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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 236

Chapter 236 – First kiss.

Sunset twilight, after the rain cleared.

During the peak evening rush hour, the streets of Jinling were bustling with traffic, as people were hurrying home from work.

No one noticed a bicycle speeding by on the side of the road.

The bicycle was rented from a tourist service station, with a 500-yuan deposit and a rental fee of 2 yuan per hour. The bike is stylish, of good quality, and it is possible to carry a person on the back seat, but it could only be ridden on designated bike lanes.

Due to its low cost and low risk of theft, these public bicycles were very popular among tourists.

Lu Chen pedaled the bike, carrying Chen Feier, blending in with ordinary tourists.

Chen Feier sat in the back, her skirt fluttering in the cool breeze. She held onto Lu Chen’s waist, with her head leaning against his back.

The renowned Heavenly Queen wore a veil and a pair of deep blue sunglasses that couldn’t hide her stunning beauty but were enough to prevent passersby from recognizing her true identity, allowing her to enjoy a peaceful time alone with Lu Chen.

Such moments were truly rare and as precious as gold.

During her tenth anniversary in the industry, a reporter asked Chen Feier at a commemorative event, “How long do you plan to sing?”

Chen Feier’s answer was: “For the rest of my life!”

Unlike the gradually retiring Tang Hong, she loved singing and standing under the spotlight because it was her childhood dream, one she would never easily give up.

Often, the more one gains, the more one loses. The glitz and glamor of stardom comes at the cost of their personal lives suffering.

Even though Chen Feier had learned the skill of disguising herself, she rarely had time to experience the life of an ordinary person.

Luckily, she met Lu Chen.

And her life changed.

She hugged Lu Chen tighter, suddenly feeling afraid of losing him.

Perplexed, Lu Chen asked, “Are you hungry? Let’s grab something to eat. What would you like to have?”

This time, it was their first date without anyone else accompanying them.

Chen Feier’s assistant and bodyguards didn’t follow them. On one hand, it was on her insistence, and on the other hand, Lu Chen was capable enough to protect her, so there won’t be any problems.

Moreover, the city of Jinling is very safe.

Despite that, the two still felt the thrill of secretly eloping.

After some thought, Chen Feier said, “I want to have some spicy hot pot. Do you know a place where we can get it?”

Spicy hot pot?

Of course, Lu Chen didn’t know where they could find it, but thanks to the great technology, he could simply open his phone and search for it using keywords. Soon, he found a place nearby where they could have spicy hot pot.

Following the guidance of satellite navigation, Lu Chen drove Chen Feier, and, after half an hour, they found the place.

It was an old street with food stalls lining on both sides, offering a wide variety of delicacies that overwhelmed their senses.

The street is currently crowded. The bustling crowd flowed through the narrow street. Holding Lu Chen’s arm, Chen Feier and he walked through the crowd like an ordinary couple, searching for their own delicacies amidst the various enticing aromas.

They found that highly reputable small shop and waited for more than ten minutes before getting a seat.

Chen Feier picked over ten skewers of her favorite foods: pork tenderloin, youtiao (T/N – deep-fried dough sticks), enoki mushrooms, cilantro…

Two bowls of spicy hot pot were quickly served.

The hot pot in this shop lived up to its reputation, with rich and fragrant broth and fresh and vibrant ingredients – Chen Feier enjoyed it immensely.

Surprisingly, she ate even more than Lu Chen!

After finishing the meal, it was already dark outside. So, Lu Chen took her for a walk by the river.

Because Chen Feier was stuffed, she needed to digest.

When they got tired, the two of them sat on a bench by the river and enjoyed the sparkling water in front of them.

This place was far from the bustling commercial street, although there were still pedestrians and tourists, it was undoubtedly much quieter.

There were many couples walking hand in hand here.

The air seemed to be filled with a romantic atmosphere.

Chen Feier touched her little belly and let out a soft moan, with a tired yet satisfied expression.

She looked very feminine.

Lu Chen laughed at her and said, “Why did you eat so much? Aren’t you afraid of getting a stomachache?”

Chen Feier leaned her head on his shoulder and murmured, “I was a greedy child. I used to love those skewers cooked in a pot at the school gate. Once, I spent the money meant for buying textbooks on satisfying my cravings…”

She paused, and Lu Chen couldn’t help but ask, “What happened next?”

Chen Feier said, “Then my mom gave me a beating, spanking my buttocks with a bamboo ruler. It hurt so much!”

“At that time, I was thinking, when I grow up and make money, I want to eat delicious skewers every day, for every meal!”

“But later, when I actually had money, I realized that eating too much of that kind of thing is not healthy…”

“Like spicy hot pot, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve had it.”

She squinted her eyes, recalling the past, and a sweet smile appeared on her lips, even when talking about the pain.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “If I have the chance in the future, I’ll take you out to eat again.”

Chen Feier turned her head and smiled at him, saying, “Thank you.”

She laughed happily, and her smile, illuminated by the light of the roadside lamps, had a breathtaking beauty.

She firmly captivated Lu Chen’s gaze.

