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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 249

Chapter 249 – Perfect match!

“Butterflies fly, just like running in the wind during childhood, feeling the rainbow of youth, farther than the sea, higher than the sky!”

“Butterflies fly, flying towards the castle of the future, opening the skylight of dreams, allowing growth to be faster and more beautiful!”

“Butterflies fly~”

Lu Chen strummed the last note with a flick of his hand, then asked the three audience members in front of him, “How was the song?”

Sister Li, Chen Feier, and Zhang Junzhi all applauded enthusiastically!

Lu Chen smiled and raised his right hand to his chest, he bowed and said, “Thank you!”

Sister Li couldn’t help but ask, “Lu Chen, what’s the name of this song?”

Chen Feier said, “It should be called ‘Butterflies Fly,’ right?”

Lu Chen gave her a thumbs up and said, “Smart!”

Chen Feier gave him a resentful look—what’s so smart about it? It’s just a logical conclusion.

What surprised her first was that the style of this song was very different from Lu Chen’s previous works. It wasn’t a folk song or a love song; it leaned more towards youth nursery rhymes.

There had been quite a few works of this type before, but they were mostly categorized as mainstream music, mainly produced by national educational institutions. After the comprehensive marketization, new works of this type were few and far between.

Chen Feier had sung mainstream songs before and was quite knowledgeable about them.

Private record companies or entertainment media companies usually target a market of older age groups. Teenagers who were just a little over a dozen years old didn’t even have the qualifications to buy concert tickets. How could they attract the interest of these companies and cater specifically to their needs?

Furthermore, the market was flooded with children’s songs, both domestic and international – and even for younger children. There was no need for new creations; the existing ones were sufficient.

So, this age group’s market had been intentionally or unintentionally ignored in the past. In fact, a few companies had tried to enter this market before, but they all lost money and didn’t produce any successful works.

Lu Chen’s “Butterfly Fly” is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air!

This song has a lively melody, and positive lyrics, while it also maintains a popular style, and is very suitable for teenagers aged around a dozen years old to appreciate. It is a perfect match for the “Little Tiger Team” proposed by Lu Chen.

At this age, you should listen to and sing songs like this!

Because of this, “Butterflies Fly” is unlikely to be a piece that Lu Chen had prepared in advance. But if he created it on the spot, how could it be so perfect?

If it weren’t for Sister Li and Zhang Junzhi, Chen Feier would want to open up Lu Chen’s head and see just how many brilliant ideas were inside, making people admire and marvel!

Lu Chen said to Sister Li, “I’ll give you the sheet music for this song tomorrow, as one of the future works for Little Tiger Team’s album. What do you think, Sister Li?”

Sister Li smiled and said, “I’m very satisfied. This song can definitely be the album’s title track. In the future, I’ll need you to write two more for them to ensure the album’s sales!”

She brought her son over tonight, originally intending to help Zhang Junzhi establish a good relationship with Lu Chen, hoping that the latter could give some guidance in music, making her’s son future path smoother and faster.

After so many years in the entertainment industry, Sister Li deeply understood the importance of connections.

Actually, Sister Li was not very willing to let Zhang Junzhi pursue a career in the entertainment industry. However, since her son likes it, she spared no effort to create various opportunities for Zhang Junzhi. For example, she previously helped him secure a role in “Autumn in My Heart” through Chen Feier. It was all paving the way for Zhang Junzhi.

Zhang Ailing once said that fame should be pursued early, and starting at the age of 15 isn’t considered very early.

But what Sister Li never expected was that while she only expected to get a glass of water, Lu Chen would give her an entire ocean.

The idea to form the Little Tiger Team is really amazing. If it were someone else trying to create such a boy group, it probably wouldn’t have worked out, but with Lu Chen’s support behind the scenes, the situation would be completely different.

MSN’s success is the best example!

Moreover, by forming a team, Zhang Junzhi will have partners. So, he won’t be alone.

Sister Li is incredibly grateful to Lu Chen, beyond words grateful!

Lu Chen nodded and said, “We don’t need to rush into creating the album right away. First, we need to assemble the team. Dance, singing skills, and physical fitness all require training. Let’s consider the album after I finish shooting this TV series and return.”

Forming a boy group or girl group isn’t something you can do haphazardly by bringing a few people together. It usually requires a long period of training and learning before they can officially debut after reaching a certain level.

Groups like MSN are quite rare, as they succeded because they had a good foundation and worked hard. In addition to that, with the significant investment and resources from Flying Stone Records, they were able to stand out in a short period of time.

Examples like this are hard to replicate.

Zhang Junzhi had just turned 15, so there was no need to work so hard; he still had to balance his daily studies.

Sister Li understood and said, “Well, then we’ll wait for you and Feier to come back to the capital.”

She reached out and patted her own son, saying, “You should thank your brother Lu Chen now!”

Zhang Junzhi grinned and said, “Thank you, Brother Lu Chen. I’ll rely on you and Sister Feier in the future!”

