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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Tentacle

A/N – Contains light undertones.


I woke up that evening.

Before I knew it, I was back at home and was tucked in my usual bedroom.

My mother was sleeping next to me. I could see traces of tears on her face. I must have worried her a lot.

I later overheard that the doctor diagnosed that the son was quite healthy, and the mother was not convinced.

That would be hard to believe if they told her I was healthy when I suddenly started screaming and then suddenly started sleeping.

In the end, the mother didn’t know what to do, so she just cuddled with me, praying for my safety.

I am truly sorry for causing you to worry.

But it’s all worth it, and I’m doing great right now.

It’s no wonder. I have taken in an irregular who has a higher spiritual power than I do.

The more spiritual power I have, the more vitality I have.

I even feel like I can do anything now.

Yeah, maybe I could recreate the technique that guy used.


I was able to do it.

After just a few attempts, I was able to reproduce it.

I finished it before mother woke up.

First, tentacles.

It continuously drains spiritual power out of the body and extends it far. It consumes spiritual power little by little while it is being used, and since it is also a mass of vitality, if it is damaged, it will be transferred to me as it is.

Even considering these disadvantages, this technique is useful.

After all, it has physical power even though it is supposed to be a mass of spiritual power. For me, who still can’t even crawl, being able to move something that is far away is a great help.

Next, physical strengthening.

I just had to think about it, along with the image of imbuing my cells with spiritual power.

It was extremely easy to learn, and the effects were tremendous.

To my surprise, I was able to turn over in my sleep!

This is a great thing. I can prevent bedsores by myself.

No need to call mother every time.

By the way, normal babies can turn over at around 5 months of age. I am now two months ahead of them. Two months is a big time for a baby who grows day by day. This is a great example of the power of physical strengthening.

Whether these were learned because I absorbed irregularities or because anyone with spiritual power could use them and knew how to use them is a mystery.

My spiritual power exploded and I was able to learn two new skills.

I don’t want to experience being deprived of my body again, though this is quite an accomplishment for a 3-month-old.

I am steadily climbing the ladder from mediocrity to celebrity.

Dreaming of a brighter future, I caught the mysterious creature peering at me from behind the sliding doors with my tentacles.


Since the battle with Irregulars, I had been leaning toward training in spirit control.

I have been training new techniques, but the decisive factor that saved my life was this element.

I refine it daily from the explosive increase in spiritual power, and I have accumulated an unmatched amount of spiritual elements. There is no physical volume, so it doesn’t matter how much I store.

“Ahh (Yes, that sounds good. I guess I can now move it as fast as my spiritual power)”

The spirit element, which moves much more sluggishly than the spirit power, now also moves with a whizzing motion.

If I fight the irregulars again, I’m sure I could inflict a fatal wound on them with my first move.

Now, when I was able to move around the buzzer, I felt that sensation again.

“Oh (Again, I feel separated. I wonder if this is a difference in the size of the spirit element.)”

When moving them up and down, left and right, there is a group that is not moving in any way.

They move with a delay when exceeding a certain speed.

The fact that it is the same sensation as when a spirit element is extracted from a spiritual power means that there may be further classifications within the spirit element.

I decided to separate and collect these sluggish spiritual elements. Then, I tried to be conscious of them accumulated in my body, to move them around, and tried various things, and I found out something.

“Daa(This is larger and heavier than the other elements. It is larger and heavier than the other spiritual elements, so to speak. Maybe if I collect only this one, I can do something different?)”

When only the spiritual elements were collected, they were able to do a lot of damage to the irregulars.

It means that the root of the spiritual power was in the spirit element.

Then, what would happen if only these heavy elements were collected and attacked, the power is likely to be further improved.

After all, its effectiveness cannot be known until it is put into practice.

And a strong enemy that would be its target seldom appears.

The current situation, in which one cannot be sure without learning the art of Onmyojutsu, is quite frustrating and unbearable.

I will continue to research spirituality in my own way, despite all that is not there.

The more I play with spiritual power, the more new discoveries I make.

I will name the element I have discovered this time as “heavy element,” and I will call the process of extracting this element “refining No. 2.”

