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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 248

Chapter 248 – Little Tiger Team

“OH~ The brightest star in the night sky, please guide me closer to you!”

In the living room of the hotel’s executive suite, Zhang Junzhi had just finished singing a song.

It was “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” by Lu Chen.

Chen Feier was the first to clap her hands and give a thumbs-up, saying, “Junzhi, you sang really well!”

This handsome young man is 15 years old this year and has already passed through the voice change period. His voice is quite good, and it’s evident that he has practiced the song “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” extensively. He sang the notes accurately, and his breath control was on point.

For someone his age to achieve this level is worthy of praise.

However, when it comes to being a truly professional singer, Zhang Junzhi still has a long way to go.

Lu Chen could tell, and so could Chen Feier, and even Sister Li herself was well aware of it.

“Feier, you shouldn’t spoil Little Zhi too much. He’s just curious and likes novelty. He really isn’t that talented!”

Sister Li replied calmly, “He just wants a chance to try and see if he can do it.”

If it were an ordinary person, it would be very difficult for Zhang Junzhi to pursue a career as a singer. His voice lacks the distinctive quality that leaves a lasting impression, and in the entertainment industry in Beijing – he wouldn’t stand out.

But he is not an ordinary person; his parents are influential figures in the industry.

As long as they are willing to support him, even people less talented than him could make it.

Lu Chen thought for a moment and asked, “Little Zhi, are you really determined to pursue a singing career?”

Zhang Junzhi nodded earnestly and said, “Yes, I want to become a film, television and music triple-threat star!”

Being successful in film, television, and music, is probably the dream of countless artists.

But not many can truly achieve this.

Not everyone qualifies to be called a triple-threat superstar!

“Well, your ambition is commendable…”

Lu Chen laughed, “Then you must put in more effort than others.”

He didn’t criticize Zhang Junzhi for being overly ambitious; it’s not a bad thing for a young person to have big desires and aspirations.

Zhang Junzhi also has a foundation and potential.

After another moment of contemplation, Lu Chen told Sister Li, “Sister Li, if you want my advice, my suggestion is not to let Zhang Junzhi take a solo route.”

Sister Li’s eyes lit up, “Are you suggesting a group?”

Lu Chen nodded, “Exactly, I recommend you sign two new talents who are about the same age and appearance as Little Zhi. Build a young boy group together; I think it should have market appeal.”

Currently, in the domestic music industry, there are dozens of male and female idol groups, with male groups particularly influenced by Japan and South Korea. Many male group members are even artists from Korea or Japan.

So, the male group market is still substantial, especially having a significant influence among young people.

Most importantly, forming a male group can greatly compensate for Zhang Junzhi’s shortcomings and highlight his strengths.

Chen Feier seemed to understand, “Like MSN?”

When she mentioned that name, the diva casually glanced at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen sensed it and replied with a bitter smile, “Yes.”

Sister Li had her doubts about that, “For a boy group, isn’t Little Zhi a bit too young?”

Most members of domestic boy groups come from trainees who undergo long periods of singing and dancing training, and their debut usually happens around the age of eighteen or nineteen, and by the time they mature, they are almost in their early twenties.

This age group is currently by far the most popular.

Zhang Junzhi is only 15 years old, and he seems too youthful. Would young fans really like him?

Lu Chen said, “He is a bit young, but there’s a market for post-2000s generation!”

Those born after 2000 are considered post-2000s generation, and the oldest among them are barely 15 years old. This market is usually categorized as children’s music. No boy group deliberately caters to this age group of fans.

Lu Chen’s idea was undoubtedly quite fresh.

Sister Li furrowed her brow and thought seriously.

Chen Feier smiled and said, “I think this idea is good. You can create songs specifically targeting this audience.”

“What do you think, Little Zhi?”

It ultimately depends on Zhang Junzhi’s own decision.

Zhang Junzhi was very excited: “I like the idea of forming a group because then I would have companions. Mom, what should we call ourselves?”

He couldn’t wait to come up with a catchy name for his team.

Lu Chen’s suggestion was really great!

Sister Li sighed and said, “I’m getting old; I can’t understand the thoughts of you young people.”

Zhang Junzhi could only continue to plead with Lu Chen, “Lu Chen, can you think of a name for us?”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Let’s name it the ‘Little Tiger Group,’ just like MSN, with three members. Your nickname will be ‘Little Handsome Tiger.’ The other two will be ‘Little Flying Tiger’ and ‘Little Good Tiger.’ How does that sound?”

“Little Tiger Group?”

Zhang Junzhi seemed to be struck by lightning and was dumbfounded: “Little Handsome Tiger, me?”

At his age, this was the most fascinating thing.

Adults might find it childish, but for teenagers like them, it was simply an irresistible temptation!

Little Tiger Group? Little Handsome Tiger, Little Flying Tiger and Little Good Tiger?

Chen Feier and Sister Li exchanged glances.

Chen Feier, after all, was a big name in the entertainment industry. With a little thought, she understood Lu Chen’s creative idea and said, “Sounds great!”

