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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 237

Chapter 237 – Big shots

“Dedication of Love” is a song that Lu Chen released on the Wave Blog as a gesture of gratitude to those within and outside the industry who supported his charitable crowdfunding project.

He never intended to seek personal gain or fame through this song – there was simply no need for it.

As a result, Lu Chen never expected that the esteemed Yan Huang Charity Association would take notice of “Dedication of Love” and approach him to purchase the rights, as well as invite him to participate in a public service advertisement music video.

Lu Chen immediately granted them a free and perpetual authorization.

Later, Chen Feier told him that he had made the right decision in this matter.

Whether in China or abroad, celebrities and artists who engage in charity work or establish good relationships with reputable charitable organizations enjoy numerous benefits.

In China, having a reputation for being charitable is like having a protective talisman; people generally hold such individuals in high regard.

For example, Chen Feier herself has established long-term collaborative cooperation with the Yan Huang Charity Association.

Like Lu Chen, she will also participate in the public service advertisement music video for the “Dedication of Love.”

On the journey back to the Capital City from Jīnlíng, Lu Chen and Chen Feier sat together in the same car. As their upcoming work involved arrangements with the Yan Huang Charity Association, she disclosed to him some insider information.

Last year and this year, the charity sector in China experienced some issues that greatly affected its public image.

Although not all of these issues were the fault of the Yan Huang Charity Association, as a top-tier presence in the domestic charitable structure, they also faced pressure and urgently needed to promote and rebuild a positive image.

Coincidentally, Lu Chen’s charitable crowdfunding efforts through online platforms had a significant impact, and his creation of the “Dedication of Love” resonated particularly well with the Yan Huang Charity Association.

Otherwise, how could such a good thing possibly land on Lu Chen’s head?

Just take a look at the list of celebrities selected to participate in the public service advertisement – Li Xing, Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Liu Zonghan, Xi Rong… and so on, all of them are A-list celebrities.

Including Lu Chen himself, the final confirmed list consists of 15 people, all of whom are more famous than him.

Moreover, the director of this public service advertisement music video is going to be the renowned director Yu Jiande, who is now 60 years old and has directed over 20 films. He had won awards at international film festivals and enjoys a high reputation.

Zhang Wentian, whom Lu Chen knows, can also be considered a prominent director, but compared to Yu Jiande, he falls short by a large margin.

Chen Feier stated, “If you are chosen by Director Yu to film a movie, it would be like reaching the heavens in one step.”

Lu Chen laughed silently.

He knew that Chen Feier was joking, but also reminding himself to take this job seriously.

Even if he won’t earn a penny.

Lu Chen held Chen Feier’s hand and said, “Then I might as well become a director myself and make a movie. You can be the leading actress, and we can reach the heavens together, what do you think?”

Chen Feier felt sweet in her heart and said, “You want to be a director too? Okay, as long as you can make a movie, I’ll be the leading actress for you. But remember, no cheating!”

Lu Chen chuckled.

Chen Feier didn’t take that seriously, but he was serious. However, if this idea is to be truly realized, it will take him a long time. Currently, his accumulation is still too little.

In this path of his he must take step by step. The current Lu Chen has already walked fast enough. It’s too easy to fall if he accelerates too much.

The Mercedes-Benz carrying the two of them sped along the Jingtang Expressway, so they returned to the Capital City before it got dark.

Chen Feier first took Lu Chen back to his apartment.

Although the two had sealed their relationship with a kiss in Jinling, due to career reasons, they don’t plan to make their relationship public for the time being.

As the saying goes, Lu Chen has risen too fast. Both his foundation and accumulation are insufficient. Once their relationship is made public, he would face tremendous pressure, which will seriously hinder his career development.

The simplest problem comes from media reporters. Those paparazzi will definitely keep an eye on him every day, disturbing his peace.

There have been precedents like this before, which is not what Lu Chen wants to experience.

So, for now, the two can only date in secret. It’s not too late to go public when the time is right in the future.

In addition, there is another important aspect to this. In the entertainment industry, breakups and reconciliations between men and women are too common. It’s really rare to be able to endure and stick together until the end. Even if they break up under the cover, it won’t cause a big fuss.

This is also the norm in the industry.

On November 18th, the second day after Lu Chen returned to the Capital City, he arrived at the scheduled location.

He is going to participate in the shooting of the public service advertisement MV for the “Dedication of Love.”

The gathering place for celebrity actors and singers is at the headquarters of Flying Stone Records, and Lu Chen is also familiar with this place.

In the VIP lounge, he saw several well-known figures, such as Li Xing, Tan Hong, Chen Feier, and Liu Zonghan, whom he knows. There were also some people he met for the first time like Liao Jia, Xi Rong, and other popular big shots from the music and entertainment industry.

Yu Jiande was also present.

This renowned director, known both domestically and internationally, has a sturdy physique and a square face. His gray hair was braided, and he wore a gray jacket with a front opening, navy blue pants, and black cloth shoes. He exuded an air of grace and elegance.