Lu Chen chuckled in response.

Sister Li glared at her son and said, “Smooth talker!”

She stood up and said, “I won’t disturb the two of you anymore. I’ll go back with Little Zhi first.”

Chen Feier’s pretty face instantly blushed, and she quickly stood up and said, “I should leave too. Sister Li, I’ll walk you down, and we can chat some more.”

Sister Li chuckled, “Oh, I’m so sorry about this, it’s all my fault for not choosing the right time to come over.”

Her smile was quite ambiguous, and if her son weren’t present, she would have teased the two of them a bit more.

Lu Chen felt a bit depressed. He had just sent Sister Li, Chen Feier, and Zhang Junzhi out of the room.

Tonight’s opportunity was actually quite rare. He had finally crossed some boundaries and was hoping to spend a warm and romantic night with Chen Feier, but it was unknowingly ruined by Sister Li.

Although Chen Feier was a mature woman, she was still quite conservative and reserved in this regard. She wouldn’t easily let Lu Chen cross the line, and after this incident, she probably wouldn’t come back to Lu Chen’s room again.

The long night passed quietly.

The next day, Lu Chen woke up early and invited Li Feiyu to go for a morning run together.

Li Feiyu, also known as Brother Little Fei, was a typical homebody. Apart from his daily work, he preferred sitting over standing and lying down over sitting. He spent most of his free time in front of the computer, and his physical fitness was not very good.

But to become a qualified assistant, having a good physique was essential.

After working as an assistant for some time, he understood this principle, so he voluntarily asked to exercise with Lu Chen.

However, after running just a few hundred meters, he was panting heavily, with his tongue hanging out, and struggling to keep up.

Lu Chen laughed and said, “Your physical condition is so poor; no wonder you haven’t won over Miss Little Mei yet. You really need to work on it.”

The story of Li Feiyu pursuing Little Mei could easily be made into a TV drama. Although Little Mei has long been working at Lu Chen’s studio, Li Feiyu has not yet achieved his goal.

According to his words, he was currently in the probation period, and there was still some distance to go before reaching the base.

Li Feiyu said with a bitter expression, “Take it slow, take it slow…”

Lu Chen shook his head and said, “Then you take it slow, I’ll go ahead.”

He picked up the pace and ran along the riverbank, quickly leaving Li Feiyu behind.

Autumn in Jinling was very beautiful. This ancient city of a thousand years had a charm different from the capital, with a similarly rich history but a different character and atmosphere.

As he ran along the long road, cutting through the thin mist, Lu Chen could better appreciate the beauty of this city!

After two hours of outdoor exercise, Lu Chen returned to the hotel after having breakfast.

Together with Chen Feier, he got into her car and headed to the set of the Film and Television City, reuniting with the cast and crew.

The first two episodes of “Autumn in My Heart” had already been filmed, and the shooting of the third episode was currently proceeding smoothly. If everything goes well, Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the two real main characters, will make their debut the day after tomorrow.

Today, aside from checking the progress of the shoot, the two of them also had their makeup and styling photos taken.

These so-called styling photos, also known as makeup and styling photos, are pictures taken after actors have undergone makeup and styling to portray a particular character. They are the result of collaboration between the photographer and various departments such as art, makeup, costume, and lighting, based on the description of the character in the script and the director’s vision.

Styling photos may be completed in one go or may undergo multiple revisions. The final approved photos serve as a reference for the makeup artists when preparing the actors for filming.

As the male and female leads of this TV drama, the styling photos of these two individuals are especially important. Besides being used for the shooting, they will also be used in the upcoming promotion of the TV drama.

Under normal circumstances, a weekend drama can start airing after filming 6 to 8 episodes.

Although the broadcasting network for “Autumn in My Heart” has not been confirmed, promotional efforts cannot lag behind because this is crucial for the most important aspect, which is viewership ratings.

Viewership ratings are always the most important criterion for measuring the success or failure of a TV drama!

Several costume and makeup artists worked around Lu Chen and Chen Feier for an hour before completing the required looks for the drama.

Lu Chen’s attire is relatively simple; he is handsome enough with a good foundation. Therefore, his makeup leans more towards enhancement rather than concealment, emphasizing the contours of his face is sufficient.

He is wearing a custom-made black and blue suit, paired with a crisp white shirt and sharply tailored trousers, creating a perfect combination with his well-trained physique, exuding a complete idol-like charm.

Chen Feier, with a touch of makeup, is dressed in an inexpensive plain white long dress. Her long hair falls gracefully, carrying an indescribable charm, radiating purity, making it impossible to believe she’s nearly 30 years old.

And when the two of them were standing side by side, exchanging smiles, the photographers, makeup artists, and other crew members on set couldn’t help but be amazed.

They truly make a perfect couple.

Whether it’s their height, appearance, charisma, or the chemistry between them, it’s really hard to find a more compatible pair in the entertainment industry!

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