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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Eggs of the Sacred Beast

One day, my asshole father came home from work and brought me a souvenir.

“Honey, what the hell is this ……?”

It seemed that as soon as I came home, I came straight to the bedroom, and my mother, who had received my bag with great care, was following behind me. She was sitting beside me, looking at something my father was holding and making a questioning face.

It was an attache case, the kind that looks like it might hold 100 million yen or something.

It was something that did not fit in our Japanese-style house.

“It’s a spirit beast egg.”

He said so and meticulously placed the attache case on my futon.

He unlocks the attache case, removes the clasp, and nervously opens the box.

As I am lying on my side, I cannot see the contents of the attache case. I can barely see part of the egg. I guessed from its shape that it was a large, pure white egg, similar to an ostrich egg.

“Is it an egg? Is a spirit beast different from a yokai?”

Nice mother.

I don’t understand that part either. I’ve been fighting with mysterious creatures and irregulars, and I don’t doubt the existence of yokai and the like now.

But I am overwhelmingly lacking in knowledge. I’d like to know more about it.

” Yōkai are beings that harm people, but spirit beasts can live together with people. Unlike yokai, which feed on the negative emotions, spirit beasts, like people, live on spiritual power.”

Another word I don’t understand. What do you mean by “gloomy”? I hope you don’t mean me in my previous life.

I can’t help but understand the meaning of the word, but I still want to get a good education in Onmyoji.

I wonder if I will grow up soon.

“So, how did you get that spirit beast egg over here?”

“It is to make it a holy ceremony. When a spirit beast is given spiritual power when it is an egg, it recognizes that person as family. Having a ceremony which never betrays us is the last lifeline for us in our work. This child, who holds the fate of the Kyobe family in his hands, will need it.”

Then the fucking father lifted me up.

Hey, the way he lifted me up hurts my sides. Totally, this is why fathers don’t assist in raising their children.

The father who picked me up grabs my hand and leads me toward the eggs.

I looked at the whole thing again and it still looks like an ostrich egg.

“Touch this egg. The first person who touches it will learn its spiritual power.”

What is that, a new kind of imprinting?

I touched the egg as my father guided me.

It is warm. There is life inside. I felt the life inside with such a strange sensation, as if the spiritual power inside my body was resonating with it.

It is a strange sensation, but I have a feeling that this child is hungry. All right, it looks like it will be my partner in the future, so I’ll give it a treat. I was just saving up my spiritual power for the purpose of collecting spiritual elements.

I pour my spiritual power through my palms.

My spiritual power has been steadily increasing from the battle with irregulars, and it has expanded several thousand times compared to when I first came to the house.

When most of that spiritual power was poured into the egg, I could feel a sense of satisfaction from the egg.

Good, good, you will grow up to be a fine partner of the world’s strongest Onmyoji ( to be).

As I nodded inwardly with satisfaction, the asshole dad took me off the egg and put me on his lap. Um, can you put me back on the futon?

“If you’ve touched my hand this much, you’ve received some spiritual power. Now you can leave the rest near Saint.”

“Hah …… this egg has the same power as that yokai ……. It’s kind of strange. By the way, how long does it take to lay?”

“About ten years from now.”

Ten years? !

I was surprised at the unexpectedly long period of time.

Aren’t eggs supposed to be hatched much earlier?

What are you doing inside the shell for 10 years?

“Do you have to keep them warm that long? If so, should I buy an hatchery?”

“No, you don’t need to warm it up. If you leave them alone they will grow on their own and they are sturdy enough that you can hit them with a hammer and they won’t break. I don’t have the money to buy an hatchery. …… And I don’t have the money to buy an incubator.”

Hmm? What, the usually confident asshole of a father uncharacteristically muffled his words.

No money?

“Money ……? How much did this egg cost?”

Then, the mother also asked in an unusually strong tone of voice.

Wait a minute, how much did this egg really cost?

I don’t know the market price even if you say it’s a spirit beast’s egg.

