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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Results of the MC

The seasons have changed again since that day when we went out for a picnic, and summer has arrived with the sun shining brightly.

While my younger brother is growing up rapidly, I am still absorbing mysterious creatures and refining my spiritual power.

I have not been able to find a method of lacquer refining, and I cannot deny the feeling of stagnation.

Then one day, a big change came.

“Today I will start teaching the art of Onmyo.”

It was announced abruptly at the morning table.

I was eating a sandwich and it took me only a few moments to understand the meaning of the words.

I swallowed the bread I was chewing and was finally able to respond when I saw the serious eyes of my asshole father staring straight at me.

“You’re going to teach me?!”

“…… Oh, we’ll start with the easy ones. Once you’ve mastered all of them, you will eventually inherit the summoning line of the Kyobe family.”

At long last, at long last, I get to learn the onmyojutsu of the Kyobe family!

Although I had learned some common sense in the Onmyoji Channel about the Onmyoji community, I had no practical knowledge of the Onmyoji like I learned during my visit to the Tenbashi-jin.

My training to become a professional Onmyoji was also in a state of exploration. However, that will end today. From now on, I am sure that I will be able to train further based on correct knowledge.

“Thank you very much for your help!”


My shitty father, getting pushed away by my enthusiasm.

Hey, come on, you should be praising your child’s enthusiasm to take on the responsibility of the next generation of the Kyobe family.

Well, I don’t care about that.

Come on, come on, come on, tell me!

I put breakfast away quickly and followed my asshole of a father.

There I found myself in a courtyard that was completely enclosed. The courtyard, which would have been beautifully landscaped in the past, was now nothing but a lonely clothes-drying pole.

“Whenever you practice onmyojutsu , you must do it here. Only when it is raining will you be allowed to practice in the bedroom.”


I see, so you’re choosing to designate a secluded place for secrecy purposes.


“The first thing I’m going to teach you is the basics of the onmyojutsu, which I also learned first–spiritual infusion.”


I started to get excited a while ago and I can’t help it.

This feeling of wanting to know something and not being able to wait is the first time in my life, including my previous life.

“…… Mm. Then, try to pour the spiritual power in your body into this talisman. It has a pattern on it so that it will glow if the spiritual power is poured in correctly.

He handed me a piece of Japanese paper with a mysterious pattern on it.

The non-Japanese characters were drawn in a series of circles and lines. It was the same as the ones I had seen on the Onmyoji Channel and at the Tenkyo-jin, but I guess the contents were different.

I will have to practice by copying them into my free-form book next time.

“First of all, spiritual power is a power that we Onmyoji are born with. People like Reika and Yuya, who were not blessed with the qualities of Onmyoji, do not have spiritual power. This spiritual power is what makes the art of Onmyo–”

“Dad, I already know that. It was explained on the Onmyoji channel.

“…… I see. The infusion of spiritual power into the talisman is the process of transferring spiritual power from the inside of the body to the outside of the body. It is done with the image of being conscious of the spiritual power inside the body and pouring it into the talismans. At first, you will not be able to feel it at all, and it will seem boring. However, if you practice daily without giving up, you will feel the spiritual power flowing naturally from your palm to the tags. This practice is the foundation and the essence of onmyojutsu. Keep persevering every day…”

It glowed.

It was easier than I had expected.

I mean, it was a natural task for me, who feeds the spirit animal’s egg every day without fail.

That is the very act of releasing spiritual power out of the body.

I tried it during my father’s explanation, and it glowed.

Even his smug face was shaken up by this.

“…… you’ve been practicing?”

“…… Nah. I just did what father told me to do and I was able to do it.”

“…… I see.”

The fucking father shut his mouth there.

I thought I was being unreasonable, but the asshole father was convinced by my lies.

I was in no hurry to see what would happen if he pursued the matter.

Unable to hide his surprise, the asshole father said, “Wait a minute,” and began reading the tattered book in his hand.

If you steal a glance at the title on the spine, it reads, “The Kyobe Family’s Onmyojutsu Instruction Manual”.

Perhaps this book contains instructions on how to train an Onmyoji student to become a successful Onmyoji.

The bastard father’s plan would have been to give me tips on how to infuse spiritual power, and the rest would be self-practice. He said it was going to take at least a few weeks.

He must not have thought it would be a one-shot success.

He’s wondering what to do next.

“Okay, now that you can put spiritual power into a talisman, let it float away.”

“…… how do you do that?”

When I heard about flying talisman, I thought of the method of lifting talismans into the air with tentacles.

