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The Greatest Showman – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Returning home with honor

Passengers continued to enter and exit the airport and head to their transit flights even in the wee hours of the morning, with lights constantly lit 24 hours a day like an eternal beacon to guide their way home.

This is especially true at LAX, one of the world’s most important transportation hubs, where tourists, journalists, celebrities and businessmen are always coming and going as a result of Hollywood’s presence.

After he landed, Renly felt a wave of excitement, many passengers flocked in the same direction, and those who did not go were exchanging the latest news they got, and one of them was about Robert Pattingson who has just arrived in the City of Angels, “vampire hottie” who has become a global sensation thanks to “Twilight” was definitely in high demand at this time, and any news that is related to him is enough to make countless female fans scream like crazy.

In contrast, just completing the filming of “The Pacific” Renly appeared completely unperturbed, walking in all corners of the airport like a normal person, without any problem.

Actually, “The Pacific” was wrapped up in mid-January 2010, but Renly did not follow the troops directly back to the North American continent, he stayed in Australia, renting a jeep, and heading all the way to the Gold Coast, taking stops along the way. It took him more than three weeks to cross half of Australia and arrive at the sunny, and beautiful Gold Coast.

For Renly, acting is very important, but enjoying life is even more important. It is his motto to work hard and play harder.

On the Gold Coast, Renly spent three weeks learning to surf from a local Australian youth, diving with a French girl who was taking a year off, fishing with a South African guy who was traveling the world, digging for coral with a Brazilian beauty who was in college, and sharing his experiences with a Chinese guy who had also come to see the Gold Coast…… He even found a part-time job at a nearby surf store and became a “bona fide” native in the area.

Three weeks was still too short, if possible, Renly was willing to stay longer in this land that did not receive too much pollution, but St. Patrick’s Day is coming, every year New York will hold a grand event to celebrate this Irish holiday, and this will be Renly’s first time in New York for this holiday, so he intended to return to New York before the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day.

So, purchasing a ticket to transfer flights in Los Angeles, Renly finally left the jealous sunshine of the southern hemisphere and returned to the North American continent after a seven-month absence.

“Ahhhhh, there he is, over there!” A group of young girls bustled over, and Renly had to lean to the side to make way, then he saw a dozen people like a swarm of bees, whizzing past in front of him and chasing someone a short distance away, this feverish madness was enough to make everyone around him feel the power of the idol deeply.

Was Robert still in the airport, he didn’t leave the customs?

Renly pondered – thinking that he should find a quiet place to rest for a while, the transfer time is rather long, there are still two hours before his flight to New York, and he did not want to watch the group of fanatical fans chasing Robert around the airport, it looked like a game of cat and mouse.

After looking around, Renly found a small supermarket, with a total of only twelve shelves, which sells some basic food and drinks. It was in a remote corner compared to the coffee shops and burger joints, with only three gates around and not too many passengers on standby for the time being, so it was very quiet, with only one attendant, a black man, standing at the counter.

Renly walked to the back of the chip shelf and sat down cross-legged next to the alcoholic beverage freezer.

This was his habit in his past life, he really liked to sit in the corner of the supermarket. Because of the large supermarket in addition to the checkout area, always seemed to be very empty and quiet, but not too quiet, you could always hear the sound of customers, staff, those trivial chatter, complaints, gossip and rumors, something that can always add some spice to the quiet atmosphere.

Compared to the libraries occupied by lovers talking about love, and the bookstores occupied by the pretentious literature youngsters, the strong atmosphere of life in the supermarket makes him feel peaceful. Sometimes, he would even take his college project to the supermarket to finish it or prepare for his exams silently in the supermarket.

He knew that it was a very strange habit, but it was the only habit he could feel at peace with. After rebirth, this habit also continued. His brother – Arthur Hall said that the supermarket was his secret room, hiding all his secrets except that he couldn’t do indescribable things there.

After sitting down, Renly put on the earbuds, as he was listening to music, he took out Paul Ekman’s “Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage” from his backpack and started flipping through it.

