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The Greatest Showman – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – First Meeting

The black man standing at the checkout counter raised his eyes and looked at the angry Jennifer, then lowered his eyes and ignored the situation.

Jennifer felt that the man in front of her was simply unreasonable, she gave up the intention of using reason to communicate with him, as she was standing in place she leaned forward, stretching out her right hand and simply opened the freezer door, the freezer door stopped because it hit the man’s back, but that was enough, Jennifer peeked inside and took out a bottle of mineral water, and then closed the freezer door with a heavy slam.

Renly was completely immersed in the world of books, oblivious to what is happening outside, when suddenly there came a shove at his back, and his body under the dual action of gravity and propulsion, fell forward as if the whole world shook up, compulsorily dragging him out of the world of books.

Raising his head, Renly saw a stranger standing in front of him, wearing a simple T-shirt with jeans, with long light blonde hair braided into a herringbone braid, hanging down on her shoulders, a completely ordinary girl; a round face with a little baby fat, beautiful eyebrows completely tangled together, gray-blue eyes burning with anger, staring at Renly with a fierce glare, a glare that can almost release laser beam.

Renly hurriedly took off his earbuds and shot a puzzled look, “What’s going on?”

Jennifer saw Renly take off his earbuds, and all the reprimand and condemnation got stuck in her throat, her eyebrows stretched out, with pupils slowly widening – ah, so, just now she maybe made a mistake? The man in front of her was wearing earbuds and that’s why he didn’t hear her? So, her curses just now did not do anything? He didn’t show disrespect to her, merely …… merely he did not hear her?

The embarrassment that followed the anger swept over her, Jennifer could feel her toes curling up, her character was always overly impatient, often jumping to conclusions without understanding the situation first, which really made her experience a lot of suffering. And yet, she still hasn’t learned her lesson well enough. “You ……” Jennifer pointed at the earbuds in Renly’s hand, the words that would follow were all swallowed, looking around, and only then did she notice that the earbuds line was tucked under his collar, no wonder she didn’t see it earlier.

Jennifer was a little annoyed, biting her lower lip, the words of apology sprang to her lips, but her mouth was a little itchy, so she coughed twice softly to hide her true feelings, but she didn’t expect to get choked with saliva and began to cough violently, that really wasn’t a pretty sight.

Renly tilted his head, he was able to clearly capture all the emotions in her gray-blue eyes, anger, remorse, embarrassment, struggle, apology, shyness …… these eyes are not very big but they are full of colorful tones, it seems that with just a raise of the eyebrow, she can reveal all of her inner thoughts, so people cannot help themselves but to begin exploring everything that is concealed in these eyes, the story that lies hidden in these pair of lively eyes.

Jennifer Lawrence, the teenage actress who became a global sensation with “The Hunger Games” franchise, is also a talented actress with both spirituality and talent. Her role in movie “Silver Lining Playbooks” earned her the Oscars Award in the category of the “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role”. After winning the award, Jennifer’s performance seemed to have been losing the original energy of her debut, facing the bottleneck that every actor must go through, but it is undeniable that she is still one of the most skilled and talented actresses among the new generation of female actors.

Her stunning performance in “Winter’s Bone” is one of Renly’s most beloved acting displays.

At almost the first glance, Renly recognized the young girl who was later affectionately called “Big Cousin”, but Jennifer is currently only a fledgling greenhorn, wearing a simple outfit that even had some country flavor, and the state of her jeans made her look like she had nothing to do with fashion. However, that straightforward tomboyishness has not changed at all.

“Ahem ……” Jennifer seemed to want to say something, but she did not want to choke again, so she coughed intensely, Renly hastily took out a bottle of mineral water from the freezer behind him, directly unscrewing it, and then handed it over.

Jennifer looked at the actions of Renly, a glint of surprise flashed in her eyes, not knowing why; Renly raised the mineral water, showing a friendly smile, “I think this can help you.”

Jennifer looked at the mineral water in Renly’s hand, coughed hardly twice, and then looked at the mineral water in her own hand, and finally she ignored Renly’s friendliness, and directly unscrewed the mineral water in her hand, and boldly took two big sips into her mouth, and her throat, which was almost on fire, was finally soothed a little.

That bold attitude caught the eyes of Renly, and he couldn’t help himself but to show a smirk.

Jennifer acutely caught this expression, anger and annoyance once again raged, she could not help but grind her teeth, the words of apology were on the tip of her tongue, but she ultimately not able to say it, looking at a man in front of her, that pair of narrow eyes were clear and deep, seemingly dotted with light.

