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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Oni Extermination 5

I guess it was still too heavy, so my dad put the sword in the scabbard and left it to the Komainu.

I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, but his left arm may have been broken. He frowned every time he moved his body.

Should I praise him or worry about his injury?

As I rushed to my father’s side, I was at a loss for what to say to him, until Momi-san appeared from behind me and spoke to me in a very light-hearted manner.

The sound of applause echoed through the rather quiet training grounds.

“You finally did it! Congratulations. By the way, your trump card this time was much more bold than usual. It’s not common even for the National Onmyoji Unit to build a formation of this scale.”

“I didn’t think I could win if I didn’t do this much.”

What, you’re not worried about being injured?

No, well, I’m surprised too, because I’ve never seen a formation larger than the Tenkyo-jin.

I don’t think two weeks is even remotely enough time to build something like that.

They must have been planning it for a long time.

It would be a pity to keep my father, who had just gone through a deadly battle, at the training ground forever. We were once again picked up by the Tonobe family and driven back to the building where we had first stopped.

There, apparently, is a doctor who has served the Samurai family for a long time.

“Why didn’t you do that attack right from the start?”

“To replicate the same process, I’ve done, and to catch it off guard, the last attack had to be a sure-fire hit.”

“‘I’ve done this dozens of times already. The Oni must have been thinking like, ‘Oh, it’s the same old thing again.’ It even learned a few tricks, like detecting our gazes.'”

“‘I’ve been aware of this for three years now. Hence, the second time the Bakusa-jin buried it in the ground with the Paper Drooping Chain Formation Bakusajin .”

Did my father, who was the one actually fighting, notice it before Momi-san, who was watching from the sidelines?

He took advantage of this to make the Oni even more careless, according to him.

He carved a formation on a wooden board, put spiritual power into it beforehand, and buried it in the ground to set up a trap that only the father knew about. If you want to fool your enemies, start with your allies.

While I, a combat novice, was impressed, Momi-san muttered to himself as he was driving.

“But, well, as far as I’m concerned, the initial restraints were enough to create a viable opening.”


Hey Dad, why don’t you argue there.

Blessed tools are expensive, right?

You won’t tell me the second one was a waste or something?

“Well, I’m glad, you know that, right? If you broke your arm, you’d have to take some time off work. Normally, you would have given up sooner than that, but you got a little carried away, didn’t you?”

“Goken-sama has given us permission to do this. Thankfully, he has agreed to pay me 50% of my salary during my recuperation as part of my skill development.”

So it’s not the full amount.

Well, thank goodness they provide a salary to employees who have been injured on their own because of the House’s traditions.

Momi-san continued to talk to my father as if he was making fun of him.

Looking at my father sitting next to me, I saw that he looked pale. He might be more badly injured than I thought.

I felt that he was returning to the building slower than he had been on the way back.

He got out of the car and moved his body slowly, stepping on the ground step by step as he carefully made his way to the doctor’s office.

I was about to go inside when Momi-san stopped me.

“Don’t worry so much. We’ll wait for him at the entrance.”

Of course, it is normal to be concerned.

How could anyone be so calm with a family member about to collapse next to him or her?

How many facilities are there in this building, which is not even a medical facility?

Can they heal my dad’s injuries?

“He must have been distracted and started to ache. He was able to talk, he’s not going to die.”

“Shouldn’t we take him to a bigger hospital?”

“What are you talking about? The Goken family has the best doctors in Japan. The rich people are always eager to have them treated here.”


Although I thought it looked comforting, but Momi-san doesn’t look like he’s lying.

What can I say, today is one of those days where there is so much unknown stuff going on.

“Seibo, you wait here. I’m going to make a few phone calls.

Momi-san says so and moves to the corner of the entrance with a smartphone in his hand.

I wonder if he’s going to make a report to his family about his return.

I wonder when my dad’s treatment will be finished, the waiting is frustrating.

An hour passed while I talked with Momi-san, who returned a short while later.

Footsteps echoed in the quiet entrance.

I looked down the hallway leading to the doctor’s office and saw my father walking with steady steps.

“Dad, are you okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine.”

Liar, you were drenched in a greasy sweat just a few minutes ago.

But now my father shows no signs of injuries except for his left arm being in a cast.

I wonder what kind of treatment he received in the last hour.

“I guess you were hurt more seriously than I thought. You’ll have to stay put for a while.”

“Sensei and Goken-sama gave me the same words.”

While we were still waiting, Goken-sama went out of his way to come and see us.

After all, it seems that my father is respected here.

Perhaps the tools that received blessings came from the hands of my father’s employer.

What was surprising here was Momi-san’s reaction.

I had expected him to pat me on the head and say, “See, everything’s fine, isn’t it?”, but instead, he was staring at my father’s plaster cast with a furrowed brow.

As far as I’m concerned, it would be more of a miracle if I only broke one arm after being hit by that Oni. Plus, there was also a sound that shouldn’t have come from the human body.

I asked him about it in the car as we drove home.

He said that the reason my father did not die from the oni’s blow was because of the amulet Momi-san had prepared for him.

It is one of the Tonobe family’s secret heritages designed to absorb physical shocks.

Tonobe family does not make these amulets for anyone other than their own family members because of the risk of technological leaks, as well as the loss of potential profit.

“Sigh, I thought it was a masterpiece. I didn’t expect to be penetrated so easily.”

“Thanks for saving my life. I’m grateful.”

It seems that the Kyobe family is blessed with a good friends, whether it is the Tonobe family or the Goken family.

“But I can’t help you for the next one with a amulet, though. Good luck.”


Once I got out of the car with Momi-san’s meaningful words behind me, I realized that I was at home.

So many things have happened today.

Even though it’s not even sunset yet, I feel like going to bed.

“”I’m home””

“Welcome home.”

When we pass through the front door, we are greeted as usual by mom.

I wonder if Yuya is taking a nap after a long day of playing.

“You must be tired. I’ve boiled some water so I can wipe your sweat off.”

“…… Oh, please.”

Huh? This, if you will, is …….

This situation where mother, who must not have known what dad was going to do today, is not surprised by the cast and is well prepared to greet us: …….

Mother is wearing the same smile as usual, but I can clearly see the intense emotions that are being conveyed by her.

My dad’s third round is starting.

…… Please, please, please don’t divorce him…

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