Sister Li’s reaction was a bit slower, but in the end, she clapped her hands and said, “Alright! Let’s create a boy group called Little Tiger Group. I’ll go register this brand first and hire someone to plan the promotion!”

She is the CEO of a celebrity management company and grew more excited the more she was thinking about it. “The brand’s logo can be designed with three cartoon little tigers. In the future, we can license it for custom shoes, clothing, stationery, games, animations… the possibilities are endless!”

She couldn’t help but stand up and pace around, her thoughts racing.

Both domestically and internationally, there were many examples of boy or girl groups becoming big brands. Many celebrity groups had launched their own clothing, cosmetics, and even food products, making a fortune.

Little Tiger Group would target the young market of those around 15 years old, and this demographic has substantial purchasing power!

Of course, Sister Li didn’t forget who came up with the idea. “Lu Chen, since this brand was your idea, I can’t take it for free. I’ll give you a 30% stake in exchange!”

In this circle, Sister Li’s generosity and magnanimity are well-known to everyone. She is a woman who is as capable as any man and pays great attention to her work.

Even though Lu Chen just provided a name, she decisively gave him a thirty percent stake, which was truly generous.

Sister Li is not a simple-minded person. She started from being a powerless and unattractive woman from the inland and made a name for herself in the Capital city. It’s impossible for her not to be shrewd.

But she still gave it willingly.

In fact, from another perspective, the existence of the thirty percent stake binds Lu Chen to the ‘Little Tiger Group’. Whether this brand can succeed or not is absolutely inseparable from Lu Chen’s support!

Just like the currently trending MSN, could it have become popular so quickly without the songs written by Lu Chen?

Absolutely not!

So Sister Li is definitely not joking or acting on a whim.

For the sake of her son’s development, she can sacrifice all her interests, not to mention a mere thirty percent stake.

Chen Feier smiled and said, “Sister Li, what about me?”

Sister Li smiled and said, “If you’re willing to contribute, I’ll give you twenty percent. That way, you two, a married couple can have half of it.”

Chen Feier scoffed, “What married couple? I was just joking…”

Sister Li chuckled, “I’m not joking at all!”

Chen Feier really wanted it, and she was willing to give it. With the support of these two and herself, it would be really hard for the Little Tiger Group to not become popular!

As for the 30% of the shares that had fallen into Lu Chen’s hands, it would be a lie for him to say that he was not interested in it at all.

Of course, he wouldn’t take it for free.

Besides the idea for the name, Lu Chen had more to offer.

He got up and went to the study, soon returning with a guitar in hand.

Because he was going to stay in Jinling for a while, Lu Chen brought many things with him, including this guitar.

Chen Feier was astonished, “You’re not planning to compose a song for the Little Tiger Group right now, are you?”

The so-called Little Tiger Group is still just an idea, one not even close to being realized!

She knew that Lu Chen’s creative talent was unmatched, but was it so out of this world?

Lu Chen chuckled, “You got it right, but there’s no prize!”

Zhang Junzhi didn’t have many scenes left to film, and he would be returning home in a couple of days.

Sister Li was definitely going back to Beijing with him, and since they had made the decision, they were certainly going to start forming the Little Tiger Group.

As for Lu Chen, his filming work had just begun, there was no way he would have the time to get involved, so he would simply come up with a song first so that he would have the very basics for both recruiting members and prepping the album.

It might sound a bit unbelievable, but one song could make a singer or a group famous in the pop music industry, and that was quite normal.

To save time and increase efficiency, Lu Chen didn’t care about being extravagant, especially since there weren’t many people in the room.

He held the guitar for a moment, then plucked the strings.

Sister Li was very clever; she didn’t have time to be amazed and quickly took out her phone to open the recording function and placed it in front of Lu Chen.

“White clouds cross over that hill, searching for their home with all their might,

The light rain awakens the sleeping lotus in dreams, revealing a smiling face,

I turn my youth into a kite and let it climb into the sky.

The seashell climbs up the beach to see how big the world is,

The caterpillar looks forward to having beautiful wings tomorrow,

The little river lies in the embrace of the forest, singing the song written by Spring,

I slowly weave a picture of time.

Dreams are the wings of butterflies,

Youth is the paradise of flying,

Release the long string of the kite,

And paint love on the face of time!

The heart is the power of growth,

Just like the wings of that butterfly,

The louder the wind, the higher the song!


Amidst the clear and pure singing voice of Lu Chen, Sister Li and Chen Feier completely froze.

They thought they would hear a rough and primitive piece of inspiration, as ‘Little Tiger Group’ was a spontaneous idea, and that wouldn’t be strange because Lu Chen is musically talented.

But no one expected that he would play and sing a complete song.

Both the lyrics and the melody seemed tailor-made for the ‘Little Tiger Group’!

Chen Feier stared at Lu Chen in a daze.

She wanted to know just how many miracles were hidden within Lu Chen!

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