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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Park

Another month has passed since my little brother was born.

The baby has grown so fast that he can sit up in just six months.

He seems to recognize me as family, and the way he innocently grabs my nose is adorable.

While we’re bonding as a family, I’m also growing.

My spiritual power as well as my refining speed has increased. I have now gathered so much that I don’t mind wasting some of my precious spiritual elements.

Still, I don’t know how much spiritual elements I will use for onmyojutsu. I am still refining as hard as I can so that I can increase my future cards as much as possible.

Hmm, here we go again.

I immediately captured the mysterious creature I detected with my tentacles.

The creature was after my younger brother, Yuya.

It tried to crawl up to the mouth of my sleeping brother, but it was caught by my webbed tentacles.

I am not at all caught off guard or unprepared.

It seems that my brother has no Onmyoji talent at all, so to speak, he has the same body as I did in my previous life.

He can’t see mysterious creatures, he can’t manipulate spiritual power, and spiritual power doesn’t exist in his body to begin with.

Therefore, if the creature attacks him, he will be defeated.

I can’t allow my brother to be taken over by the mysterious creature.

I was protecting my brother with traps 24 hours a day.

But then I am wondering what has been done so far when a child is born without the gift of Onmyoji.

This house is obviously a hangout for mysterious creatures.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t get rid of them, and before we know it, they are approaching the baby’s mouth.

If the average person’s body cannot stand up to the mysterious creatures, they will take over in no time and will not survive till adulthood.

Even I would have given up on this task if I couldn’t extend the tentacles’ range of motion from one end of the house to the other.

Maybe adults who cannot recognize the mysterious creature think the child died suddenly.

It seems to happen rather often in modern Japan, so maybe the mysterious creatures are the cause.

“Yuya just went to bed, let’s go for a little walk together.”

From time to time, the mother would make these suggestions.

According to a child-rearing magazine in the living room, “The birth of a younger brother makes the older brother lonely because he is no longer left alone with you. So, let’s give him some time alone with you, even if it’s just for a short time, and give him some love and affection.”

Don’t worry, I feel more than enough affection.

Rather, if I leave Yuya too much now, I will not be able to protect him.

“When Yuya wakes up, let’s go together.”

“You are a good brother who loves his little brother. It’s okay to be selfish once in a while.”

The mother hugs me from behind saying so.

Her large breasts are touching the back of my head, but I do not feel any erotic feelings at all; I am simply enveloped in a sense of security.

Silence fills the room, and only the sound of Mother’s heartbeat can be heard.

This kind of peaceful time is only available now. You will never experience it again when you grow up.

Perhaps the normies are still enjoying it when they grow up? No, no, no. Even the normies can’t escape from their work, their challenges, their worries, and so on.

The time we have now, when we are completely free from such ties, is irreplaceable.

I wish this time could last forever.

“Well then, let’s take a walk when Yuya wakes up. Until then, your mother will be cleaning up.”

The warmth of my mother is leaving me.

It’s a pity, but I know very well that this kind of time won’t last forever.

I must do my best to achieve a better future, even if only a little, by the time I am on my own.

“What should I do?”

Truth be told, I was stuck on spiritual refining.

It took me several months to find Dai-ichi Roku refinement, but I still had some semblance of a response in the process of searching for it.

However, there was no response at all for Daijirushi shichi refinement.

I have been trying to find the Dai Riku refinement spiritual element, but everything is spinning out of control. There was no clear vision for the next step.

“In the first place, if you don’t practice onmyoujutsu, you won’t know how wonderful it is.”

I have been watching the Onmyouji channel for about half a year now and have acquired some basic knowledge.

However, I have not learned anything about onmyoujutsu, which is my main mission.

That’s right, because every family keeps their onmyoujutsu a secret.

Even on the Onmyouji channel, all that was taught was the knowledge that everyone knew. This included the birth ceremony and the spirit of awakening.

However, the fact that the spirit of awakening is not black, the wording of the celebration is different, and there are many other differences makes me think that each house has its own twist on it.

In the end, all of this is a half-baked knowledge.

Recently, I have been refining the Daiji Riku all the time I am awake, and I have accumulated enough for one tentacle. I would like to find out how powerful it will be in the onmyoujutsu that has been handed down in my family, and whether the refining itself is meaningful in the first place.

