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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Mundane Ambitions

“Fu(As expected, it is one of the largest wonder creatures of all time. It was quite a formidable foe. But I won!)“

The excitement is rising after a battle with a strong enemy.

Without using my mother’s milk enhancement, I made full use of the spiritual power in my body to prevent the erosion of the mysterious creature.

Like the hero of a manga, my spiritual power has increased dramatically after defeating a powerful enemy.

It feels very good to be rewarded with growth that I can actually feel.

“Ahhhh (I couldn’t have grown up like this when I was an old man).”

Once again, I realize the magnificence of young bodies.

And I feel like my spirit has been dragging on my body lately.

I had always been determined to be proactive, but I’m sure I wasn’t this upbeat at the time of my death.

Perhaps it is not a lie to say that a sound mind comes from a sound body.

I have regained my sexual desire, which I had forgotten about, and being young is a wonderful thing that cannot be replaced by anything else.

“Kepu (Now, let’s finish the break. I have to increase my spiritual power as much as possible)”

After a sort of after-dinner break, I’m back to fighting the mysterious creatures.

So far, I have always been passive, but from now on I will guide the mysterious creature, which only comes close but does not approach my mouth.

Specifically, I extend my arms, which are finally able to move, and provide a path to my mouth.

The mysterious creature had a problem climbing my face, or maybe it was just a neckline, but that’s the only way it could move up to my mouth.

Then immediately, I will eat it.

I still feel sick to my stomach, but that’s nothing when I think of the growth that will follow.

I remembered my various desires along with my libido, and I thought of the things I would like to do when I became a celebrity in the Onmyouji world.

First, I want to have a girlfriend.(T/N – The most important goal!)

My previous life was not colorful at all. Still, there was always only a yearning. When I was young, I thought I could fall in love and get married at any time, but I was wrong. No one taught me that love is a limited-time event, something you can only do when you are young. The fact that I was lonely and felt mother’s love on my deathbed made me finally realize that I was starving for human warmth.

In this life I want to die surrounded by my family. If I become a famous Onmyoji, I will be able to pursue a nice girl.

And next, money.

Without something to precede you, you can’t do anything. In my previous life, I ended up wasting most of my life trying to make money. I don’t want to live like that anymore. I want to create an environment where I can work as a professional Onmyoji and not have to worry about money.

Finally, to help others.

I was an ordinary guy who could never be anything, I wanted to be special. I want to be as grand and successful as the hero of the story, and I want to shine like a celebrity who cheers up his fans. It is not a wish that can be fulfilled so easily, but since I have risked my life twice, I might as well give it a try.

As an Onmyoji, I dash to the rescue of those in trouble against Yokai. Sometimes it is not bad to be a hero without thinking about profit and loss.

All of this is a desire that can only be fulfilled when one gains strength as an Onmyoji and can afford it.

Be the cornerstone to make that desire come true—I need you to be the cornerstone.

Thus, I was absorbing the mysterious creatures more aggressively than ever before.


“Ah (Babies grow up so fast. I’m already sitting on my head.)”

Finally my neck sat up, that’s what they told me when they examined me at my 3 month checkup.

I hear a lot about neck sitting, but this is what it feels like.

My dangling neck is now firmly supported by the muscles.

Other growth conditions are also favorable, according to the doctor.

“Saint, it’s Mama. Mamma.”

And at three months, it is the time when babies begin to distinguish between their mothers and other humans.

Until then, all humans feel the same way to a normal baby.

That’s what the doctor said.

“As expected, he cant speak yet… After all, they seem to vocalize similarly to mom and dad at about 6 months.”

That’s what my fucking father, who searched for it on his phone, says.

Is this what parenting is like today? It’s not surprising, but with easily searchable smartphones, we can borrow as much wisdom from our ancestors as we want.

I’m also of the generation that used to use smart phones with vigor, but I don’t have the experience of raising children, so it’s somewhat unnerving to see this kind of scene.

I feel a sense of unselfish love from my parents who are doing some serious research for me, I guess…

“……It’s Dad.”

But I ain’t gonna forget what you did.

No matter how many enhancement and training programs were in place, that was a lethal level.

Don’t think you’ll be forgiven if you show some delicacy.

When I grow up, I’m going to treat him like a hard-headed, stubborn father, I suppose. I’m sure when I grow up, I will be treated like a stubborn old man who is the head of the household. I can almost imagine that when I see this clumsiness.

“You also want me to call you Saint, don’t you? Mm-hmm.”


I will absolutely not be making such a call.

I’ll start with “mama” and speak various words, and at the end I’ll say ” pa …… papa …… paia”.

“You, too, are you in good shape?”

“Yes, I’ve been through this with Saint, so I’ll be fine.”

He suddenly shifts from talking about me to talking about mom, showing his concern in his clumsy asshole father way. It’s no wonder.

After all, mother got pregnant.(T/N – WHAT?!Well that was unexpected)

That’s because if you have sex that much without contraception, you will have children.

Yay Saint, your family will grow.

What a time to say that. What kind of a family plan is it to get your wife pregnant when you have a baby with her? I mean, how hard would it be to raise two kids at the same time, when my asshole of a father doesn’t come home much.

All I can do is be a good, hands-off kid.

Except for the concern about the burden on the mother, it is a blessing to be graced with a child.

I don’t know if it’s a brother or sister, but I can’t imagine much since I was an only child in my previous life.

I want to be thought of as a dependable and cool older brother.

“Ah (Then I guess the question is only about the mysterious creatures).”

Spiritual element collection is progressing well.

I’m getting the hang of moving the spirit power, and I’m able to separate the spirit elements efficiently. If a physical volume existed in the large amount of spiritual elements gathered, it would have accumulated to the point where my stomach would have burst.

But it doesn’t work that way. Perhaps the spirit element is something energy-like.

I spend most of the day in bed, and every time I wake up, I take out the spiritual element from my recovering spiritual power.

And there were changes in the mysterious creatures.

“Ew (What’s with the increased percentage of winged insects?)”

The number of winged insects, probably an evolved form of maggots, is increasing.

I call them evolved forms, and they are very invasive.

That said, when you absorb those guys, your spiritual power increases greatly.

 After all, you have to defeat a strong enemy to grow.

I kind of hate the situation of insects breeding in my house, even though they are mysterious creatures necessary for my growth. I feel like this house that my mother is working so hard to clean is being made dirty.

They are not insects to begin with, but I still feel bad at the sight of them.

I myself must be the most uncomfortable from the standpoint of others as I greet the winged insect with my mouth half open while thinking about such a thing.

It is a shocking scene that could be used in a horror movie commercial.

It’s just for now. Because it’s the only time you can get a spiritual boost.

I’ll do it without hesitation.

Other than that, the absorption of this mysterious organism is a simple and unremarkable process that is not worth mentioning.

I have to wait for the other side to challenge me to battle, and no one can see the infighting in my belly. Now that my spiritual power is abundant, there are no more mysterious creatures that can threaten me. Even the winged insects are perceived merely as “a little bit crunchy“.

I’ve gotten a lot stronger, too, maybe because I was thinking like that.

One afternoon, that guy came to me as I was sleeping lightly.


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