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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 238

Chapter 238 – The luckiest person

Lu Chen certainly knows who Liao Jia is. He heard Liao Jia’s songs back in middle school, and to this day, he still has Black Memory’s album ‘Antarctic’. Liao Jia’s works, such as ‘Azure Vine House’ and ‘Old Fogy,’ are well-known rock classics.

But today is the first time they got to meet each other.

So, Lu Chen wondered why Liao Jia holds animosity towards him.

Liao Jia has been in the industry for over twenty years, while Lu Chen has only been around for a few months, and they have never had any interactions before.

Of course, on the surface, Lu Chen remained calm and polite, as he said, “Please guide me.”

Liao Jia’s lips twitched, and he replied, “You are very polite.”

In theory, Tan Hong should have been able to sense that something was off, but he turned a blind eye and pulled Lu Chen with him to meet Yu Jiande.

“Director Yu, this is Lu Chen…”

Tan Hong introduced Lu Chen, with him saying, “The creator of ‘Dedication of Love’.”

Lu Chen quickly bowed and greeted the other party, “Hello, Teacher Yu!”

“Hello, hello.”

Yu Jiande smiled and said, “You are indeed young and promising. This song was well-written and has essence.”

For this renowned director, that was really a rare compliment.

Lu Chen humbly replied, “Thank you for your compliments, Teacher Yu.”

Yu Jiande chuckled and said, ‘I’ve heard Brother Wen Tian mention you before, saying you are talented.'”

Lu Chen knew that the “Brother Wen Tian” mentioned by the other party was definitely referring to Zhang Wentian. The two directors were contemporaries, and it was normal for them to have a deep friendship with each other.

However, Lu Chen never expected that Zhang Wentian would mention him to Yu Jiande.

This made Lu Chen feel somewhat flattered.

In the entertainment industry, when it comes to status and rank, directors are always at the forefront. Esteem and honor enjoyed by directors like Yu Jiande cannot be compared to that of a star artist.

He could easily control the presence of more than a dozen A-listers.

Yu Jiande had a good attitude towards Lu Chen. Lu Chen didn’t know if it was because he truly cherished his talent, as he even gave him his own business card through his assistant, saying they could work together if an opportunity comes.

This made other celebrities and actors present inevitably began to think highly of Lu Chen.

Coupled with Tan Hong’s introduction, Lu Chen unconsciously gained a firm foothold in this small circle.

Although this small circle is temporary and everyone will go their separate ways after the music video is finished, being able to enter it was a kind of success, and gaining the recognition of the members in the circle was not easy.

Lu Chen was truly feeling grateful to Tan Hong.

Speaking of which, Tan Hong had always taken care of him, and he didn’t have much to offer in return.

For example, Chen Feier could still write songs, but Tan Hong was about to retire from the music industry.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m., and it was naturally hosted by Yu Jiande, the prominent director. He succinctly explained the content of the Public Service Announcement shooting and the work arrangements to everyone.

He only spoke for about 10 minutes, and then he let everyone go to the recording studio.

Fifteen celebrity artists sang “Dedication of Love” together. Not only was the recording done in the Flying Stone Records studio, but even a part of the music video was shot there to capture their recording and singing process.

The song “Dedication of Love” is relatively easy to sing, and as it is a public service advertisement, it doesn’t require exceptional singing skills to do it. So basically, you just need to sing it a few times to get a pass, and most of the work is actually post-correction and synthesis done in post-production.

Tan Hong, Liao Jia, and Chen Feier took turns singing, and sometimes there was two or more people singing together. Finally, all 15 people sang together, and the audio and video were recorded simultaneously.

At noon, everyone at Flying Stone Records got box lunches, even though all these star celebrities that are present have high net worths, no one complained about the inexpensive boxed lunches.

After finishing lunch, the team moved to the welfare institution under the Yan Huang Charity Association to continue with the shooting.

Celebrities, especially big celebrities, always have packed schedules in their daily work. It was really not easy for so many people to simultaneously make time to participate in the recording and shooting of this music video, and it they were doing it completely for free.

Including Yu Jiande, to be honest, his main role is to keep the atmosphere calm, rather than using his directorial skills.

The Charity Association understands this point, and the quality requirements for this public service advertisement are not high. It’s enough to reflect the core theme and ideas, and the biggest highlight is the appearance and participation of these 15 celebrities.

Moreover, the preparation done in advance was very thorough, so the shooting at the welfare institution went smoothly. Director Yu personally commanded the shooting. It went very quickly, and they finished filming before the sun set. It was as relaxed as cutting fruits and chopping vegetables.

All that’s left is the post-production work.

Such high efficiency is simply astounding, but it is normal for this type of public service advertisement.

After filming, everyone boarded a bus and returned to Flying Stone Records, and then they all went their separate ways.

When they came out, Lu Chen was thinking about whether to invite Chen Feier to have dinner together. However, he was stopped on his way by a young man in a suit and sunglasses.

The man had a crew cut and looked very capable.

He politely said to Lu Chen, “Mr. Lu Chen, Elder Brother Liao asked me to come and ask if you have any free time tonight. He wants to have a meal with you and chat for a bit. Would that be possible?”

Elder Brother Liao? Liao Jia?