But by all accounts, this is not the way to do it. I have never seen my father use his tentacles.

I should be taught how to do it properly.

“Didn’t you see this on the Onmyoji channel?”

“I did, but they didn’t give me any easy-to-understand tips like father did.”

Brother Shimabane also told us that if we put our spiritual power into it, we could manipulate the talismans.

That was the only explanation, and after that, the plan was just to send the talismans whizzing by.

Now that I think about it, that was probably just a bait to make us work harder in the painful training of infusing spiritual power. If you do your best in the training, you will be able to play with flying talismans.

“So ……. The spiritual power released out of the body is the same as a part of your own body. If it is a minor talisman, you can move it freely by feeding off the separated spiritual power. Even if it is in the air.”

“Is it something that can be moved?”

I half-heartedly tried to move the taliman I had poured spiritual power into.

Hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmm…

It was surprisingly unresponsive.

I don’t think I can do it as well as the first time I tried to move the spiritual power inside my body.

“This is how you do it.”

The asshole father flew a talisman and demonstrated it.

From the talismans flying through the air in all directions, more so than a drone, it looked as easy as moving a part of your own body, just as the asshole father said.

“Huh. You may do this exercise at ……. When you can move it as well as I just showed you, we can move on to the next course.”

After saying that, the fucking father heads off to work.

Toward the end, he seemed somewhat relieved.

He was confused because his plan had gone awry right from the start, so I guess that’s how he should have reacted. Will it be…….?

“Shouldn’t he be happy his son is so good? Oh, if I’ m going to be a celebrity, I should have an anecdote. Interview my parents and answer something like ‘I was dealing with spiritual power before I had any teaching’ or something like that. …… hmmm.”

As I was pondering my bright future, I heard a voice from around the corner.

“It’s this way. Good luck, Yuya!”

“Mamma~, ehihihihi.”

It was my little brother, Yuya, who appeared with a cute voice.

Yuya has finally learned to walk.

It is so funny to see him waddling toward our mother like this.

“Well done! Yuya can walk so well now. Look, there’s your big brother.”


“Yuya, you’re doing great. Good job!”

Yuya, who was being carried by mother, reached out his hand toward me.

I take his hand and pat his head with my free hand.

I felt my cheeks relax when I heard him call me “Nii” before “Papa”.

I had never known that a little brother could be so cute. I should have told my parents in my previous life that I wanted a brother.

“Has your father left for work yet?”

“Yeah, he’s done his assignment then left.”

As I was playing with Yuya, mother scurried around and asked me about it.

When I showed her the talisman given to me by the asshole father, she tilted her head with a cute little smile, not like a mother of two.

“Have you finished with learning the spiritual infusion yet? I was told it would take some time to get the hang of it.”

The mother seemed a bit disappointed, as she wanted to observe the teaching session with my asshole father and me.

“I was able to do the spiritual infusion right away. Now he told me to practice flying the talismans.”

“What? Are you finished already, really? I was told it would take six months at the earliest, a year at the most. ……”

I took the opportunity to brag about it, and to my mother’s surprise, she was amazed.

And I was surprised too. The spiritual infusion was supposed to take six months to a year.

That’s right, even my father was upset.

“Well, well, well, well, Saint is a genius after all! As expected of Mr. Tsuyoshi’s child!”


I was caught in the arm opposite the one holding Yuya, and I was forced to dive into my mother’s ample breasts.

I should have been proud of myself, but mother was much more pleased than I was. Her overflowing feelings of joy were expressed in the form of stroking my head.

“Hah …… sorry for interrupting your training. We’ll be in the living room, so keep up the good work.”

She stroked me until she was satisfied and finally released me with a kiss on the cheek.

I was left alone in the hallway facing the courtyard, basking in the afterglow.

I had worked hard to become a professional Onmyoji.

I had fought mysterious creatures, refined my spiritual power, improved my tentacles, searched for missing mysterious creatures, and watched the Ommyoji channel intently.

All this time I had no idea how much significance all these things had. In fact, there were nights when I worried that everything I was doing was meaningless.

However, seeing my mother’s happy face made me feel as if all my efforts had been rewarded.

It was worth fighting the irregularities if we consider that the deadly battles with the irregularities accelerated the acquisition of skills that would have taken a year to acquire.

If I keep up the good work, becoming a top Onmyoji might become a reality.

“Okay! Let’s practice flying the talismans.”

Thus, with renewed energy, I tackled my first onmyojutsu assignment.


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