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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 247

Chapter 247 – Maternal love


“Gently, it’s a bit painful~”

“Can you apply a bit more pressure now? Mmm.”

“So comfortable!”

Strange sounds filled the room, and the seductive and tender atmosphere was practically intoxicating.

Chen Feier was lying on a comfortable armchair, her starry eyes half-closed, her pretty face flushed, and countless tiny beads of sweat glistening on her forehead under the room’s soft lighting, radiating a faint sparkle.

She bit her red lip tightly, and her slender and graceful body moved restlessly as if she was trying to endure something.

Lu Chen raised his head and smiled, asking, “I’m doing well, right?”

Chen Feier opened her eyes, a hint of shyness and sweetness flashing in her gaze, and she nodded, saying, “You’re really good!”

Her heartfelt praise made Lu Chen feel that his hard work had not been in vain.

He put down Chen Feier’s small feet and said, “There doesn’t seem to be any issues with your other internal organs, but your stomach is a bit problematic. You should consult an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner and get some herbal medicine to nourish your stomach. Also, remember to maintain a regular diet.”

Earlier, when Chen Feier had come over, she seemed a bit fatigued and not in good spirits. Out of pity for her, Lu Chen personally gave her a foot massage and noticed a strong reaction in the area corresponding to her stomach.

In fact, it’s quite common for celebrities and entertainers to have stomach issues. Despite their glamorous appearances, they often lead strenuous lives behind the scenes. If they encounter strict entertainment agencies, they may even have to risk their lives.

Irregular eating habits are child’s play compared to collapsing from exhaustion and fainting after continuous filming schedules!

Although Chen Feier had her own studio and essentially worked for herself, she was still part of the entertainment industry, and many times, she had little choice but to endure hardships.

Chen Feier obediently nodded and said, “I usually do yoga… I’ll visit Tong Ren Tang when I return to Beijing.”

She lazily shifted her body and said, “I want to sleep so badly.”

“Then you can sleep here…”

Lu Chen stood up and reached out to lift her up, ready to take her to his own bedroom.

Standard princess carry.

Chen Feier revealed an enchanting smile and whispered, “I think I should go back.”

Although she said that, she nestled herself into Lu Chen’s arms. It was as if she was a kitten seeking affection, making it hard for anyone to abandon her.

Lu Chen couldn’t help but lower his head and gently peck her cheek, saying, “You go to sleep, I’ll let Sister Zhang know.”


Chen Feier closed her eyes, still wearing a smile on her face.

They rushed all the way from the capital to Jinling, and for dinner, they had just a casual meal. She was really tired now and just wanted to sleep soundly in Lu Chen’s embrace, without thinking about anything else.

She couldn’t even be bothered to take a shower.

Ding ling ling~

Lu Chen had just put Chen Feier on his bed when the phone on the bedside table suddenly rang.

He quickly answered, “Hello?”

The call was from the hotel front desk.

Lu Chen spoke a few words with the other side and then hung up the phone.

Chen Feier asked, “What’s going on?”

She was in a daze and couldn’t keep her eyes open, so she didn’t hear what Lu Chen said to the other person.

Lu Chen smiled bitterly and said, “It’s Sister Li. She brought Zhang Junzhi over and wants to see me.”

This five-star hotel, which frequently hosted various celebrities, has strict management. The floors like the one he is living on have comprehensive security measures. Visitors need permission to come up for celebrities to avoid being harassed by paparazzi and fans.


Chen Feier suddenly jolted awake, her sleepiness completely gone as she sat up. “Sister Li is here!”

Sister Li is Li Zhenzhen, the boss of the Beijing Rainbow Brokerage Company. Zhang Junzhi is her only son and the lead actor in the first three episodes of “Autumn in My Heart” – teenager Yin Junxi.

It was just her; otherwise, if someone else had come over, Lu Chen would have politely dismissed them.

Sister Li’s face definitely needed to be saved.

Chen Feier had a very good relationship with Sister Li. Although they aren’t extremely close friends, they are true friends.

So when she heard Sister Li run over, she subconsciously felt guilty.

In reality, how could Sister Li not be aware of the relationship between Chen Feier and Lu Chen? It’s just that she didn’t know that at this very moment, Chen Feier was lying on Lu Chen’s bed; otherwise, she would definitely not have come over to be the third wheel.

Chen Feier, feeling flustered, said, “I’ll go back first.”

If she were to be seen by Sister Li in her current state, she would get utterly embarrassed!

Lu Chen shook his head and embraced Chen Feier, saying, “Why should you go back? Sister Li is not a stranger; we don’t need to sneak around in front of her. Let’s meet her together.”

Lu Chen’s thoughtfulness both moved and delighted Chen Feier. She then said, “Alright…”

She and Lu Chen had known and loved each other for a while. Deep down, she was always worried: that she was significantly older than Lu Chen, and she feared that their relationship would attract criticism once it was exposed.

She could handle it, but Lu Chen would face more pressure.

Lu Chen’s words happened to alleviate this worry. Even though she didn’t currently have any plans to announce their relationship, at least in front of someone like Sister Li, she realized that there was no need to deliberately hide it anymore; they could face it openly.

Despite this realization, she still pushed Lu Chen out and said, “You receive Sister Li first, I’ll freshen up.”

