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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Younger brother

“Welcome back, mama.”

“I’m back, Saint. You’ve grown up again while I haven’t seen you.”

Mother came home.

Hiroko-san took me with her and I waited in front of the house ahead of her.

I really wanted to say “Welcome home” to my mother.

“The support from Saint made mom do her best. Thank you.”

While she was in the hospital, she called me every day.

So, I continued to send my poor words of support to her as she worked hard.

I wanted to cheer her up, even if just a little.

“Look, this is Saint’s little brother. My boy, he’s your big brother. Say, it’s nice to meet you.”

Oh …… this is my little brother?

He’s so small………….No, I’m small, too.

What can I say……yeah, I should protect him.

The birth of my new family member hit me in a way that I can’t even describe.

It’s a warmth that’s indescribable, like a warm, mushy feeling deep in my chest.

“I am glad that both mother and child are safe. Saint-chan was a very good boy.”

“Thank you very much, Hiroko-san. Thanks to you, I was able to give birth with peace of mind.”

Hiroko-san left early because she was probably tired.

Thank you so much for your help.

“I’m home~”

Entering our home for the first time in a long time, my mother heads to the bedroom with my brother.

My brother was tucked in and the place where I once slept was now his.

Mother should have rested, but she pushed her tired body to do the housework. I want her to rest……but I resent this young body that will starve if I don’t have food prepared.

And then, I guess he took advantage of the reminder of what happened to me, and the damn father came home during the night.

“Performing the Rite of Awakening.”

Not again, not again, damn dad.

Not ten times the amount, hey?

Well, I’m here this time.

If it looks bad, I’ll save him with my full spiritual power.

I walked to the kitchen and sure enough, there it was.

A lump of pitch-black rice that had been called the “spirit of awakening” or something like that.

I stroked around it with my tentacles and found that there were maggots, but no winged insects.

I wonder if this would be okay for a baby.

When I returned to the bedroom, I found the damn father dressed in Onmyoji’s formal attire.

The mother, dressed in comfortable nursing clothes, is also waiting inside.

“Saint, you wait in the living room.”


I imitate Kana and move next to my mother.

I can always support him from here.

Two people who can’t see mysterious creatures are too anxious.

I don’t know how we’ve made it this far.

“It can’t be helped, stay there and be quiet. We will now perform the birth ceremony.”

The ceremonial venue set up that was also prepared at my time is already done.

I think they are more careful in their work compared to my time. Maybe they were in a hurry then, so they had to rush.

Then, as he did with me, he held a lighted incense-like object with a lighted tip in front of my brother’s eyes.

Hm? The fucking father’s expression changed.

His facial muscles didn’t move, but his mood seemed to change.

“What’s wrong, my dear?”

Without answering my mother’s question, the damn father waves the incense from side to side.

But the younger brother shows no reaction. I would think he would react even if he didn’t want to if something so dazzling was put in front of him.

“This child has no talent as an Onmyoji. The birth ceremony is canceled.”

Huh? What is that?

You’ve prepared so much and now you want to cancel it?

How can you tell from that incense that he has no talent?

I am puzzled, and next to me, my mother is drooping her head.

“I’m sorry, honey. I’m sorry, Yuya. It’s my fault……”

“No, it’s not. Onmyoji’s talent is due to luck. Saint is a good example. It is not your fault.”

For some reason, the mother is drooping with an extremely sad expression on her face.

My father is hugging her and comforting her, but I wonder what is wrong with her.

From the conversation, I would guess that the gift of Onmyoji is inherited.

I guess mother did not know much about Onmyoji, i.e., she was a common person.

So, the mother blames herself for my brother’s lack of talent,……maybe something like this.

When I visited the Tonobe family, Momi-san said that there is no Onmyoji family around here that doesn’t want to have children.

This is also my guess, but something must have happened that caused the number of Onmyoji to decrease drastically. A powerful enemy attacked us.

There are no relatives in my family. No grandparents either.

So, as soon as I was born, they had another child. To increase the number of Onmyoji.

Hmmm…for the survival of the family or something like that?

I’ve heard about it, but I don’t really understand it as I didn’t have those values in my previous life.

I can assure you that there is no way I would despise Yuya because of my mother and my shitty father.

But this is a situation where I, as an older brother, should do my best to make my younger brother feel at ease.

“Father, Mother.”

“”Saint?””(T/N – They both said it)

“I’ll do my best.”

Maybe too fluent for a one-year-old.

Well, it’s too late for that.

Let’s make sure they are well aware that I’m a somewhat fast-growing child.

“I’m going to be the first one to make a proper impression.”

As I declared with a sly grin, the mother shed even more tears.

“Thank you, Saint. I’ll do my best, too. I can’t cry, I can’t.”

The mother, who cried as if she was shrieking, was full of more power than before.

It was worth the risk.

“Thank you, Saint. As a big brother, keep up the good work.”

I’ll do my best even if you don’t tell me.

My brother is not gifted as an Onmyoji, apparently. That means he can’t resist mysterious creatures and Yōkai. Then, I should protect him.

I will become famous as a professional Onmyoji. And protect my family.

It was both my original goal and a new determination.

With a new determination, I was determined to push forward with increasing my spiritual power.


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