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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 245

Chapter 245 – You are the song in my heart

【Whale TV】, Lu Chen’s live stream.

After Lu Chen renewed his endorsement contract with 【Whale TV】, his live stream room received an immediate upgrade. So, during the contract period, he is going to have a celebrity express lane on the homepage and will enjoy the website’s top-tier treatment.

MSN’s Platinum Celebration is broadcasting live in Lu Chen’s live stream room, and 【Whale TV】 had been promoting it early on.

As a result, shortly after the live stream started, the online viewers in Lu Chen’s live stream room quickly surpassed the one-million mark.

Although Lu Chen still couldn’t compare to the big names in the industry, he is undoubtedly the biggest star to emerge from 【Whale TV】, with his current fan following reaching over 1.5 million.

With this wave of popularity, 【Whale TV】 seemed to be regaining the momentum it had at its peak!

Tonight’s live broadcast of this celebration was undoubtedly the best proof of this.

Especially when Lu Chen took the stage to perform with MSN, the number of online viewers in the live stream room continued to climb, reaching 1.5 million, 1.7 million, 1.9 million, 2.3 million…

When Lu Chen was about to start singing with Mu Xiaochu, the online viewership unexpectedly exceeded 2.6 million!

This was [Whale TV]’s record for the highest online viewer count for an individual’s live stream since it launched and it’s also Lu Chen’s personal record. In just a few minutes, the total number of fish balls he received exceeded 100 trillion!

Even though the current Lu Chen no longer relies on the live stream’s tips to make money, and this portion of his earnings accounted for a smaller and smaller portion of his total income, he will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the most daily income this evening.

Such a rapid way of making money is enough to make many third and fourth-tier celebrities jealous!

And no one doubts that this isn’t Lu Chen’s limit. Records are meant to be broken!

The fans’ emotions have reached their peak.

Bullet comments and fish balls were pouring in like torrential rain.

Lu Chen, who was present at the scene, couldn’t fully understand the excitement and noise in his live stream room. However, the enthusiasm of the fans in the banquet hall was enough to lift his spirits, so his fingers pressed on the piano keys with extra strength.

He turned his head, smiled at the shy Mu Xiaochu, and started to sing, “You are a song within my heart…”

“Heart opens up like a blooming flower!”

The name of this song is “You Are a Song within My Heart”!

Mu Xiaochu gathered her courage and, under the gaze of Lu Chen, raised the microphone, “You are a song within my life…”

“Longing turns into a river!”

When she sang these two lines of lyrics, the look that shone in the girl’s eyes became brave and determined.

She likes Lu Chen.

She also knew that Lu Chen liked her, but his affection had nothing to do with male and female love.

Mu Xiaochu even knew that Lu Chen’s relationship with Chen Feier was not ordinary and that they might be in a romantic relationship.

However, Mu Xiaochu had never thought of giving up.

The first time she saw Lu Chen was backstage at the “Singing China” competition. She had a good impression of him from the first moment they met, and later, Lu Chen’s care for her strengthened her feelings for him.

It’s just that at that time, Mu Xiaochu didn’t have enough courage to confess her feelings, so she missed her chance.

But she still likes Lu Chen.

So she cherishes the time spent with Lu Chen even more, just like this duet tonight.

This song sings out Mu Xiaochu’s inner thoughts.

A young girl’s feelings are always like poetry.


You are a song within my heart,

Don’t just be a passerby.

Leave a song within my life,

No matter how it ends.

I want to ask you,

Have you been moved by me at all?

Being silent for too long,

Will only make me accidentally make mistakes.

You are a song within my heart,

Don’t just be a passerby.

Leave a song within my life,

No matter how it ends.


This song, “You’re a Song within My Heart,” has a catchy and memorable melody, with lyrics that flow smoothly. Its simple and fresh style, featuring a male-female duet, fills the entire song with a warm feeling. It’s not sad or melancholic, making it very suitable for the ages of Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu.

Though, the lyrics do touch on themes of love, as that’s how love songs are. But, given the nature of their relationship, no one will misunderstand it, and they will only feel the extra sweetness.

When it comes to their performance, their coordination was so harmonious that it made people jealous.

Ning Tian and Su Jiajia were also starting to feel jealous.

This was because they knew very well that this song was something Lu Chen had brought out as a surprise for the fans at tonight’s celebration, to which he had chosen Mu Xiaochu as the female lead.

Even though they clearly know that Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu have a brother-sister-like friendship. But seeing the duet between them now, it still made them feel a deep envy—why isn’t it me who is by Lu Chen’s side?


You are a song within my heart,

Heart opens up like a blooming flower.

You are a song within my life,

Longing turns into a river,

I want to ask you,

Have you been moved by me at all?

Being silent for too long,

Will only make me accidentally make mistakes

Accidental mistakes,

You are a song within my heart.

Don’t just be a passerby,

Leave a song within my life,

No matter how it ends!”