Lu Chen gazed at the beauty in front of him, and he couldn’t resist the impulse in his heart. He reached out and took off the sunglasses she was wearing, then lowered his head and passionately kissed her red lips.

Chen Feier’s lips were soft and fragrant, with an indescribable sweetness.

The Queen of the music industry widened her eyes and instinctively leaned back, but she couldn’t escape.

She weakly let out a soft moan and closed her eyes, allowing Lu Chen’s affectionate touch.

This was their first kiss.

After a long time, Lu Chen reluctantly pulled away because Chen Feier was almost out of breath.

She leaned against Lu Chen’s chest, closed her eyes, and breathed softly.

One could not realize how attractive that was.

Chen Feier opened her eyes again, and a blush appeared on her delicate face.

Suddenly, she stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Lu Chen’s neck, taking the initiative to give him a sweet kiss, as if she wanted to merge herself into Lu Chen’s body, so passionately that it could melt him.

This kiss lasted even longer!

The uncertainty in Lu Chen’s heart vanished, and he immersed himself in the gentle enjoyment.

That was until the sound of a car horn sounded not far away, waking the two of them up.

Chen Feier released Lu Chen with an embarrassment, and she stood up, while saying, “Let’s go.”

This was how the so-called bottom line was being breached step by step.

There was nothing she could do to stop it either.

She just couldn’t go any further, otherwise, something really serious might happen.

Lu Chen felt a bit regretful but still said, “Okay, let’s go back to the hotel.”

Naturally, he was holding Chen Feier’s hand and felt extremely content.

Chen Feier allowed him to lead her and she whispered, “This was my first kiss. But it was not yours, right?”

Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

On this topic, he truly had nothing to say.


On the second day, the production team of the drama “Autumn in My Heart” held a opening ceremony at Jinling Film and Television City.

The opening ceremony was not very grand, but because Chen Feier was the lead actress, there were many media reporters present, and it almost turned into a press conference.

The focus of the reporters’ attention was naturally on Chen Feier.

Chen Feier was in a great mental state today, with a radiant smile in her eyes, shining brightly. It’s unknown how many camera shutters she had triggered, capturing the attention of the audience.

In the face of the reporters’ inquiries, she responded confidently.

A journalist from “Entertainment Weekly” asked, “Chen Feier, may I ask if you took on the role of the female lead in this TV drama because of your relationship with Lu Chen? Are you two dating?”

This question was probably on the minds of all the reporters.

It was widely recognized that Lu Chen and Chen Feier have a good relationship. They had even been involved in dating rumors before, although both of them denied any romantic involvement. However, their collaboration this time inevitably sparked speculation.

Chen Feier smiled and pulled Lu Chen, who was standing next to her, closer, embracing him intimately. She said, “Lu Chen and I are good friends. As for dating…”

She turned her head and asked Lu Chen, who was in a dilemma, “Have you pursued me?”

After thinking for a moment, Lu Chen replied earnestly, “Let me give it a try.”

Chen Feier laughed.

As they sang and played off each other, they skillfully avoided the topic.

The more one conceals, the more others speculate and fabricate. On the contrary, by being candid and ambiguous, it becomes difficult for others to figure out the truth. This is what they call the art of appearing true when false and false when true!

After laughing, Chen Feier said, “In fact, after reading the script, I took the initiative to ask Lu Chen to let me play the female lead in this TV drama because I really liked the Yin Enxi as a character. I felt it was a really challenging role.”

Chen Feier wasn’t afraid to reveal more: “In the drama, I play Yin Enxi, who is the younger sister of Yin Junxi played by Lu Chen!”

She is actually several years older than Lu Chen.

But Chen Feier has never been shy about discussing her age, so she preemptively revealed it without waiting for the journalists to ask that.

Another journalist asked, “Mr. Lu Chen, you have acting scenes with Chen Feier. How are you feel about that?”

Lu Chen replied, “I don’t feel anything because we haven’t started filming yet!”

The journalist pressed on, “Do you feel any pressure then?”

Lu Chen answered, “I didn’t feel any before, but now that you asked, I suddenly do.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Lu Chen answered that skillfully, leaving no room for the journalists to exploit or find loopholes.

A reporter then asked Chen Feier again, “When will your new album be released?”

Chen Feier replied, “Probably next month. Additionally, I will also sing the theme song for this TV drama. It might be included in the new album. In any case, it will definitely be a surprise for everyone!”

In the opening ceremony, only the first half hour was for the actual ceremony process, while the rest almost entirely turned into Chen Feier’s personal interview, and even Lu Chen managed to get only a few questions.

But nobody felt that there was anything wrong with it, bluntly speaking, the reason why “Autumn in My Heart” could receive such great attention is at least 90% contributed by Chen Feier!

After the opening ceremony, “Autumn in My Heart” officially entered the filming stage.

However, Lu Chen and Chen Feier did not participate in the shooting because they didn’t have any scenes in the first two episodes and didn’t need to stay here.

Most importantly, the two needed to return to the Capital City to participate in a very important event.

That event is the filming of the charity advertisement “Dedication of Love” by the Yan Huang Charity Association!

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