It was said that the director Yu is a devout Taoist and had studied martial arts on Wudang Mountain during his youth. In the 1990s, he even directed a film called “Wudang Mountain,” which caused quite a sensation in China.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m., but at just past nine o’clock, all the famous stars were already present.

No celebrity dared to show off in this kind of situation. Even those who were filming or working outside of the Capital City took a special leave and rushed back to the city. Not to mention being late—that would cause public anger!

Since there was still some time before the meeting, everyone sat and chatted. The entertainment industry, although it appears to be big, is actually quite small. People who have no apparent connection became connected through a third party, and there are countless acquaintances among them.

Some are friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Them meeting each other here is a pleasant surprise.

“Brother Tan Hong!”

Lu Chen first approached Tan Hong.

This singing superstar is now mostly retired, and it was said that he is going to hold a farewell concert at the end of the year, officially bidding farewell to the music industry.

Since the end of the “Singing China” competition, Lu Chen hadn’t seen Tan Hong again.

But he always remembered the help and support Tan Hong had given him.

Tan Hong smiled and patted Lu Chen’s arm, while saying, “Long time no see, Little Lu. I’ve been seeing your name frequently on the blog lately. You’re doing well!”

He glanced meaningfully at Chen Feier standing next to him and laughed, “I heard you have turned Feier into a leading actress now? That’s remarkable!”

Lu Chen laughed bitterly.

A hint of blush appeared on Chen Feier’s pretty face as she complained, “Brother Tan Hong…”

Tan Hong burst into laughter, “No more jokes, Little Lu. Let me introduce you to some teachers.”

Among this group of people, Lu Chen definitely belongs to the younger generation, and his status in the industry is far inferior to theirs.

If it were any other newcomer, encountering such a rare opportunity, they would most likely have approached them boldly, hoping to strike up a conversation or even seek attention, expecting to exchange a few words with these big shots.

Having a strong network of connections is truly crucial for long-term survival in the entertainment industry. Often, when the higher-ups let something slip, it’s enough for those below to have a satisfying meal.

However, Lu Chen is different from ordinary newcomers. Although he appears humble, he has his own pride hidden deep inside and would never take the initiative to fawn over others.

But with Tan Hong’s introduction, it was a completely different situation.

“This is Teacher Liao Jia…”

Tan Hong first introduced Lu Chen to Liao Jia, a prominent figure in the pop music industry.

Liao Jia has a legendary presence in the industry. He was born in the early 1970s and made his debut in the late 1980s. In the 1990s, he became famous for his rock music and was considered one of the representatives of light rock.

Liao Jia had a close relationship with the Black Crow Band, which was an active rock band in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They released three albums with a total sales volume exceeding 20 million copies, and they were regarded as a pillar of Chinese rock music.

The lead vocalist and soul figure of the Black Crow Band, Gao Yi, was Liao Jia’s mentor. Later, during a rehearsal for a concert, Gao Yi accidentally fell from the stage, resulting in a severe skull injury. He eventually passed away at the Chaoyang People’s Hospital at the young age of 32.

Gao Yi’s unexpected death was undoubtedly a heavy blow to Chinese rock scene. The Black Crow Band, which had always been at the forefront of it, quickly declined and disbanded two years later, leaving endless sorrow for Chinese rock music fans.

Liao Jia resolutely took up the rock music banner left by Gao Yi and formed the band called Black Memories. They released two albums and even held a nationwide concert tour, being regarded as the successor of Chinese rock music.

However, due to the influence of the overall environment, Chinese rock music quickly declined, and Liao Jia and Black Memories were unable to turn the tide.

By the beginning of the year 2000, the Black Memories band was on the verge of disbanding.

In order to survive and continue, Liao Jia switched to singing light rock and even love songs. He also wrote songs for other singers. At that time, he was seen as a traitor by many rock fans in the country. However, he achieved even greater success and established his position in the music industry.

This elder brother of the music industry is now in his forties. He is not very tall and has an ordinary appearance. His small eyes and thin cheekbones give him a somewhat fierce look. His face is pockmarked, and he looks quite dignified in a black suit.

“Hello, Teacher Liao!”

Lu Chen extended his hands to him. “I’ve been listening to your songs since I was young!”

When Tan Hong introduced Lu Chen, Liao Jia stared at him intently until Lu Chen reached out his hands. A smile appeared on Liao Jia’s face. “Hello!”

Liao Jia’s hand was a bit cold, and his skin was rough. The joints of his fingers were prominent and powerful.

Lu Chen could feel his strength when shaking hands with him.

Tan Hong smiled and said, “Little Lu is very talented. Old Liao, please take care of him and mentor the newcomer.”

Liao Jia released Lu Chen hands and smiled faintly. “Since you’ve said so then of course I have to give you face.”

Lu Chen expressed his gratitude politely, “Thank you, Teacher Liao.”

He keenly felt that this senior in the music industry seemed to have a slight hint of hostility towards him!

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