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The Greatest Showman – Chapter 89

Chapter 89 – Light up the world

Hazel clasped her hands in front of her chest and thought seriously for a moment. “Bad news,” she said.

Renly couldn’t help but smile. Her choice was not surprising. Choosing pain before welcoming happiness. Unlike most Americans, Hazel, at a young age, was already mature. The symptoms of her degenerative disease had gradually robbed her of vitality. However, as a bystander, Renly couldn’t truly feel Hazel’s pain. The help he could offer was merely the companionship of a friend.

“I’m going to leave New York for a while, probably not as long as last time, but at least for a month or two,” Renly carefully observed Hazel’s expression. Last time, his sudden departure without prior notice had been a blow to Hazel, so this time he chose to inform her in advance, hoping to provide her with some psychological preparation.

Unexpectedly, Hazel just nodded, displaying a calm and composed demeanour. “So, what’s the good news?”

Now Renly was a bit puzzled, but he continued, “I’m about to star in a new project. This time it’s a movie.”

“So you’re leaving this time to shoot a movie?” Hazel immediately grasped the situation.

After watching “The Pacific,” Hazel understood that Renly’s departure was not him abandoning her but a pursuit of his dreams. Isn’t that a good thing? At least one of them is tirelessly chasing after their dreams. Therefore, upon hearing the news of Renly’s impending departure again, Hazel felt a bit lost but more than anything, she felt happy.

“Well, the movie is going to be filmed in Spain,” Renly was able to detect the mixed emotions in Hazel’s eyes – a faint joy and a subtle sense of loss intertwining. But at least this was a positive signal. “The budget for the production isn’t abundant, so we can’t afford to rent a studio in Los Angeles or Toronto. We have to go to the investor’s headquarters, where we can rent all the necessary equipment at the lowest price.”

The filming location for “Buried” is in Barcelona. Although Renly and Rodrigo have to fly to Europe, and incurring travel expenses, it’s still much cheaper than renting a studio in Burbank. Next week, Renly is going to fly to Spain with Rodrigo.

“Haha, does this mean I’ll be able to see you on the big screen?” Hazel is only fifteen years old after all and her emotions couldn’t help but be jubilant. “Seeing a friend I know on the big screen? Oh my God, this is the coolest thing in my life. I have to post it on Facebook to make my classmates jealous.”

Renly didn’t want to burst Hazel’s dream bubble. “Buried” is an independent film, and it is questionable whether they would find a distributor. Even if they find one, it is still likely it will have a limited release, having a widespread cinema release would be difficult. The most realistic outcome is landing a movie in art-house cinemas.

However, these are all concerns for later. Looking at Hazel’s excited smile now, why bother analyzing all those uncertain matters that are going to happen in the future?

“I will show off my most handsome side and make your friends envy you to the point of getting stomachache!” Renly clenched his fist, with a determined look, causing Hazel to burst into laughter, “Alright, let’s temporarily put aside the showing off; we should go back now.” Renly pointed to the two figures at the front door that remained standing there the whole time, “I’m not sure if your parents are worried about your health or worried about me doing something inappropriate.”

When it comes to talking nonsense seriously, Renly is definitely a genius. Hazel was laughing so hard that she couldn’t speak.

Renly stood up and extended his right hand to Hazel, “How about it, should we continue to keep them on tenterhooks? Keep the suspense until the end?”

Hazel’s smile paused at the corner of her mouth. She knew that Renly was giving her a way out.

Her legs were a bit swollen now. She had exceeded her standing time limit today, but she didn’t want to admit her weakness because she hadn’t been so happy in a long time, whether it was flying kites or listening to music.

Now, in a half-joking manner, Renly extended a helping hand, resolving her dilemma. However, looking at Renly’s eyes tainted with a playful smile, Hazel couldn’t help but blush and feel her heart race.

Carefully lifting her right hand, she placed it in Renly’s palm and attempted to stand up. Unexpectedly, in her first attempt, she ended up sitting back on the bench. The pain in her legs mercilessly crushed over the weak and powerless muscles, and all the emotions instantly dissipated, leaving only pain, an unbearable pain.

Hazel couldn’t help but squeeze her eyes shut.

“Come on.” Hazel heard the voice of Renly again. She opened her eyes again and saw Renly’s broad back facing her, the guitar now in front of him. “Although I don’t want your parents to misunderstand, it seems that the prince charming must step up now.”

His playful words made Hazel laugh again. The words of refusal reached her lips, but she ultimately swallowed them. Then she slowly leaned forward, her whole body lying on Renly’s back. His strong and warm back seemed like a calm harbour, causing her to gently exhale.

