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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Irregular

I, who move my spiritual power by eating and sleeping, was lying down in my bedroom again today.

I can’ t even turn over yet, so I have no choice but to lie down.

“Ugh…(Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a single mysterious creature yet today).”

The mysterious creatures that usually appear once every few hours did not appear at all today.

However, I had expected that there would be days like that, as I was only a little over three months old.

“Ah?! (No, wait. Could it be the end of the spiritual growth period?!)“

When that possibility occurred to me, I instantly became nervous.

While there is nothing that can be done about the urgency of the situation, this is a venerable problem.

If I can no longer see those mysterious creatures in the same way as the adults, that means that I am getting closer to being a normal human being.

As a person who aspired to be special, I was unexpectedly proud of the fact that I was the only one who could see the mysterious creature.

“Ehh (It was an irregular event to begin with, and I should consider myself lucky, even if only temporarily. Huh. ……. …… hmm? What’s this feeling?)”

I was depressed, and I became instantly more attentive.

This feeling is something I have rarely felt in my life. However, it is one that I have felt just recently.

“Ogyaaaaaa (Scary, scary, scary, what’s this. This is absolutely dangerous!)”

In my previous life, I have only felt fear, at best, to the point of not being able to go to the bathroom after hearing a ghost story. Even that was not because I was in danger, but I was just mentally frightened in the midst of my peaceful daily life.

However, the feeling from something that is approaching here and now is not such a simple thing.

There was something frightening about it, a cowering feeling, as if a wild instinct that had completely degenerated convinced me that I had to get out of the place as soon as possible.

“Yes~yes, yes, what’s wrong with Saint. Oh, it’s almost time to eat. I’ll give it to you now.”

Thank God, mother came right away.

The mysterious creature will not approach a conscious adult.

I don’t know why, but it is a fact that has been found as a rule based on my experience.

I was naive to take this as a sign of relative peace of mind. It was impossible for an irregularity to appear out of nowhere and continue as before.

As my mother lifted me up, I turned my head, which was finally able to move, just a little to the side and looked at the irregulars who had invaded my bedroom.

(Oh …… ish …… & Γ#………… ish… just …… ki$%su ……)

“Gyaa (He is talking. This guy is saying something!)”

“What’s the matter, you were so hungry. I’ll give it to you now.”

Mother gave her breasts, but this is no time for a leisurely meal.

We have to get away from this guy as soon as possible.

We can’ t win. I can’t come up with a vision to absorb this guy. I mean, he’s the same size as me. I’m not going to get this thing in my mouth.

Confused, I managed to get my mother to move from this place, but she didn’t realize my intention.

She sat down on the futon I was sleeping on and got into a breastfeeding position.

What to do, what to do.

He doesn’t run away when there are adults around, he’s clearly superior, I don’t know what that guy is trying to do.

Where the hell did they come from in the first place?

The irregular strange creature was humanoid in shape.

It looks like a forest spirit grown to infant size, with what looks like insect wings on its back.

The eyes of the apparition are the darkest and deepest jet-black I have ever seen in a mysterious creature.

It looked up at the winged insect flying in the corridor, then suddenly held up its hand and sprouted a thin tentacle-like thing from its fingertip. The tentacle slowly extended to the winged insect and wrapped around its lazily flying body.

The return was instantaneous. The captive winged insect was sucked into the mouth of the Irregular and swallowed.

(o…… ishi…… theta Ж%………… go…chi’*l…sama………)

I knew it when I saw it.

I don’t know why the mysterious creature didn’t come under my roof today, or why such a large, unseen wonder creature was born.

That’s right. Weak beings, including myself, are at the bottom of the food chain. Then it is only natural that there are beings that prey on them.

This guy has grown so big by eating little wonder creatures just like me.

(Oh …… and ……! (§ Ξ…yo ……… i…just …… #@@@@@@@ ……)

I could see the joyful emotion in his one-word speech as he shook his head from side to side.

I bet you are, and from your point of view, I must be an extraordinarily delicious food.

It is growing by taking in plenty of mysterious organisms.

I still don’t know what happens if I lose to the erosion. Will I die or will the enemy take me in?

It will not be pleasant, however, by any stretch of the imagination.

So I was ready for it.

It’s like a birth ritual.

Maybe these guys are my test to live in this world.

I thought it was too convenient not to pay any price to be reborn.

I’m going to beat this guy and live. And I will become even stronger and fulfill all my mundane wishes!

