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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 244

Chapter 244 – Sisters and Godsisters

Success comes from hard work!

This was Lu Chen’s praise for the three members of MSN, and also a motivation for himself.

With a wealth of memories from another world, he could easily lay back and enjoy his life without much effort, earning money and gaining honour that others could never achieve in their lifetimes.

But Lu Chen’s goal has never been to be a parasite.

His efforts were no less than anyone else’s, practising martial arts tirelessly every day, taking classes at Jing Yin whenever he could, and often working late into the night to write the script…

Lu Chen hoped that if one day all the memories from the dream world suddenly disappeared, he would still be able to make a name for himself with his own abilities, so as not to waste this wonderful life!

And the stories he told, when heard by different people, naturally evoke different feelings.

The executives of Flying Stone Records were delighted because they received excellent promotional material.

On the other hand, MSN’s fan group and the Lu Family Army were moved when they heard the stories.

As for Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia, and Ning Tian, they couldn’t suppress the emotions that had been stirred in their hearts.

Ning Tian’s eyes were red, as she bit her lip, holding her chest high, her expression proud with a hint of stubbornness.

Mu Xiaochu lowered her head, gently leaning on Su Jiajia’s shoulder, sobbing.

And Su Jiajia was already in tears.

They knew best the efforts they had put in, and even though they had already achieved success, they couldn’t erase those unforgettable memories.

After finishing telling the story he knew about MSN, Lu Chen looked at the three teary-eyed girls and apologized, “I’m really sorry for talking about so many sorrowful things. Now, let me play a song, ‘He Still Doesn’t Understand.’ You, three beautiful and brave girls, please come and sing for us!”

The whole audience erupted in enthusiastic applause, and everyone stood up.

They were all cheering for MSN.

The three girls wiped away the tears from their faces with embarrassment and hugged each other.

Lu Chen then sat down in front of the piano.

He brewed his emotions for a moment and then confidently pressed the piano keys.

Lu Chen’s piano skills have improved significantly compared to before, so he played the prelude smoothly.

The banquet hall quieted down once again. Everyone returned to their seats and listened to the girls’ singing.

Ning Tian was the first to sing: “Why don’t you understand the love in my heart…'”

“I really love you!”

This is a dialogue excerpt from “He Still Doesn’t Understand.”

“What should I say,

The cup is already empty,

Closing my eyes, a heavy snowfall in my heart.

The sky is cold, and the ground is frozen.

Is it time for settling the accounts of love,

Only leaving the loneliness each of us pays for?

Why, when I pushed the door open,

Did he not come to hold me?

He still doesn’t understand.

He still doesn’t understand!

Leaving, hoping to be retained,

If you speak, it’s just the tenderness I want.

He still doesn’t understand, Never understands!

One hug can replace everything,

Love can absolutely shake me!


As a female chorus song, “He Still Doesn’t Understand” differs greatly in style from other contemporary girl group songs. Amid its soothing and deep emotions, it carries a subtle sadness, easily evoking a sense of helplessness and powerlessness in people’s hearts regarding love.

Compared to the sweetness of “Not Yet Lovers,” the theme of this song is more mature, but it has still garnered the love of a lot of fans, with many considering it the most enduring piece on this album.

However, in the eyes of professionals, while MSN’s performance was undoubtedly good, they didn’t quite capture the emotions and artistic conception conveyed in the song.

The reason is simple. The lyrics of this love song mainly express the heartache of a woman towards a man who she felt didn’t understand love. How could a talented girl group like MSN have insight and experience in this regard?

Seriously, there are many boys pursuing them, but the heartbreaking part is that they don’t get what they want.

Among the three, Mu Xiaochu’s emotional rendition was the most on-point. If we were to rate Su Jiajia and Ning Tian’s emotional expressions as a four or five, she would score at least seven or eight—out of a maximum of ten!


What to use?

Melt this silence,

Sigh in the cold air around,

Turn into smoke and drift away.

Various things from the past,

Rolls into a snowball in my heart.

I’m afraid tears will come before I speak,

Love isn’t about him giving too little,

It’s about not knowing what I want.

He still doesn’t understand,

Still doesn’t understand,

Leaving, hoping to be retained,

If you speak, it’s just the tenderness I want.

He still doesn’t understand, Never understands!

One hug can replace everything,

Love can absolutely shake me!”


“Rescue me immediately!”

After finishing singing, the three girls held hands and bowed to the guests and fans below the stage in unison.

Applause surged!

They turned around and once again paid their respects to Lu Chen.

The three girls were well aware that their success today was inseparable from Lu Chen.

They all hoped to maintain a friendship with Lu Chen forever.

Lu Chen stood up, smiled, and applauded them.

The three girls looked at each other and showed joyful smiles.

Next, they sang the third song of the night, “Where’s Love.”

They were still accompanied by Lu Chen.

Although there were no elaborate musical arrangements or electronic beats, such cooperation made the fans feel that all of this was even more authentic.

