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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Body Strengthening

I’m now 8 months old.

Now I’m finally in a situation where I can crawl.

And, to my surprise, with some body strengthening, I was able to totter around.

This is a happy thing. My dying wish had come true.

I congratulated myself on the day I stood up for the first time, but after that, I was not particularly impressed. It was only natural, since I had been walking normally for several decades.

In fact, I am so frustrated with myself that I stagger.

Recently, I have been practicing every day under the watchful eye of my mother, aiming to develop my muscular strength.

But maybe it was a good thing that I did that today. If my mother saw me walking on the road, she would have thought I had a demon in me.

“Saint is walking?”

Oh no.

I was completely caught off guard.

Just as I was about to do a little training when I heard the sound of the laundry being finished and heard my mother’s footsteps heading in my direction.

I don’t know why she came back this way, but it was too bad that she saw me.

I quickly stumbled over and pretended to fall down, burying my face in the fluffy futon to think.

(Seen. What kind of baby starts walking at 8 months old? According to the information the doctor gave me, at 12 months old, they can stand up and take a few steps on their own, or something like that. I’m pretty sure I’ve been seen taking a step, albeit staggering. (What is the perception of having a demon in the Onmyoji world? Am I going to be killed?)

My mind is panicking with the biggest sense of urgency in my life since I was born again.

If I think about it calmly, there is no way that my mother would do anything to me.

As I was burying my face in the covers, mother made a move.

She slowly, slowly walks over to me and kneels down beside me.

The sound of her heart is loud. I gulp down a mouthful of spit, which is slowly swallowed.

What’s going to happen, what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen!

“I can’t believe you can walk now! I can’t believe he can walk already! Oh, my boy was a genius!”


What a wonderful surprise.

Is it okay to walk at 8 months?

I look at my mother, who is seven months pregnant and has a very tight stomach, as she holds me in her arms.

Mother was in a good mood the whole day and was looking at me with expectant eyes to see if I would start walking again.

What? Are you sure? Are you seriously sure about me walking?

That night, my shitty father, who had just returned home, was surprised to hear the story from my mother.

“What? You walked already? …”

“Yes! I knew that there were very few children who walked earlier, but I didn’t know that Saint was an example of that. I was surprised, too.”

“But you’ve probably only recently started crawling. You haven’t been grabbing or practicing. And there’s nothing to grab onto in the bedroom. ……”

“That is why Saint is a genius. He will become a great Onmyoji like you!”

The fucking father gives off a happy air with that line.

His face remains Buddha-like, but he can’t hide what’s in his heart.

“By the way, Goken-sama told me. He said that spiritual power has the same effect as inner energy. Ah, the warrior monks have inherited that technique.”

Is a warrior monk …… a fighting monk?

Do those people use body strengthening?

I think Goken-sama was the name of the guy my shitty father worked for. What’s with the shyness?

No, more importantly, isn’t the technique of body enhancement generally widespread?

Maybe the technology is kept secret in each family.

Huh? If that is the case, am I not strong enough to learn both my family’s and the warrior monk’s techniques?

Wait, wait, there is a possibility that the warrior monks may think that their secret techniques have been stolen.

Too much to think about.

I’ll think about it later for now, but it looks like I’m good to walk.


Apparently there are true geniuses in the world who start walking without body strengthening.

As a cheater, I’ll take advantage of their achievements for convenience.

“Oh, Saint wants to stand up.”


The asshole father takes out his smartphone.

What, you’re going to take a picture?

“Wow, good luck with that, Saint. One to another, one to another.”

“Oh ……”

I took two steps in front of my parents.

Even though I was strengthening my body, I staggered more than before, so you could see that I was trying my best to walk, not acting.

I could go further, but I’ll just take two steps for now and see how it goes.

If it looks okay, I’ll try to walk with my mother observing me…

“Ahhhh, I knew Saint was a genius!”

“Can you no longer walk?”

I was about to collapse on the carpet when my mother picked me up.

Mother’s face is smiling at me and the corners of her mouth are upturned.

I can’t believe how happy she looks even though I just walked.

Unlike the birth ceremony, it’s not a big deal. It’s an event that only I, who had once lost the ability to walk, could be moved by.

Oh, also …… this feeling of warmth deep in my chest and itching all over.

I don’t know how much they love me.

Two people much younger than me, about the age of my grandchildren, are definitely my parents.

I will never forget this feeling of fulfillment.

All I could do was to be a good Onmyoji.

The next day, I started practicing walking as fast as I could and absorbing mysterious creatures in the house as soon as I found them.

“Saint! Don’t come over here. It’s dangerous if you fall down.”

It was a mistake to worry mother.

I guess I’ll have to walk stealthily after all.

If I don’t, I might be put in a baby circle.

I walked around, hiding again, and ate the mysterious creatures outside my bedroom.


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