Lu Chen raised an eyebrow, he put the phone he had just taken out back into his pocket, and said, “No problem.”

Under the guidance of this young man, Lu Chen boarded Liao Jia’s car.

Liao Jia’s vehicle is a JEEP G790 Overland Off-road vehicle, which has a rugged and solid appearance – it is a powerful vehicle. It was priced at over a million dollars.

Within the circle, Liao Jia is known for his love of making friends and traveling. It was said that he had once formed a team with friends and crossed the uninhabited areas of Xinjiang, making him a typical daredevil.

Seeing Lu Chen, the rock enthusiast asked, “Can you handle spicy food?”

Lu Chen hesitated for a moment but then nodded, “Yes!”


Liao Jia reached out and patted the crew-cut young man who had just sat in the driver’s seat. “Little Li, let’s go to Siming Street.”

He turned his head towards Lu Chen and said, “Places in the Siming Street has the most authentic taste of Sichuan cuisine. There’s a place there that serves excellent spicy crayfish. I had it once before and couldn’t forget about it. This time, I’m going to satisfy my taste buds.”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Teacher Liao, your recommendation must definitely be accurate.”

“Don’t call me Teacher…”

Liao Jia waved his hand and said, “It sounds too awkward. Just call me Elder Brother Liao.”

“Okay, Elder Brother Liao,” Lu Chen replied.

Liao Jia chuckled, “You must be wondering why I invited you to have a meal together, right?”

Lu Chen asked cautiously, “Elder Brother Liao, do you have something to tell me?”

He was indeed a bit puzzled. Initially, when they first met, Liao Jia seemed somewhat hostile towards him, but now that hostility was gone.

It seemed like he just wanted to treat him to a meal and have a chat to get to know each other.

But Lu Chen knew that things were not that simple.

Liao Jia definitely didn’t do it without reason.

Liao Jia said, “Let’s go to the Siming Street and chat while we eat!”

Ring ring~

Just as Liao Jia finished speaking, the phone in Lu Chen’s pocket suddenly started ringing!

He apologized and then took out his phone to answer the call.

“Lu Chen, where are you?”

The one who called Lu Chen was none other than Chen Feier.

Earlier, under the watchful eyes of the crowd at Flying Stone Records, the two couldn’t secretly communicate, but now their hearts are in sync.”

Lu Chen said, “I’m in the car. Liao Jia invited me to have dinner together.”

“Liao Jia?”

Chen Feier’s voice sounded strange, then she said, “Well, go ahead and eat, but remember not to drink too much.”

Lu Chen didn’t think much of it and replied, “Okay.”

After ending the call, Liao Jia suddenly asked, “Was that Chen Feier on the phone?”

Lu Chen: “Uh…”

He didn’t expect Liao Jia to guess so accurately, and even recognize her voice.

Liao Jia laughed and said, “You don’t have to hide it. Brother Tan already told me that you and Feier are dating.”

Lu Chen was speechless.

The secret relationship between him and Chen Feier was impossible to hide from everyone. Tan Hong’s relationship with Chen Feier was like that of siblings, so it was normal for him to find out some things.

But it was unusual for Tan Hong to tell Liao Jia about it.

Tan Hong is definitely not the type of person who likes to gossip.

Lu Chen vaguely understood it somewhat.

Liao Jia reached out and patted Lu Chen’s shoulder, while saying, “Lu Chen, you’re the luckiest person in this world!”

“Do you know? I’ve actually liked Feier for a long time, I’ve been pursuing her for at least ten years, but she has never regarded me as anything more than a normal friend!”(T/N – Ten Years??? I can respect the patience I guess haha.)

It turned out to be like this!

Lu Chen knew that there were many people pursuing Chen Feier. She had been involved in many rumors, although they were all untrue, it was enough to show the multitude of her suitors.

Lu Chen didn’t expect that Liao Jia was actually one of them!

Lu Chen forced a smile and said, “Can I say that I feel honored?”

Liao Jia laughed heartily, “I’m actually quite envious. Besides you, she has never dated anyone else. I asked Little Li to invite you over just to see what kind of man can capture Feier’s heart.”

His laughter carried a hint of disappointment. “In hindsight, you definitely look much more handsome than me!”

Lu Chen calmly replied, “Feier is not that superficial.”

Liao Jia’s words made Lu Chen unpleasant. What did he mean by him being much more handsome? Although it is true, it sounded as if he is a pretty boy, and it was this aspect that attracted Chen Feier.

Liao Jia chuckled, “That’s true. Your talent surpasses mine. At least I couldn’t write a song like ‘In Spring.'”

Liao Jia had written many songs, but his true classics were mostly written by others.

Lu Chen shook his head without explaining.

When two people interact, whether it’s appearance or talent, those are just external factors.

The most important thing is the mutual feelings between them.

If there was not that kind of feelings, no matter how handsome and talented Lu Chen is, he wouldn’t have been able to move Chen Feier.

However, he didn’t need to tell Liao Jia these things.

Those who understand will naturally understand, and those who don’t might never understand!

Setting aside his identity as a singer, Liao Jia is actually just an ordinary person. His joys and sorrows are no different from others.

But he did say something right.

Lu Chen is the luckiest person in this world!

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