferings, Chu Jiashu was given a second chance when he found himself in the body of an infant from an aristocratic family of Hall. Now, nothing is going to stop him from achieving his long-cherished dream of acting. Enter Renly Hall, a Hollywood miracle of 21st century.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Ultimatum

Chapter 2 – Two lives

Chapter 3 – Fierce competition

Chapter 4 – First audition

Chapter 5 – Amazing technique

Chapter 6 – Wait for notification

Chapter 7 – Pioneer Village

Chapter 8 – Suspicion of stalking

Chapter 9 – Firefighter

Chapter 10 – Folk Poet

Chapter 11 – Impossible to refuse

Chapter 12 – Finalizing the decision

Chapter 13 – Roommate

Chapter 14 – Embracing the Challenge

Chapter 15 – Different treatment

Chapter 16 – 1st bucket of money

Chapter 17 – Entering the set

Chapter 18 – Recruit Training

Chapter 19 – Howls of sorrow everywhere

Chapter 20 – Immersion

Chapter 21 – The first scene

Chapter 22 – Camera Darling

Chapter 23 – Natural born actor

Chapter 24 – Arduous

Chapter 25 – Indescribable

Chapter 26 – Step by step

Chapter 27 – Small test

Chapter 28 – Unreal Reality

Chapter 29 – Was There Nothing

Chapter 30 – Returning home with honor

Chapter 31 – First Meeting

Chapter 32 – As always

Chapter 33 – Returning Gifts

Chapter 34 – Indie Music

Chapter 35 – Festive Spirit

Chapter 36 – Uninvited Guest

Chapter 37 – First try