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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Threat Level

“Have the kids gone to bed?”

“Yes, they are sound asleep. I think they’re tired from all the excitement.”

That evening after the picnic and work at the Tenhyo-jin, the couple was relaxing in the living room.

The husband was reading the news on his tablet when the wife came back from the bedroom and leaned against him.

Her large breasts, which would make any man look twice, were pressed against the husband’s arm, and the serious expression on the wife’s face became even more intense.

“What were you looking at?”

“Nn…… I heard that there was a Yokai with a Threat Level of just Under 5 in the Tohoku area.”

Tsuyoshi suppressed his sexual desire and calmly handed the tablet to his wife.

Reika received the tablet and her eyes widened when she heard the indecator of Under 5.

“There must have been a great deal of damage.”

“No. If you read till the end, you’ll see that the Shiosa family seems to have exterminated them.”

And that in just 30 minutes.

The fact that only one family was able to quickly resolve a disaster-class outbreak of Yokai is astonishing.

“Oh my God, ……, if I remember correctly, the Under 5 Level Yōkai  were the ones that were dealt with by all the Onmyou in the region, weren’t they?”

“Oh, you sure do know it well.”

“I learned it from the Saint and Onmyoji channel.”

This indicator of the Threat Level of a Yokai represents an intensity similar to that of an earthquake.

1: Harmless. They look like a mere shadow.

2: A small fry that can only play tricks on people.

3: A Yōkai with some power to create a Poltergeist. Onmyoji can deal with them alone.

4: A Yōkai that can cause damage on a regional scale. It is best if several houses cooperate to safely exterminate them. In some cases, national authorities will deal with the problem.

Lower 5: The mere presence of a Yokai is enough to make people in the vicinity feel unwell. This is a disaster class Yokai that requires the mobilization of all houses in the community to deal with. State agencies will intervene.

Upper 5: When a Yokai appears, there are deaths. Only Onmyoji with high spiritual power can confront it. Endure until the National Onmyoji Forces arrive.

Lower 6: A complete disaster. Human lives are threatened in a wide area. Onmyoji in the vicinity will be obliged to deal with the situation. Any more than this and you will have to engage in a nation-wide battle.

Upper 6: An ordinary Onmyoji cannot even come close to it. A monster of historical significance. Cooperation will be requested from other countries.

7: An enemy of mankind. An existence that must be dealt with beyond the borders of a nation.

This indicator was created because Yōkai take a thousand different forms and each has a different level of strength.

The Under 5 Level Yōkai  that appeared in Tohoku are in a very strong category.

They are powerful Yōkai that may or may not appear once every few years.

“There are some very strong Onmyoji.”

“The Shiosa family is special. They are famous for being the most powerful Onmyoji family in Japan.”

And the cost of that strength is also well-known.

“But even Saint is not losing. He studies every day watching Onmyoji Channel, and he overcame the Awakening Spirit.”

“I agree. At least he has more qualities than I do.”

When Saint said he could see the spirits clearly, Tsuyoshi was surprised.

He could only see a thinly veiled human figure, but its outline was blurred. His first encounter with an obviously non-human entity, he had expected to be asked the question, “What is that?” when he arrived at Amahashi Lakeside Park.

But when he didn’t ask him that question, and instead he asked him, “Were all the people around you ghosts?” He was wondering if that was the case. By that, he meant that Saint could see them as clearly as he could see human beings. This is proof that, as an Onmyoji, he has superior sensory perception, which is the second most important aspect of spirituality.

He could clearly see the light of the Tenkyo-jin, and compared to when he was a child, he was much more gifted.

“By the way, Saint asked you a question, and I am curious about the answer. When you teach Saint, I hope you will teach me too.”

He wanted to nod in a cool way at the request of his wife, who appreciated his work, but to his chagrin, he could only nod vaguely.

This is because he does not really understand the flow of spiritual power.

He understood the meaning of the words written on the talismans, but he could not remember how they supplied spiritual power to the formation without looking at the instruction manual that had been handed down in the family.

Tsuyoshi’s ability to vaguely see the spirit is superior to other Onmyoji in terms of sensory perception. He was able to grasp most of what he had learned through his senses, and if he could use the tools, he could do the work.

Above all, the summoning technique, which is the pride of the Kyobe family, is not at all logical.

It has been handed down as a sensory thing since the time of the first ancestors, and the family has been using the inherited summoning technique with great care.

Since the transmission of techniques is direct practical instruction, there is no problem even if the people do not particularly understand the logic of the techniques.

The truth is that at the time he put off answering the question with the excuse that he was tired, but in reality he was just dodging the question because he couldn’t explain it.

“……I really need to relearn some things too.”

“Will you begin teaching Saint?”

The wife asked a slightly off-kilter question to her husband’s wordy monologue.

Reika knows that her son is interested in Onmyoji, so she asked the question in the hope that he would start teaching him.

“…… Yeah, I’d have no problem teaching him the basics at ……. Or no, that one would be dangerous. If it’s a talisman, if we make a practice one, it’s like …… there was an instructional book for teaching…….”


Reika’s heart warmed when she saw her husband pondering over their son’s education plan.

Recalling the first time she met Tsuyoshi that day, when he treated her with a cold attitude, his serious consideration for the child born between them seems like a miracle.

“What is it?”

“No, nothing. I’ll help you too, and we’ll work on it together.”

“Ah. Sorry for the hassle.”

“Please don’t say that. As I said at the time, I would do anything to make you smile. Don’t hesitate to ask me to spoil you.”

This line gives us a good idea of which one of them made the attack before the marriage.

Surprisingly for Saint, it was Reika’s fierce attack that broke his father’s fortitude.

“I feel shameful as a man, so please don’t go any further.”

“That kind of thinking is outdated in this genderless age.”

A small laugh echoed through the living room.

The two quietly cuddle together and spend a fleeting moment as husband and wife.


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