Lu Chen chuckled wryly.

He came to the living room and soon heard the doorbell ringing.

Lu Chen opened the door and warmly greeted two visitors, saying, “Good evening, Sister Li, Little Zhi, hello.”

Zhang Junzhi was polite and greeted him back, “Good evening, Brother Lu Chen.”

Sister Li smiled and said, “Lu Chen, I hope we’re not disturbing you. Are you not resting?”

Lu Chen replied with a smile, “You’re not disturbing me at all, Sister Li, please come in.”

After they entered the living room and took their seats, Lu Chen curiously asked, “Sister Li, you’re not staying in a hotel?”

Sister Li answered, “No, I’m staying in the film crew’s dormitory with Little Zhi.”

She explained, “Mainly to let him experience the group life on the set so that he can be independent in the future.”

Lu Chen nodded.

Truly, parents all over the world share the same concerns. Seeing Sister Li, Lu Chen couldn’t help but think of his own mother.

He decided to visit her when he had some free time.

Sister Li took the portable thermos from her own son’s hand and handed it to Lu Chen. She said, “Knowing that you’re coming today, I boiled a pot of ginseng and wolfberry chicken soup over at the dormitory in the afternoon and stewed it for several hours, it’s very nourishing.”

Lu Chen was surprised and took it, saying, “Thank you, Sister Li, you’re really…”

The gift was small, but the sentiment was deep. A pot of ginseng chicken soup might not be worth much money, but it clearly showed her thoughtfulness and sincerity.

Sister Li smiled and said, “No need to be so polite. Feier and I are good friends, and she often drinks my soup.”

“Where has…”

As soon as her words fell, a pouting voice came from inside the room, “I haven’t had Sister Li’s soup in ages!”

Sister Li’s jaw dropped. She turned her head in disbelief and said, “Feier?”

Who else could it be but Chen Feier?

Just then, the diva appeared at the bedroom door with a smile on her face. She had just washed her face, and looked lively, with her long hair casually tied behind her with a hairband, and she remained stunning without makeup.

“Sister Li, you’re so biased. You made soup for him and not for me!”

Sister Li was slightly startled by the sudden encounter, but once she realized what was happening, a mischievous glint appeared in her eyes as she said, “You two…”

Chen Feier was in Lu Chen’s room looking like this, did the two of them even need to say any more about their relationship?

Sister Li was prepared to tease them thoroughly!

Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone; her son Zhang Junzhi was by her side, so she couldn’t say anything inappropriate.

Zhang Junzhi didn’t think too much about it and, upon seeing Chen Feier, jumped up happily, while saying, “Sister Feier!”

Chen Feier walked over and patted his head, asking, “Little Zhi, have you been mischievous lately?”

Zhang Junzhi said bitterly, “Sister Feier…”

“Be good…”

Chen Feier suppressed her laughter, sat down next to Lu Chen, and naturally held onto his arm.

Sister Li was quite curious, “Are you two planning to officially announce your relationship?”

Chen Feier shook her head and said, “No, Sister Li, as you know, it’s not suitable for us to go public right now. Let’s talk about it in the future. Of course, there’s no need to hide anything in front of you.”

She looked at Lu Chen with affectionate eyes and said, “Lu Chen was the one who just said that.”

Sister Li sighed silently in her heart.

As someone with experience, she could see that Chen Feier is completely ensnared.

Although she didn’t know if the feelings between the two would last, she wished them well in her heart.

Sister Li said earnestly to Lu Chen, “Lu Chen, Feier is a good girl. There aren’t many like her in the entertainment industry who are so pure and self-disciplined. You must treasure her!”

Lu Chen replied, “I understand, Sister Li.”

Zhang Junzhi chimed in, saying, “Feier, if Lu Chen ever bullies you, I’ll beat him up for you!”

He wasn’t very young himself and understood many things. He treated Chen Feier like a real sister.

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Chen Feier teased him, “Lu Chen is really good at fighting; you can’t beat him.”

Zhang Junzhi thought for a moment and said, “If I can’t beat you, I can learn from you, Brother Lu Chen. Can you accept me as your disciple?”

Chen Feier laughed so hard that she had to cover her mouth with her hand.

Lu Chen smiled wryly and said, “So, I will teach you so that you can beat me up?”

Sister Li laughed and said, “Don’t listen to Little Zhi’s nonsense, but I really hope he can learn something from you. After finishing filming, he still wants to sing. Can you give him some advice?”

Zhang Junzhi said, “Brother Lu Chen, I also want to release an album!”

Sister Li then said, “He has loved music since he was little, he can play the guitar and piano, and he can even play the violin. He wants to become a big star like his dad, actually, he wants to be even better!”

Zhang Junzhi got annoyed and said, “Mom, please don’t mention him!”

Sister Li smiled and said, “Alright, I won’t mention him anymore.”

So that’s the story!

Lu Chen began to understand it a bit and was quite moved.

The story of Sister Li and Zhang Junzhi’s dad was well-known in the industry, and very few people could be as open-minded as her.

To be blunt, many men do not have Sister Li’s magnanimity and tolerance.

But she genuinely loves her son.

If Zhang Junzhi wanted to act, she would find him roles. If he wanted to release an album, she would make it happen, without minding any inconvenience to herself.

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