The fight began quietly.

Irregular extend tentacle from its fingertips and slowly close in on us.

It seems to have only one tentacle that it can extend, and it is slowly and gradually coming closer to us.

I hesitate to put this in my mouth, but I must not say so. In the first place, there is no example of preventing the invasion of mysterious creatures.

If you are coming, come, the moment of contact is slowly approaching.

Finally, when it was only 30cm away from touching me, I felt a strange sensation.

„Ah? (Are you going to break in through the belly instead of the mouth?)”

Irregular’s tentacles extend well below my mouth.

I thought it would invade directly into the stomach, where the battle would take place, because it couldn’t enter through the mouth, but that expectation was wrong— in a horrible way.

“Oh? Were you not hungry? Your diaper is not wet. What’s wrong?”

The trajectory of the tentacle headed not for me, but for my mother’s stomach.

In other words, the Irregular’ s target is not me, but my not-yet-born sibling.

The weakest person in the room is indeed my not even born sibling. That said, I never thought it would go after someone like that.

If these tentacles touch the fetus, it will be helplessly eaten by the mighty Irregular.

I cannot. If the child dies, the mother will be sad. Even the damn father will cry. This life is much more precious than mine, which lived once in that world.

And most of all, I can’t stand to have my first sibling taken away from me by this incomprehensible bastard.

“Ah (Hey, don’t look away. I’m the guy)”

Anger stifles feelings of fear.

I know only with my sixth sense that this frail-looking tentacle has strong power.

Still, I cannot let the beings beyond us get their hands on it.

I desperately reached out with my short hand and grabbed the tentacle.

“Ahhhh (You’re not the only one who can invade!)”

(Pain ……い………… kill ……Φ♪§!)

I gathered the spiritual power circulating in my body into my right hand and forcefully pushed it into the tentacles I had grabbed.

I had never practiced this before, but I imagined I could do it. Because I had experienced the invasive sensation in my abdomen so many times, I was aware that the attack was caused by the penetration of spiritual power.

The tentacles, which had been approaching unprotected, retreat in an instant as if touched by fire.

It seems to have done more damage than expected.

(Ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch… ouch…)

I wonder if it is reflected in Irregular’s mouth, and his voice arrives as a creepy echo that sounds like wood spirits in a cave. I swallow my spit at the quiet anger in his voice.

I guess he’s identified me as the enemy, and the target is now completely in my direction.

That’s good. This is all right, but what do I do now?

Not having studied as an Onmyoji, I have no means of attack.

The only thing I can do is to move my spiritual power, and I know only the primitive way of fighting, which is to clash with my spiritual power.

The iregular has learned the dangers of using its tentacles, and the main body itself is approaching us.

The slow speed at which it moves forward and the fast speed at which it retracts suggests that those tentacles have become acute sensory organs.

If I’ m going to attack, I should aim for his tentacles…, but I attacked him to get his attention, which made him wary of me.

While I’m wondering what to do, this guy never stops walking.

At times like this, only the protagonist’s thoughts are supposed to accelerate in time, but my world moves forward mercilessly and precisely.

In the end, without coming up with any countermeasures, the Irregular arrived in front of me.

(Sad …… Φ………… kill …… Φ§…… Hey Ξ…… Ηi Ξ…… Ηi …… Ηi …… МЙ)

Irregular’s hand reaches for my mouth.

Ah, I knew this would happen.

The only difference is that instead of his entire body entering mine, the right half remains in front of me.

Only the left half of his body is in my mouth.

The cross section is like a haze, a thin string of haze leading to my mouth.

I could only make such an observation for a moment.

My belly is being eroded with the same, if not more, force as the birth ceremony.

Even though I have already mobilized all the spiritual energy in my body to subdue the situation, it has not stopped at all.


If this continues, I will definitely lose.

Damn, ugh, oh no, I can’t hold it in my stomach.


“Saint, what’s wrong!”

It seems that my mother has found out about this unusual situation.

That doesn’t help either, because my right leg is cramping up.

The mother who is holding me sideways naturally notices.

It’s my first experience.

The erosion leaked out of my abdomen and down into my legs.

At the same time, control of the right leg was taken away.

After all, it seems that if the erosion were to defeat you, it would take over your body. The other party is a ghost-like entity. Even though it is a story of creation, there are many cases of ghosts and monsters taking over a person’s body once they enter the human body.

I wonder what will happen if it continues on to invade my brain.