In fact, Renly is not a person who likes to read books, he always felt a little tired reading books, and after the emergence of smart phones, e-books have gradually replaced paper books, but after being reborn, he has gradually developed the habit of reading books, paper books are ultimately different from e-books.

“Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage” is a book on psychology, used by American universities as an important textbook for criminal investigation, it was not as boring as one would expect, on the contrary, Renly read it with great interest, and in fact, it opened a whole new door for him, the airport’s bustle and restlessness was thus isolated in the world outside, and even the passage of time was no longer obvious.

In order to avoid the rampant “teenage fans”, Jennifer Lawrence almost hit the garbage can, but at the last moment she managed to dodge it, so she avoided the embarrassment of being covered in garbage, but even so, she still hit the wall nearby, and her back felt faintly painful.

Looking at the crazy fans who had left, Jennifer exhaled speechlessly. In fact, she can understand the mentality of these teenage girls, she probably would not be any better when she sees her idol, and is bound to also scream, jump and spin around; but in order to chase their idols, they were rushing through the whole airport, and even broke the public order, which was really annoying.

“What’s so attractive about that pale, square face?” Jennifer was puzzled, she likes Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep, because their performances can always be sensational. But Robert Pattingson?

After shaking off her head to get rid of the question marks, Jennifer continued to walk forward and finally saw the supermarket not too far away, she felt like she was already dying of thirst, if she didn’t find a convenience store then she would probably rush to the bathroom and turn on the tap and just refill the water.

This supermarket is far smaller than she expected, but at least you can buy water, and that will be enough. Jennifer walked through the shelves, straight towards the direction where the freezer was located, and then saw a young man sitting cross-legged on the floor, wearing a simple light blue shirt with dark blue jeans, with a khaki-colored work jacket placed on the backpack next to him, shirt sleeves casually rolled up to the elbows, looking like a character with a casual and unpretentious style.

Currently, the young man was flipping through the book on his lap, which made Jennifer nod in her heart, speculating that he maybe from France or England, anyway, he is not likely to be American.

However, she soon noticed there was a problem and Jennifer’s footsteps could not help but pause because there was no opportunity for her to advance, as the young man was actually sitting in front of the freezer, blocking the freezer door.

Thinking, Jennifer walked beside the young man, looking carefully around, sure enough, the freezer door was completely blocked by the opening track, it was impossible to get around the young man. This made Jennifer a little sarcastic – the airport is so big, he could choose to sit anywhere on the ground, and this guy actually chose to sit down in the supermarket, does he have no public morality? Is he maybe Spanish?

Gathering her thoughts, Jennifer coughed gently twice, trying to shift the young man’s attention her but she was unsuccessful, so after thinking about it for a bit, she coughed a little louder and said, “Sorry, you’re blocking the freezer door, can you move aside, I need to get a bottle of mineral water.” Although there were some complaints in her heart, she was still polite.

However, the other party remained indifferent, not only refusing her request, but not even planning to respond, which made Jennifer frown – this was really too impolite! The good impression she had a moment ago, suddenly reversed, and even though he was reading a book, so what, his character is still terrible.

“Hello, mister.” Jennifer raised her voice again and said seriously, “You’re blocking the freezer door.” The words, though still polite, became brief, and it was clear that her patience was vanishing.

Looking at the young man who was still focused on reading in front of her, clearly ignoring her presence, without even moving his head, made Jennifer stare in disbelief. First, she ran into the group of brainless teenage fans, and then she ran into this scoundrel sitting in the supermarket, anger was burning in her chest, Jennifer couldn’t help but put her hands on her waist, her face dropping down, “Sir! How can you be so uncivilized, sitting directly in front of the freezer, ignoring the needs of other customers, this is not only a sign of not having any moral integrity, but you can also even say it’s a terrible, overbearing behavior, you must realize that this is completely wrong! You are reading a book right now, so I guess you are not one of those uneducated barbarians, so ……”

Jennifer realized that this situation was like she was talking to a wall, as the other side was still completely oblivious, and with that her anger breached the last line of defense, “At least you should show enough respect to look up when I’m talking to you! Sir! I said, sir!”

This situation, it seemed, has gotten a little out of hand.


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