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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 246

Chapter 246 – Theme song

The weekend drama series “Autumn in My Heart,” jointly produced by Lu Chen Studio, Chen Feier Studio, and Qian De Brothers Studio, began shooting on November 17th.

After attending the opening ceremony on the 17th, Lu Chen returned to Beijing with Chen Feier. On the 23rd, he left Beijing and returned to Jinling. They were filming the TV series for six days and the first two episodes had been shot.

With the support of a sophisticated modern film and television production system, TV drama production speed is very fast nowadays, especially for weekend dramas. Shooting two episodes in six or seven days is considered normal. Many low-budget web dramas can even shoot one episode in a day. This kind of efficiency is something that industry professionals from the past could never have imagined.

However, Lu Chen still felt worried about shooting two episodes of “Autumn in My Heart” in just six days.

Can he in such a short time achieve the quality he is aiming for?

Memories from the dream world made Lu Chen return to Jinling on the high-speed train with an uneasy heart. He couldn’t wait to see the completed initial version of the footage, which is what the industry calls the “raw footage.”

The current film and television production has long abandoned the use of film and now exclusively employs high-standard, high-quality digital cameras. The term “raw footage” refers to the unedited content of film and television series shot in the early stages, without post-production such as dubbing, music, special effects, and so on; it is considered a semi-finished product.

Only after post-production processing is completed does the “raw footage” become the finished product, which can then be released in the market.

However, by watching the “raw footage,” one can generally gauge the quality standards of the film or television series production, as well as the level of expertise possessed by the director, actors, and the entire production crew.

After watching the first two episodes of the “raw footage,” Lu Chen’s doubts vanished!

Director Fang Hui truly lived up to her reputation in the industry; she had crafted the opening episodes of “Autumn in My Heart” with great finesse.

Using the thousand-year-old city of Jinling as the backdrop, the director fully showcased the youthful years of the male and female protagonists. She skillfully intertwined the emotions between non-blood-related siblings and the intricate story destined for tragedy, forming the foundation of the entire plot. This leaves viewers with an irresistible desire to continue watching.

In a hospital, on the same day, two babies were born. However, due to a child named Yin Junxi, the identity tags of the two babies were switched.

These two babies embarked on two completely different paths. The baby from a wealthy family ended up in a single mother’s home, while the baby originally born into a single-parent household found itself in a prosperous and happy family, growing up joyfully.

And so, the story unfolds from here!

Two switched babies unknowingly lived in two completely different families for fourteen years. Still, a traffic accident involving Yin Enxi made Professor Yin realize that the daughter he had raised for fourteen years had a different blood type from his own!

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the two babies born on the same day were swapped due to a hospital error. Initially, they wanted to pretend that nothing had happened after he discussed it with Mrs. Yin, but fate had other plans.

Professor Yin’s biological daughter, Cui Xinai, had been living a very difficult life in a single-parent household. When she found out that she was originally a wealthy daughter, she decided to leave her single mother, who had raised her for fourteen years, and join Professor Yin’s affluent family.

Cui Xinai harboured jealousy towards Yin Enxi and tried to make Enxi experience the hardships she had endured in her previous life. Meanwhile, Enxi knew she had to return to her biological mother and could only watch with a heavy heart as her beloved adoptive parents and brother emigrated to the United States…


When Lu Chen arrived in Jinling, the filming of the third episode had already begun. According to the script, he will make his appearance at the end of this episode, and as long as the original footage from the first two episodes passes inspection, they will immediately proceed to post-production.

Since there weren’t many special effects, the editing and post-production will also proceed quickly.

When Lu Chen was writing the script for “Autumn in My Heart,” he didn’t blindly follow the memories from the dream world. He made appropriate adjustments to the plot and settings to make it more in line with his reality.

In addition, he has to write a suitable theme song for “Autumn in My Heart”! So, Lu Chen will be very busy in the upcoming days.

Therefore, he decided to rent a long-term business suite in a hotel near the Film and Television city until all 20 episodes of “Autumn in My Heart” were filmed.

At the average filming speed of two episodes per week, he would need to stay here for about two months!

Li Feiyu also came along, so, Lu Chen rented a separate room for him.

The hotel expenses were included in the budget, as specified in the contract, so there was no need to economize.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, Chen Feier also arrived in Jinling.

Compared to Lu Chen, the daily schedule of the Queen of the music industry is usually packed, but for the filming of “Autumn in My Heart,” she cancelled many previously scheduled activities and rushed here ahead of time.

If you calculate the cost-benefit, the income she will receive from “Autumn in My Heart” may not necessarily make up for the losses during the filming.

However, Chen Feier is very happy because she will be with Lu Chen for the next two months.