Afterwards, Renly stood up and walked towards the hospital in an orderly manner.

Renly didn’t start speaking because Hazel was really light as if she had almost no weight. She was fifteen after all, the age when she should be growing taller and gaining weight. This made Renly’s mood sink, even though he had long been accustomed to the ups and downs of hospital life. However, this was a lesson that he could never truly learn, and the weight of each occurrence of heaviness and sadness never diminished.

In just fifty short yards, Hazel fell asleep on Renly’s back, sleeping soundly.

Hazel’s father, Derek Cross, greeted them and tried to take over from Renly. However, upon seeing Hazel asleep and with Renly’s insistence, he did not insist further and continued to escort Hazel back to the ward.

Ellie Cross called the doctor and they conducted a simple examination for Hazel. Fortunately, it was nothing serious, just a bit of swelling, and with some massage and rest, everything will be fine.

“Thank you, Renly,” Ellie was seeing of Renly out of the ward, while she was expressing gratitude with a smile. “Thanks for the kite you gave to Hazel; she really liked it. If it weren’t for that kite, she wouldn’t have been so willing to get out of bed today.”

Renly waved his hand, repeatedly denying, “That kite was just an excuse. What really helped her was everyone’s joint efforts.” Suppressing his usual teasing words, Renly scratched his head, “I hope Hazel’s physical therapy progresses well from now on.”

The disease of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is too cruel, and there is no cure for it. Currently, it can only be managed through physical rehabilitation to maintain muscle function and slow down the progression of the disease. Hazel had been refusing rehabilitation before, so her condition had been deteriorating rapidly. However, today, Hazel was willing to get out of bed, and that was a positive sign.

The Cross couple had to work a lot to pay for Hazel’s medical expenses. However, they never lost sight of their priorities. The couple worked together, managing their time between work and accompanying their daughter, consistently being at Hazel’s side. Honestly, Renly couldn’t imagine they could do any better.

“Thank you,” Ellie expressed her gratitude once again.

Renly and Ellie walked to the nurse’s station together. Ellie wanted to inquire about dinner, as Hazel was still asleep, and dinner was probably not going to be served on time. Renly walked to the elevator and pressed the button, but couldn’t help turning back to look at Ellie’s figure. She carefully and earnestly asked about all the relevant precautions. Her elegant face seemed unaffected, but the slightly curled fingers betrayed her concern as a mother.

This reminded Renly of his mother. Not Elizabeth Hall, but Ding Yanan from his previous life.

Aristocratic families demanded restraint and reserve, never easily revealing emotions in any situation. Even in arguments, they were extremely patient. Many times, the dispute had not even begun, and the anger had been silently suppressed. Therefore, every member of his family appeared distant and polite, even somewhat reticent.

Ding Yanan was different; her emotions were passionate, rich, and outward. After the car accident, he complained to his mother, blaming all her arrangements for binding his wings, robbing him of his childhood, youth, and ultimately his future. But Ding Yanan never complained, silently bearing all his emotions, persistently accompanying him day after day—literally.

One night, he woke up thirsty and saw his mother sitting on the windowsill, gazing blankly into the darkness. The sense of loss and confusion as if she couldn’t find her way, being so empty with no one to support her. That vaguely lonely figure was indescribable.

It was only at that moment that he truly understood his mother’s profound love. Perhaps she did make a wrong choice; perhaps he did lose his childhood and youth. But at least, they still had each other.

Ding Yanan, like Ellie, is a mother. However, they are both ordinary people who make mistakes, feel regret, get excited, become angry, and get hurt.

“Ding,” the elevator arrived.

Ellie heard the sound, turned around, waved goodbye, and Renly nodded with a smile, then entered the elevator. The elevator doors slowly closed.

“Renly, Renly!” Just as the elevator doors were about to close, a clear voice shouted. Renly quickly pressed the open door button, the elevator door opened, and then he saw the petite figure of Annie Seliman. She was jumping up, her face filled with a brilliant smile, and her bright eyes outshining the North Star. Her joyful voice was full of happiness, “I’ve had a bowel movement! I had a bowel movement!”

“Well done, girl!” Renly also laughed heartily, immediately raising his right hand. Annie rushed forward, accurately hitting Renly’s palm. Renly raised his thumb, “See, who’s the best now?”

“Annie! Annie!” The little girl jumped excitedly, then, like a whirlwind, ran out, shouting loudly, “I’m the best!” The whole world brightened up at that moment.

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