The fucking father extends one hand. It means he held up five fingers.

What, five million? ! This egg costs 5 million? !

“It cost you 50 million yen!”

The mother screamed and the asshole father nodded with a batshit look on his face.

It was a different order of magnitude.

Our house was so shabby, I had no idea we had that kind of extra cash.

Wow, damn dad, did you buy such expensive egg for me!

50 million yen…… is an amount of money that I, who lived as a commoner, can’t relate to. If you’re in a rural area, you can get a house with land. Although I didn’t need it as a single person, the purchase of a house is known as the most expensive purchase in one’s life.

Giving it to a baby under one year old who might die suddenly is a terrible choice.

Ummm…maybe the amount of money he makes …… is different, but judging by the reaction of the mother, it’s not cheap for our family either.

Maybe it’s time to take a break from shitty fathers, yes.

“You lost all our savings, didn’t you! What if something happens to you!”

Hey, asshole father, that’s just not right, is it?

He’s actually an idiot who looks like he can do a good job, spending all his money without consulting his family!

I can’t believe that he would go broke at a time when his second child is due in a few weeks, when money is at a premium.

“Nn……, but I happened to get it on this mission. They acknowledged my achievement and gave it to me at a very low price, which would have originally cost 1 billion yen. If I missed this opportunity, I may never be able to get it again. I hear that if you don’t have someone by your side from the time you are a baby, you won’t be able to pick them up. …… Don’t worry, my next assignment promises to be a big payday.”

I’m curious to know what kind of work the asshole father is doing, but the high pay must mean that there must be a commensurate level of difficulty. Either it is technically difficult or he is risking his life, but either way, it will be a bummer.

It is said that poverty makes you dull. Don’t make my mother sad, whatever the case may be.

Nevertheless, as the recipient of the gift, I have no choice but to accept it gladly.

In any case, since I have poured spiritual power into the egg, I can’t even do a cancellation.

How can we get the money back?

“Besides, you never know what will be born from a spirit beast egg. If we are lucky, a black wolf or a sublunar dragon may be born. If so, the ceremony alone will be enough to exorcise most of the yokai.”

“Please don’t give all your money for such a gamble!”

That is too true to refute.

Moreover, the results will not be known until 10 years from now.

It is more of a gamble than an investment.

“If a powerful spirit beast is born, the egg is said to have a pattern on it. The Onmyoji with powerful spirit beasts generally possessed high spiritual power and talent. If this child has survived the ordeal of the birth agenda,…… would he be a …… n?”

“Patterns? ……This egg was pure white just now, wasn’t it? Did it have this color on it?”

I was too distracted by the mother’s anger and the 50 million yen to notice, but the egg sitting on top of the attache case had changed.

The white shell had a brownish mottled pattern.

The white part of the egg seemed to be shiny as well.

And the most obvious change was that it was larger than before.

Could it be because I gave it plenty of spiritual power?

“Look! There’s a pattern on the egg! I was told that the pattern would appear slowly over a period of ten years, but as soon as he touched the egg, the pattern appeared! There’s no doubt about it, Saint will be the genius Onmyoji who will save the Kyobe family!”

“Let’s call it a …… cheap deal if it protects the Saint from strong yokai….Huh ……”

I had never seen my father so excited. He was on his knees, and he was showing his joy by raising me up high.

Mother, who had been angry with him earlier, was now in a giving up mode if we could get a strong spirit beast. From her deep sigh, I can imagine the hardships of her future life. I hope it won’t have a bad influence on the child in her belly.

I, being a person who is highly exalted, suddenly had an idea.

Strong spirit beasts of the past that spent 10 years accumulating spiritual power and had patterns on their eggs.

If that is the case, then if I poured a large amount of spiritual power into the eggs every day for 10 years, I would be able to obtain an incredibly strong spirit animal.

I’ve been running a little low on spiritual power lately, so it’s perfect.

I’ll use the extra spiritual power to nurture an egg.

Thus, egg care was added to my daily routine.


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