With my position clearly inferior, I hurriedly decided to ask for help from my mother.

“Suddenly he started drinking milk from my boobs. What’s wrong with him? Should I take him to the hospital?“

It is a mother’s breast milk enhancer.

Mother’s milk has the effect of strengthening me without taking away my spiritual power. I don’t know why, but it actually works, so that’s good.

Okay, the erosion beyond the right leg was stopped.

Still, it is being pushed slowly.

Furthermore, the opponent still has half a body left.

If the whole body comes in, it might be pushed all at once. What should I do?

As an ordinary man in a previous life, I can’t be expected to have a spark of genius.

While I was searching for a solution, the enemy was on the move.

“Puah (Hey, is there such a thing!)”

The Iregular left half of his body on the surface, and his right hand stretched out to my neck. I was unable to move to maintain my mother’s milk enhancement, so I was easily grabbed by the neck and my mouth was removed from my mother’s nipple.

Gosh, it is more powerful than I thought. This monstrous power in spite of small hands, is it the effect of spiritual power?

Come to think of it, the reincarnation manga also used some kind of body enhancement or other technology ……, but that’s not the case now.

The neck of the baby, which had no significant muscles, tightened and the airway constricted. If I don’t do something, I’ll run out of oxygen.

As consciousness fades, control of spiritual power also decreases.

Bad, bad, bad, bad!

Iregular also realizes that I’ve exposed a gap.

He misted up another half of his body and poured it into my mouth.

He was trying to take advantage of the opportunity.

That …… if I keep going like this, I’m really going to lose. ……At the moment such an ending passed through my mind, the goddess of salvation arose.

“You should still go to the hospital. We have to do it soon! Hang in there a little longer. Good luck, Saint!”

It’s my mother.

Mother suddenly stood up and leapt out of the bedroom.

I thought I could shake off the irregularity now, but this guy is still attached to me and continues to erode.

Running down the hallway, Mamma grabbed her bag as if to snatch it and ran straight out the front door.

It is a beautiful sunny day outside, and the brilliant sun is dazzling.

The difference between my bedroom, which is always dimly lit because it does not face the outside, is painful to the eyes.

However, there is someone who is in more pain than I am.

(Pain …… I +” = ~ …… No … Return … … “____? Te … shadow ^ \”)

The tremendous offense of the Irregular, who had been trying with all his might to put a stop to it, subsided at once. Could it be that these guys are weak against sunlight?

This is a great opportunity.

I don’t have a great brain to be able to get a spark of genius. Still, with this much time on my hands, I can come up with at least one idea. I don’t know if I can, but it’s worth a try. If there’s even a chance of beating this guy!


Move! If I don’t move now, I’ll be inside the bus and the sunlight will be blocked.

It’s now or never, move as fast as you can!

I moved my spiritual power—no, I moved the accumulated spiritual elements generated from it with an unprecedented desperation.

It had been moving only at a sluggish pace, but now I was able to move it at the same level as the spiritual power.

This is a major counter-offensive operation that can only be done while the irregular is weakened.

The desperation of risking one’s life broke the limiter of one’s body, and led to success beyond its limits.

Ah, I can hear it. The background music of victory. The game hasn’t been decided yet, and I shouldn’t let my guard down, but my heart is convinced of victory.

“Ahh (I’ve been aiming for this all along, the moment you put out those tentacles. Eat me!)”

A writhing tentacle sprang out from the fingers gripping my neck, probably unintentional from being exposed to the sun.

I grabbed the tentacle without missing it and poured the dense spiritual substance into it as fast as I could.

The effect was visible.

The spiritual power of the Irregular that had been atrophying inside me suddenly went wild.

Even the quarter of the main body that was outside was greatly disturbed in its pale outline.

It is much more effective than when I first poured the spiritual power into it. After all, among the spiritual powers, the spiritual element is probably the most important. It was a good thing I had collected them.

If that is the case, I tried to hit the spiritual power of the irregulars that entered my body, and I found that each spiritual element ate through the violent erosion.

It was so powerful that it was ridiculous that I had been clashing with the spiritual power until now.

If there is such a difference in power, the results are immediate.

My spiritual element completely eroded the Irregular’s spiritual power, and sucked out all the energy that had been outside his body, completing the victory.

My right leg, which had been deprived of control, also returned to normal.

Good. It was really good.

My consciousness was cut off here.

It seems I’ve done something reckless to move the spirit element.


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