After “Where’s Love” ended, Lu Chen prepared to leave the stage.

However, at this moment, someone in the audience shouted loudly, “Let’s get another duet between a man and a woman!”

Many people immediately laughed and joined in, saying, “Yeah, let’s have a male-female duet!”

Mu Xiaochu, Su Jiajia, and Ning Tian looked at each other, and the latter two sandwiched Mu Xiaochu between them, smiling as they pushed her in front of Lu Chen. “Let Xiaochu and Lu Chen sing in a duet!”

In fact, this had been arranged as a surprise for the fans tonight.

The person who had just shouted for a male-female duet was, of course, a representative from Flying Stone Records.

For the fans, the truth didn’t really matter; what mattered was that they got a surprise and joy.

At this moment, in Lu Chen’s live stream room on Whale TV, the online viewer count had already exceeded one million!

Since signing a new contract with Whale TV, Lu Chen was no longer just an online streamer but the star spokesperson for Whale TV. The treatment he received was vastly different from before.

Like tonight’s MSN Platinum Celebration Party, Flying Stone Records, Whale TV, and Lu Chen’s studio had already communicated about it, and Whale TV had obtained exclusive online broadcasting rights.

Due to the continuous expansion of the online live-streaming market, entertainment management companies have long set their sights on this lucrative opportunity. Several websites are affiliated with media enterprises, focusing on nurturing their own internet celebrities and eventually transitioning them into the entertainment industry.

Conversely, some second and third-tier celebrity artists who once looked down upon online broadcasters have also become interested in online live streaming. Some of them have created their own live-streaming rooms to gather popularity and fans.

The success of Lu Chen is an excellent example. He rose to fame on online platform, made a leap in his career with the support of internet users, and he still maintains his identity as an online streamer.

It is said that Flying Stone Records is also interested in having MSN create a live streaming room on “Whale TV,” and the two parties are currently in negotiations.

The live broadcast in Lu Chen’s room this evening marks the beginning of their collaboration.

When Mu Xiaochu was introduced to sing alongside Lu Chen, the live-streaming room was filled with a barrage of countless comments.

“Hahaha, a duet between a guy and a girl. Whose idea was this? I want to give them a thumbs up!”

“I guess it was younger sister Xiaochu’s idea. Younger sister Xiaochu is awesome!”

“Younger sister Xiaochu is the most adorable. I feel like she and Lu Chen are really a good match.”

“Well, they are siblings after all!”

“Why not a duet with MSN instead?”

“Are you silly? There are three girls in MSN. How can they sing a duet?”

“Then why Mu Xiaochu?”

“It’s simple, Mu Xiaochu is Lu Chen’s real sister, while Su Jiajia and Ning Tian are his godsisters.”

“Real sister +1!”

The friendship between Lu Chen and Mu Xiaochu was first established when they participated in “Singing China.” At that time, Mu Xiaochu had already made a name for herself in online live broadcasts and had even sung songs.

Lu Chen’s fans really liked this pure and lovely girl, appreciating her shyness and coyness, as well as her captivating singing voice. They affectionately called her younger sister Xiaochu.

In their eyes, Mu Xiaochu was like a real Lu Chen’s younger sister.

In comparison, Su Jiajia and Ning Tian were not as favoured, so when everyone saw Mu Xiaochu singing with Lu Chen, they considered it natural, otherwise, there would be dissatisfaction.

Even though it was a prearranged part of the program, Mu Xiaochu, who was pushed in front of Lu Chen, blushed.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Let’s sing a song together for everyone.”

Mu Xiaochu nodded vigorously, feeling both excited and nervous, it was like she was holding a little rabbit in her arms.

She was also feeling a little uneasy.

Because they had only rehearsed this song once, she was afraid she might not sing it well.

Lu Chen gave Mu Xiaochu an encouraging look and sat back down in front of the piano.

This song for a male-female duet was written at the last minute at the request of the Flying Stone Records. Originally, Flying Stone Records wanted Lu Chen to choose a song by someone else, but Lu Chen proposed a better idea.

He suggested that he is going to provide them with a new song, a song that is going to be for a male-female duet!

On the side of Flying Stone Records, they were naturally thrilled and immediately expressed their intention to purchase this new work.

The huge success of “Not Yet Lovers” has boosted the confidence of this long-established record company in Lu Chen. Many artists under its banner are eager to collaborate with Lu Chen, expressing their interest through their agents.

With limited resources, Lu Chen has been busy shooting a TV drama recently, so Flying Stone Records couldn’t have demanded that he write a certain number of new songs for them. So, they have been eagerly awaiting the right opportunity.

Now that Lu Chen has taken the initiative to propose something like this, it was like a gift from heaven for them—the price was not a problem at all!

Moreover, using it for this celebration event is an excellent gimmick.

Lu Chen once again played the piano and started the prelude for his first male and female duet.


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