The first refining is the process of extracting the element from the spiritual power.

Refining spiritual elements—the further upstream you go, the stronger you become, and the closer you get to the root of spiritual power.

I decided to devote myself to this research, which I feel has unlimited possibilities.


Not only did I devote myself to it, but I spent almost every waking hour researching it, and as a result, I reached the corporal refinement at the age of five months.

It was pretty easy to get to this point. My ideas came to fruition very quickly.

It is the result of my body, or rather, the infinite spiritual space, in which the elements move according to my will.

However, from this point on, things were not going well.

I was stuck in this research with no answers, wondering if I was doing it wrong, or if it would not work unless I did it in the right order, or if the elements would not change like that in the first place.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing that can be done.

The fourth refining process is something I want to try out, and the fifth refining process itself takes time.

I can spend a lot of time for refining because I am a baby, but I will not be able to do so when I grow up.

As the refining process progresses, more and more elements will be needed, and therefore more and more spiritual power will be necessary to produce the elements.

The number of mysterious creatures visiting my bedroom has been decreasing lately, and it will be necessary for me to leave my room and go around the house soon.

Yes, at five months old, I was able to crawl. With physical strengthening.

A normal baby is supposed to be able to finally turn over and start to be familiar with other people.

It is 8 months old when a normal baby is able to crawl.

Yeah, I can see the benefit of physical strengthening.

If you have something to support you, you can just barely stand. I couldn’t even stand at the time of my death, so I was moved. I’m really glad I was able to reincarnate, because that dream I had then of walking and running on my own once again is almost coming true…

And how important it is to have a healthy body. I will definitely extend the healthy life span of this body more than my previous life.

Well, I can’t surprise my mother by showing her such premature growth.

I decided to use other means to expand my range of activities and increase the amount of mysterious creatures I capture.

Yes, tentacles.

These tentacles have a weakness.

While it can move things at a distance and capture mysterious creatures, it is sensitive to spiritual damage.

The other day, when I caught a mysterious creature, I felt a pricking pain as if I had been pricked by a needle.

I let go of it without thinking, and the creature ran away.

I was so frustrated because I wanted to increase my spiritual power as much as possible.

So, I would like to train myself to be more resistant to stimulation.

In fact, this tentacle looks a lot like a certain human organ.

It is that organ that only men have…… yes, the rod between the legs.

The pain you feel when you peel off the skin and touch it with your finger for the first time, that is the closest to the sensation of a tentacle.

I wonder if women can somehow feel it too.

And there are ways to overcome this.

You get used to small stimulations, thickening and peeling the skin.

What, you ask, are we talking about tentacles?

Immediately, I hit the tentacles extended from my right hand with spiritual power from the outside.

……… No.

It doesn’t hurt at all because it is my spiritual power. The released spiritual power just melts into a wave of spiritual energy in the form of tentacles.

Then, I changed my policy.

Instead of getting used to the stimulation, let’s build a skin that protects me from it.

It is a self-enclosure technique.

Spiritual power over spiritual energy… just made the tentacles thicker. Failure.

Covering spiritual power with a spiritual element… dissolves into the flow of spiritual energy that builds the… tentacles. Failure.

Covering spiritual power with heavy spiritual elements:… Whoa, that’s it!

I can do it.

I was convinced that this method would work.

All I have to do now is to conduct a verification experiment.

After waiting for a while, I found a reasonable mysterious creature and captured it with an improved version of the enveloping tentacles.

Awaiting a counterattack from the creature.


I don’t see a counterattack coming.

No, maybe they are already fighting back.

I did the overwhelmingly strongman move and, as usual, tried to remove the tentacle’s heavy element.


The strong who let their guard down are fought back by the weak. It happened as a matter of course.

I re-covered my tentacles with heavy spiritual elements and took them into my body as if I were hurling frustration at them.

I hit it with a grain of the corporal refined spiritual element, and it instantly stopped resisting. That’ s it!

Thus I mastered a new technique, the enveloping tentacle, accompanied by pain.

Since it consumes more precious elements than spiritual power, the tentacles must be used efficiently.

I will use it only after I have a certain amount of control.


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