She and Lu Chen are staying in the same hotel, and their rooms are right next to each other.

When she arrived in Jinling, knowing that she would be staying there for a long time, Chen Feier came with a large number of assistants and bodyguards, so she used a total of three cars.

By the time she settled into the hotel, it was already dark.

But she didn’t rush to have dinner; instead, she knocked on Lu Chen’s door first.

As soon as Lu Chen opened the door, the beautiful woman rushed into his arms with a fragrant breeze.

He quickly embraced Chen Feier and, at the same time, swiftly closed the door to avoid anyone seeing them, as it would be bad for them if others saw them.

Of course, ordinary people won’t appear here. This hotel that has hosted countless celebrities has excellent security. Even intrusive reporters shouldn’t think about sneaking in to cause trouble.

But it’s always good to be cautious.

The two of them are currently in the stage of sneaky underground love, so, for the time being, they can’t be exposed.

Chen Feier hugged Lu Chen’s waist, tilted her head, and asked with a playful smile, “Have you missed me these past few days?”

As a mature woman, once she opened her heart, she became bold and passionate, like the midday sun, emitting a radiance that one dared not look at directly.

Lu Chen felt like his heart had melted and said, “I have!”

He lowered his head to kiss Chen Feier’s red lips, the two had long since crossed that boundary.

But Chen Feier chuckled and turned her head to prevent him from succeeding, while teasing him, “You dare say you’ve missed me? May I ask who was singing love songs with another girl in public?”

Lu Chen smiled wryly.

Lin Zhijie wasn’t wrong. Chen Feier is really jealous.

He explained, “I’ve always treated Xiaochu as my sister. Didn’t you know that?”

Chen Feier snorted, “You may treat Xiaochu as your sister, but Xiaochu doesn’t see you as her brother. Did you think I didn’t know?”

She lightly hummed, “I want to ask you, have you been moved by me at all?”

It’s a passage from the song “You Are the Song Within My Heart,” and she sang the lyrics with perfect pitch!

Chen Feier stared at him, “You wrote it, right??”

That day, she received a generous invitation from Flying Stone Records for the MSN Platinum Celebration, but she didn’t go. On the one hand, she had work commitments, and on the other hand, her status wasn’t very suitable.

However, she later watched the video of the celebration on a blog.

Of course, Chen Feier knew that Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu didn’t have any romantic relationship, but watching the two of them passionately sing on stage, along with this song, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy in her heart.

Having endured it until now, she vented it all out

Fortunately, she didn’t watch the live broadcast of [Whale TV], or else she would have exploded right away.

Numerous fans were shouting for Lu Chen to get together with Mu Xiaochu, with not many people mentioning her name.

In fact, if you strip away the title of ‘diva’ from her, Chen Feier is not much different from an ordinary woman.

If you like someone, you have to monopolise them, you mustn’t tolerate sharing with others.

Lu Chen didn’t offer an explanation ; he simply kissed her to silence her.

This time, he succeeded.

Chen Feier was caught off guard. She resisted with muffled protests, but her strength couldn’t match Lu Chen’s, so she reluctantly accepted it and soon began to passionately respond.

After a deep kiss that lasted for several minutes, Lu Chen reluctantly let go.

Chen Feier blushed, and her entire body went soft.

Looking at the somewhat triumphant Lu Chen, she said somewhat displeased, “Don’t think you’re off the hook just like that. You have to write a love song duet for me too, and I want to include it in the new album!”

Chen Feier’s new album has received enough creations so far. Besides the three songs written by Lu Chen, the other nine are from renowned artists, and there are no issues with their quality and style.

If it weren’t for the filming of “Autumn in My Heart,” she could have started recording this important album.

Adding another male-female duet love song at this time would undoubtedly disrupt the plan.

But she didn’t care, she was just that willful!

Lu Chen smiled and said, “No problem, I was just thinking of writing the theme song for ‘Autumn in My Heart.'”

Chen Feier’s eyes immediately lit up, “That’s a good idea. Do you have any inspiration for it?”

Lu Chen replied, “I already have some ideas, but first, I need to discuss them with you to see if it’s suitable or not.”

The theme song of a TV series may not be especially important, but a good one can definitely enhance the show and have promotional advantages.

Many classic TV series theme songs are still being sung to this day!

This idea was something he came up with on the spot, though it was meant to make Chen Feier happy, it was also objectively necessary.

Most importantly, it would be excellent for promotion.

The only question is which male-female duet love song would be more suitable for “Autumn in My Heart”!

In his memory, there are quite a few duet love songs.

Chen Feier is delighted.

She will star in a drama with Lu Chen and collaborate with him on the theme song, which would be then included in an album.

The relationship between the two was naturally incredibly close.

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