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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Tenkyo-jin ②

The fucking father lifts me up, we get in the boat and we move to the center of the lake.

“Something’s glowing. Is that the Tenkyo-jin?”

“That is the center of the Tenkyo-jin. The Tenkyo-jin itself is built over the entire lake. At each apex of the pentagram, there is salt for purification and a talismann for filling, which is activated by pouring spiritual power into the central talisman.

My shitty father who becomes instantly talkative when it comes to Onmyoji.

He has a similar personality to me in my previous life. How could he marry my mother with this kind of personality?

“Don’t you have to go put down the purifying salt?”

“I had it ready yesterday. All that’s left is to finish it up.”

I would like to know from the preparation stage if possible.

I’m excited by the scale of the project, like building a formation around the entire lake.

I wonder if one day I will be able to build such a huge formation.

The next thing I knew, the boat with us on board was plunging into the light, and we were surrounded by the light rising from the bottom of the water.

I looked around restlessly at the fantastic sight.

My father, who was sitting across from me, stood up. He seemed stable even though he was on a boat. I wonder if he might be a thin macho man.

“I have hidden the central talisman so that it cannot be destroyed by outsiders or insolent people. –I am one of the Onmyoji who protect this land and build a bridge to the spirits who remain in this world.”

Chanting like an incantation, the fucking father suddenly started shubba-ba-ba-ba-ba-baing his hands.

That’s a seal! He’s making a seal!

Wow, is that a seal? I guess a veteran of the Onmyoji job has a better grasp of the craft.

Although the term “in” is best known from the very popular ninja manga, in reality it is a means of mental unification that originated in Shingon esoteric Buddhism. It was intended to increase concentration and prepare for battle.(T/N – I am not 100% sure this sentence is correctly translated)

Its effectiveness has been proven in the modern Kraepelin test, and it is said to put the mind in a state of concentration while the body remains calm.*

So far is the intro section of the Onmyoji Channel.

Beyond this point, there was a typical explanation of the Onmyoujis.

It is natural that they have the same effect as ordinary people, but in the case of Onmyoji, it is said that they work to change the flow of spiritual power.

Spiritual power circulates in the body like blood, and moving it around has various effects.

For example, by creating a specific kind of spiritual power, as my fucking father is doing right now, he can release a seal. It is used like a key.

What the hell is spiritual power, now that you mention it? It’s too useful.

The seals demonstrated on the Onmyoji channel were only a few simple ones that even a child could do, and they were deliberately chosen so as not to generate any effect.

So I only knew of three seals, and they didn’t change the movement of spiritual power in the slightest.

It is very interesting to see how the father changes his hands one after another.

As I stare at him, he suddenly stops moving his hands.

Then, a talisman suddenly appears in the empty space in front of him.

“It’s unlocked.”


What is this, a magic trick? No, it’s onmyojutsu!

I’ve only seen it on the screen all my life, but now I’m finally witnessing it!

What the hell just happened? Did the flow of my father’s spiritual power change?

Damn, it’s too bad I can’t visualize spiritual power other than my own.

“Is this amazing?”


Because magical phenomena that only existed in fantasy are now happening in reality. How could I not be excited?

And the fact that I will eventually be able to do the same thing makes my heart swell with anticipation.

“I see…….”

The asshole father looks happy to be able to look cool in front of his son. After a few moments of my sparkling gaze, he takes the talisman floating in front of him and starts to meditate.

“What are you doing?”


There is no reply.

It’s not that he is ignoring me, it’s that he is so focused that he can’t seem to hear me.

I remembered what I had learned on the Onmyoji Channel, that they seemed to be putting spiritual power into the talismans.

According to the explanation I heard later, the talismans with intricate patterns on them had the function of supplying energy to the formation, and the formation was activated through talismans.

Then, after a good half hour, the entire lake begins to glow, and the damn father’s eyelids slowly rise.

“Send down from Heaven a helping hand to the souls bound to the earth. Show us a new path to the wretched children who are trapped in filth. Now, with my spiritual power as my sustenance, let me launch the Tenkyo-jin.”

With these words, as if declaring to someone, the Tenkyo-jin shines brightly and strongly.

Then, as if being sucked into a black hole, the specters around the lake were drawn into the water.

Like mysterious creatures, their outlines became dim and they ascended to the Heavens, trailing a tail of particles.

The bands of light converged at the center of the lake, forming a pillar of light.

What a fantastic sight!

Soon all the people disappeared into the sky and so did the pillar of light.

At the same time, talisman that the damn father was holding also disappeared without warning, just as it had appeared.

“Phew …… this is the end of my work. Let’s head back.”

I was so taken by the fantastic sight that I couldn’t get over the aftermath until we reached the shore.

When my asshole father pulled me by the hand back to the picnic seat, my mother greeted me.

“Thank you for your hard work. Have a cup of tea and take a break.”

The shithead father has been walking back here with a steady gait, but if you look closely, he looks quite fatigued. Even though he already looks old, his cheeks are hollowed out and he has gone from looking like a man of the cloth to that of a hobo.

It seems that the Tenkyo-jin consumes more spiritual power than I had imagined.

I guess it is necessary to increase the maximum spiritual power by absorbing mysterious creatures.

“How was it to see your father’s work up close, Saint? Wasn’t he cool?”

The mother’s face was very proud as she asked me this.

I see, this couple, whose face deviation is out of proportion to each other, must have earned their good impression in this way.

If I become a professional Onmyoji, I might naturally become popular.

“Normally, father would do the work of three people all by himself.”

One person doing three people’s work?

That must be exhausting.

He is an enviable man sleeping on my mother’s lap, but that’s how much work he had to do.

I guessed that a good night’s sleep had restored his spiritual energy, and he was drinking his tea with a better face than before.

I asked him what I had wanted to ask him for a long time.

“Were all those people around you really ghosts?”

The people I thought were related to Onmyoji were ascended to heaven by the Tenkyo-jin. In other words, they were human souls, not people.

In a previous life, it would have been a frightening experience to experience ghostly phenomena. However, strangely enough, I was not very shaken, and I felt more like being content with the situation.

According to my asshole father, people who have the gift of Onmyoji have the ability to see souls and ghosts. This is what is commonly referred to as spiritual sense.

Powerful Yōkai and beings with a strong connection to this world can be seen by ordinary people, but not the weaker ones, only Onmyoji can see them.

There are ways around this, such as photographing through a lens or being on a spiritual vein.

“This place is on a spiritual vein. Even Reika can see it if she wears glasses. It would have been natural for Saint to be able to see it…….”

“The fact that you can see things so clearly at your age means that you are naturally gifted! It means that Saint is very great.”

Then my mother hugs me.

She is more pleased than I am that I have the gift of Onmyoji.

Well, it’s no surprise …… that I saw ghosts, so I didn’t instinctively feel scared……

“Hey, tell me more.”

How does spiritual power move from talisman to formation, how does spiritual power work, what happens to spirits who ascend to Heaven, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I asked a lot of questions but was told “I’m tired, maybe next time”……

Such an awesome job coming on a rotating basis, I knew the world of Onmyoji was interesting!

I want to learn more about onmyojutsu and see more of our family’s summoning techniques than I ever have before.

Today’s visit to a workplace has aroused my Onmyoji fever even more.

A/N – Thanks to your support, this work was able to be included in the Rofan daily ranking.

Thank you so much!

I will continue to write the rest of the story with this joy.

*Kraepelin test


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