Well, the spiritual element of the first refinement protected me from irregularities, so I guess it is not meaningless.


“Are you ready? Let’s go for a walk with your brother.”

Time passed quickly as I was refining and my brother woke up.

If I pat him on the head, he gives me a cute smile that almost has a “nip” sound effect.

He knows I am his big brother.


When I held his finger as he tried to grab it, he was so happy and innocent.

He is so cute.

When I see my little brother in front of me, the only adjective that comes to mind is “adorable.

“Yuya’s awake, isn’t he? Well then, let’s take a walk to the park.”

Going outside with the mother.

There is a park at a good distance for a one-year-old to take a walk.

Yuya is on the road in a stroller.

This stroller was bought after Yuya was born, and I have never used it.

I realized after Yuya was born that I had not been out of the house as far as I was concerned from birth to this age.

Normally, one would take a baby outside to show him the outside scenery, to stimulate him, and to promote his physical growth. In fact, Yuya often goes for a walk. I, on the other hand, stayed indoors until I turned one and they brought me outside only for regular checkups or when it was impossible to leave without me.

They even bought their groceries at the supermarket’s online store and had them delivered to me.

I wonder if there is a reason for this thoroughness.

Ordinary people and Onmyoji.

I have experienced both, and all I know is that either they have spiritual power or they don’t.

I wonder how such a difference can arise, even though they are supposed to be exactly the same in terms of living beings.

“Come on, Saint, you can go play.”


There were quite a few first-timers at the park we came to.

It was Sunday.

Many parents probably take their children out for the weekend.

The mother was quite sociable and quickly formed a group of good friends.

The wives in the group are kind of elegant, and many of them have gentle personalities just like our mother.

Among them, our mother is the most beautiful. I feel like I’ve won.

Well, I’m going to play, too.

I sit down in the corner of the sandbox, which has been my regular place since I started coming here, and play with the sand—I make it look like I’m playing with sand, but in fact, I concentrate all my attention on refining my spiritual power.

Since there are no strange creatures outside, there is no need to guard Yuya.

Now that all my capabilities are free, I just continue to refine the first to the second refinement, and at the same time, I repeat the trial for the discovery of the Dai Riku refinement.

In the mysterious space within the body, spiritual power can move as it wishes.

Moreover, as I grow older, this ability is improving.

I noticed that the amount of spiritual power I can refine per day has increased since I was just one year old.

The number of spiritual elements increases, the number of heavy spiritual elements increases, and the limited number of spiritual elements beyond that also increases day by day.

When I find the first Dai Riku refining, I will put the spiritual elements that have increased to a certain extent into it.

“Saint, you are playing in the sand today. I wonder if you like to play by yourself.”

“You’re still so little, aren’t you afraid of the older kids?”

“I’ll tell my boys to take care of him. My oldest son is used to dealing with younger people. I’m sure he’ll have more fun playing with everyone.”

As I was immersed in refining, I heard such a conversation.

Am I being worrisome?

As an adult inside, I’m doing this because I’m bored playing on the playground equipment and it’s hard to act like a little kid.

Objectively speaking, doesn’t it make you worried that your child won’t make friends anytime soon?

“Thank you all for your concern. I am also very pleased with Yukari’s suggestion. However, Saint is a bright boy, and I am sure that he thinks in his own way and does what he likes. We’ll see how things go a little more, and maybe we’ll ask him to do it then.”

Mother, you’re refusing, but you’re so worried about me.

It’s my fault. But I can’t help it.

I can’t even converse with kids my own age.

Like Kana, I have to deal with them, who seem to like to put disparate words together as they please. That’s not play, that’s the job of a childcare worker.

Why should I have to take care of other people’s children if I don’t like them? If you are going to make connections, at least after kindergarten, when you will still be remembered as an adult, is preferable.

Then, I think this kind of time should also be used for training to become a well-known person.

I should make friends with…….

I don’t go to the park much after this because my mother worries about me.

It’s not a fundamental solution, but it’s good enough for now. When I get a little older, I’ll do my best to network with people in the future.


“Yuya, make lots of friends.”

I watched my younger brother grow up, working steadily toward the future.


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