Jennifer averted her eyes and thought for a moment, but she didn’t know what to say or how to explain what had just happened, so she just turned around and left.

“Miss, Miss!” The black man at the cash register quickly shouted, calling out to Jennifer, who was already halfway out of the store, “You have to pay to bring it with you.”

Jennifer couldn’t help but grind her teeth again – she didn’t know how many times she did this action today, but her cheeks were burning, and after she took a deep breath, Jennifer turned around again, finished the checkout quickly, then she picked up the mineral water that belonged to her and while she was holding it, she felt the coldness of the surface, and her palms couldn’t help but begin to press the bottle, and then press it again.

It was this bottle of mineral water that caused all the problems!

Stepping away, Jennifer quickly left the supermarket, without pausing.

Renly sat in the same place, and looked at the freezer door behind him, and then looked at the spot where he had been pushed forward, he realized that he had obviously just blocked the path towards the door, and that the earbuds had become a barrier to communication between the two sides.

Renly knew that this was his mistake, so he stood up in a hurry, but he was too far away and was unable to catch up with Jennifer, so, he raised his voice and shouted, “Sorry.” The loud voice echoed in the empty space. Startling a big group of people in the vicinity.

Jennifer’s footsteps not only did not pause, but instead got faster and faster, and she disappeared around the corner.

Renly could not help but touch his neck, the corners of his mouth gently tugged, looking down at the opened mineral water in his hands, he shrugged his shoulders and poured a large mouthful down his throat, then sat down again cross-legged and picked up the book that fell on the ground. He habitually picked up the earbuds, however, he only put an earbud in his right ear, and then he took it off, not only to avoid a repeat of what just happened, but also to avoid missing the airport announcement.

It was just a small interlude, and Renly soon again entered the world of books, unknowingly, time quickly passed, and the boarding call announcement for the flight to New York resounded for the third time, and Renly finally heard it. He picked up his luggage and walked quickly towards the boarding gate.(T/N – Did he pay for his mineral water?)

After going through the check-in process, he quickly entered the cabin – he was one of the last passengers to enter the plane because he was too engrossed in his book earlier, and most of the others were already in their seats.

Renly opened the overhead luggage rack and threw his luggage in. When he was about to sit down, his eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar face, namely it was Jennifer Lawrence, whom he had just met. Unexpectedly, she is also heading to New York!

Renly was about to walk over, to clarify the misunderstanding and to apologize to her face to face; but before he could follow his thoughts, he saw Jennifer spread the newspaper to completely cover her face, and even let go of her hands, so that the newspaper dropped on her cheeks to look like she has fallen asleep.

This small action made Renly dumbfounded. Obviously, the other party did not want any kind of communication with him, so Renly did not make much of a fuss, he sat down in his seat and quietly waited for takeoff.

The three-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York, across the entire North American continent, was a long one. Soon after takeoff, Renly fell asleep, skipping the airplane meal. When he woke up, the plane had landed smoothly, and the security doors were open, and passengers in first class and business class were in the process of leaving the plane.

Renly stretched his back and looked out of the window at the gradually descending night, the lights lit up, and New York City spread its arms as it does all year round, welcoming every visitor who comes here.

“Excuse me.” The passenger who was sitting next to Renly whispered an apology, then stood up, took his luggage, and started to prepare to get off the plane following the queue.

Renly moved out of the way, and only then remembered that Jennifer sat not too far away from him, so, he leaned up against the back of his seat, and glanced at the back, but Jennifer’s seat was empty. Renly could not help but wonder, he then stood up, thinking he misremembered her position, so, he looked around the cabin, but he didn’t see even a shadow of Jennifer.

At that moment, his sight caught a figure, and it was Jennifer – she was following the line and was headed towards the exit of the plane. Renly did not even have time to open his mouth, and Jennifer has already left the plane, leaving behind only a shadow, it almost looked like she was fleeing.

Dumbfounded, Renly laughed, and then for a moment put this brief episode completely to the back of his mind, and once again sat down in his seat, looking out of the window at the darkening night.

New York, he was back.


T/N – And once again, Jennifer Lawrence and the MC…Hmm

T/N – Also, sorry because there was no chapter on Monday, had a really hard exam, so I was tired and didn’t have energy to translate a chapter, will try to upload another chapter tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Well, I don’t think I blame her for getting mad at him for blocking the freezer. He’s absolutely 100% no doubt at fault there. If that were me, I’ll be very tempted to just kick him away from the freezer

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