After singing the last sentence, Lu Chen raised his hands and smiled at Mu Xiaochu. At this moment, silence spoke louder than words, as, the two of them truly understood each other’s hearts. Mu Xiaochu had feelings of liking, admiration, and affection for Lu Chen. While, Lu Chen felt pity, love, and care for her!

Applause erupted, surrounding the two of them, it was lasting and enthusiastic.

Lu Chen’s live stream room completely exploded, the barrage filled the screen, making it look dense and layered!

“A wonderful song!”

“So cosy and romantic, I really hope that Lu Chen can end up with Younger Sister Xiaochu!”

“Younger Sister Xiaochu is mine, nobody should even think about stealing her!”

“Hahaha, together, together!”

“Can you sing it again? I want to hear it again.”

“When will you release a new album or single? My music player is already eager!”

“Is this Lu Chen’s first male-female duet?”

“Thumbs up, thumbs up!”

Lu Chen stood up and reached out his hand to Mu Xiaochu.

Mu Xiaochu froze at first but quickly understood. A faint blush appeared on her pretty face, and she hurriedly placed her small hand in Lu Chen’s large hand.

Lu Chen’s hand was very warm.

The two held hands and bowed together to the fans in the audience and the livestream to express their gratitude.

The atmosphere in the banquet instantly reached its climax for the night!

After the thanks, Mu Xiaochu suddenly gathered the courage and turned to embrace Lu Chen.

“Thank you, Brother Lu Chen!”

Lu Chen was a little surprised, then he smiled and returned the hug to the young girl.

He gently patted Mu Xiaochu’s shoulder and said softly, “You sang very well.”

Lu Chen had always been aware of the feelings Mu Xiaochu held for him. To say that he wasn’t moved would be a lie.

But there was only so much Lu Chen could give her.

This incredibly heartwarming scene was immediately captured by the on-site photographers.

Many years later, when people reminisce about the story between Lu Cheng and MSN, this classic photo will always appear!

The two embraced for a moment, and it was Mu Xiaochu who took the initiative to let go.

“Sing one more song!”

A fan under the stage shouted loudly, and that was instantly met with a group response: “Sing one more song!”

Lu Chen smiled and waved his hand.

Singing one song is enough; after all, tonight is MSN’s Platinum Celebration party, and he couldn’t steal all the limelight, could he?

Amidst the sighs of disappointment from many fans, Lu Chen returned to his seat.

The celebration continued.

Just as Lu Chen had settled into his seat, Lin Zhijie leaned in and asked, “Was this song specially written for Xiaochu, or did you already have it in reserve?”

For all lyricists and composers, even if they haven’t received any business orders, they will surely engage in creative work when inspiration strikes.

Such works serve as reserves, to be released at the right moment.

That’s why Lin Zhijie asked this kind of question.

If the song was specially written for Mu Xiaochu by Lu Chen, then Flying Stone Records could consider giving Mu Xiaochu a single, making her the soul core of MSN.

In the future, if the MSN group disbands, Mu Xiaochu will have a foundation for a solo career.

But if it’s just one of Lu Chen’s reserve works, and Flying Stone Records acquires it, they can’t give it to MSN anymore—they are currently riding high in popularity and should give opportunities to the company’s other singers and artists.

A duet love song can launch two stars!

Such examples are not rare; more than twenty years ago, there were once a couple of singer duos. They managed to survive till now by relying on well-known duet love songs, and they still occasionally receive commercial performance opportunities.

Lu Chen understood Lin Zhijie’s meaning and thought for a moment before saying, “It’s not specifically for Xiaochu. Since I’ve promised to help your company, then you can arrange it yourselves.”

He felt that it wasn’t suitable to have Mu Xiaochu take on the banner for MSN right away. Flying Stone Records had already designated Ning Tian as the captain of MSN, which actually made sense.

Their personalities were different.

Lin Zhijie chuckled, “I see now, you really…”

He shook his head, a hint of teasing in his expression, “Aren’t you afraid of Feier getting jealous?”

Lin Zhijie is good friends with Chen Feier and now with Lu Chen as well. He understands their relationship the best, so he could make some playful remarks.

Lu Chen chuckled helplessly, “Director Lin, I treat Xiaochu like a little sister!”

Lin Zhijie smiled without saying anything.

Turning a sibling relationship into a romantic one, isn’t that a simple thing to do?

Mu Xiaochu’s affection for Lu Chen was apparent to anyone, but unfortunately, Lu Chen already has Chen Feier.

Of course, when it came to matters between young people, he wouldn’t inquire too much, just kindly reminding.

MSN is currently a cash cow for Flying Stone Records!

The next part of the celebration was a time for the three girls to interact with their fans, as well as on-site lucky raffles and so forth.

The lively celebration didn’t end until 10 pm.

Three days after attending the MSN Platinum Celebration Party, Lu Chen left the Capital City and returned to Jinling.

Because the second episode of “Autumn in My Hear” had already been filmed, they were about to start shooting the content for the third episode.

And he will officially appear in the second half of the third episode!

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