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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 241

Chapter 241 – Celebration

Lu Chen and Liao Jia didn’t go far.

The main reason for leaving the scene is that the identities of these two are too sensitive. Even if it was all in self-defense, it’s easy for this to be labeled as a drunken brawl by unscrupulous media, which would harm their public image.

After Liao Jia sobered up, he took out his phone and made several calls.

Finally, he said to Lu Chen, “Basically, everything’s fine now. Those guys are from a security company, and they weren’t injured; they were all detained by the police. Little Li is already handling it.”

“In case there are photos or videos posted online, you must absolutely not admit to anything!”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “I know that, Elder Brother Liao. Don’t worry.”

Liao Jia patted Lu Chen’s shoulder heavily and said, “You’re really skillful!”

He genuinely admires Lu Chen.

Liao Jia, when he had just graduated from junior high school and had started mingling in society, he had picked up some street smarts. If it weren’t for meeting Gao Yi, he’d either be buried in a ditch or locked up in some prison by now.

During his time when he was at the bottom, Liao Jia had been in countless fights, so when someone would try to provoke him, he wouldn’t be easily frightened. Instead, he’d grab a bottle and be ready to fight.

His past experiences allowed him to recognize just how formidable Lu Chen’s skills are. In a blink of an eye, Lu Chen dismantled the opponent’s main fighting force, even though it could be considered an ambush. There was no doubt about his strength.

Lu Chen is tall and handsome, which Liao Jia scoffed at first, but Lu Chen’s talent and combat abilities truly earned him his admiration and respect.

This was due to his character and life experiences.

With the influence of alcohol, Liao Jia’s head grew hot, and he said, “Lu Chen, from now on, we’re brothers. If you ever face something you can’t handle in the Capital, just come to your big brother here!”

He patted his chest resolutely.

Lu Chen couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time, finally understanding why Liao Jia had such a reputation in their circle.

However, such a person might have a fiery temper but he also has a good heart, unlike some who always appeared friendly on outside but would stab you in the back.

Lu Chen said, “Elder Brother Liao…”

Ring, ring

He had just begun speaking when his phone started ringing. “…Let me take this call first,” he said.

Surprisingly, it was Chen Feier calling Lu Chen.

This Heavenly Queen seemed quite angry and asked straightforwardly, “Is Liao Jia with you?”

Lu Chen replied, “Um…”

Chen Feier said, “Give him the phone; I want to talk to him!”

Lu Chen had no choice but to hand the phone to Liao Jia, while saying, “It’s for you.”

Liao Jia got surprised, “Who is it?”

Why would someone call Lu Chen to seek him out? He couldn’t figure it out.

Lu Chen sighed.

His intuition told him that Chen Feier must had already found out about what had just happened and had called him to confront them!

Wasn’t this news spreading a bit too quickly?

Liao Jia is not a fool either, and when he saw the expression on Lu Chen’s face, he immediately understood, “Sister-in-law?”

So, Chen Feier had turned into a “Sister-in-law” in his mind!

His face changed color, and he waved his hands repeatedly, while saying, “I won’t take it. Just tell sister-in-law that I know I was wrong and promise that I won’t do such things again in the future!”

Lu Chen was taken out by Liao Jia, so when something like this happened, Liao Jia’s responsibility is undoubtedly the greatest.

He himself is an old gun. So, even if the fighting incident came to light, he wouldn’t really care too much.

But Lu Chen is different. His reputation is originally very good, and he is in the midst of a career upswing, a time when gaining momentum is crucial. Any flaw in his character could have a very negative impact for his career.

It is normal for Chen Feier to be angry.

Not only did Liao Jia not accept Chen Feier’s phone call, but he also hurriedly walked away, saying, “I’m going to find Little Li. You can take a taxi back by yourself, and I’ll reimburse you for the fare later. It’s safer that way.”

Lu Chen was completely speechless—this guy is truly an old rascal!

With no other options, he could only say to Chen Feier, “Did you hear that? Elder Brother Liao ran away.”

“As the saying goes, ‘You can run, but you can’t hide.!'”

Chen Feier huffed and said, “I’ll settle this debt with him. In the future, just avoid him…”

Sister Heavenly Queen rambled a lot to Lu Chen on the phone.

She clearly didn’t have a good impression of Liao Jia and kept warning Lu Chen to be careful not to be influenced by him.

Chen Feier even blamed Lu Chen. Why was he so impulsive?

Lu Chen was again speechless.

In fact, Lu Chen felt that Liao Jia is not a bad person and he could be a good friend.

Of course, he wouldn’t say this to Chen Feier, who was still very angry.

Truthfully, this is the first time Lu Chen have seen Chen Feier so angry, even though they were talking over the phone.

It felt quite fresh.

After scolding Lu Chen, Chen Feier probably felt that she was putting too much pressure on him, so she asked gently, “Where are you now? I’ll come pick you up.”

Lu Chen quickly said, “No need to trouble yourself. I’ll take a taxi home.”

Chen Feier thought for a moment and said, “Then go back and take a rest. I’ll keep an eye on this matter for you.”

Lu Chen said, “Thank you.”

Chen Feier softly replied, “You don’t need to be so polite. I…I kind of miss you.”

A warm feeling welled up in Lu Chen’s heart, and he immediately felt a surge of excitement, “Should I come find you now?”

He wished he had asked her to come pick him up earlier.

Chen Feier smiled and said, “Get some rest early, sweetheart.”

She kissed him over the phone.

Lu Chen was speechless.(T/N – In a span of about five minutes brother got speechless five times😅😅)

After leaving Siming Street, he hailed a taxi and returned to his apartment.

The conflict that occurred in front of Old Zhu Sichuan Restaurant that night did not cause any ripples in or outside their circle.

Some individuals posted photos from the scene on their blogs, mainly suspecting Liao Jia’s involvement.

However, due to the lack of evidence and Liao Jia’s PR efforts, a handful of these blog posts disappeared without a trace.

Behind all big-name celebrities, there is usually a powerful PR team that wields significant influence over the media. It’s quite easy to control trivial matters like this, for example, the account that posted the blog post was quickly suspended, with the reason being that it was a stolen account that posted objectionable adverts.

Throughout it all, Lu Chen’s name never appeared.

On the fifth day after returning to Beijing, on the evening of November 21st, he showed up at the banquet hall of the Lijing Grand Hotel.

The Lijing Grand Hotel is a well-known five-star hotel in Beijing, and Lu Chen had been here more than once before. The last time he visited this hotel was for the wedding of Chen Jianhao and Sister Na.

But this time, he was here to attend the Flying Stone Records’ MSN Platinum Celebration and Fan Meeting!

On November 5th, the MSN girl group that is under Flying Stone Records officially released their first album, “Not Yet Lovers.”

This album was simultaneously available for sale on the Flying Music website and a crowdfunding platform.

As of now, in just 17 days, the total sales of “Not Yet Lovers” has surpassed 500,000 copies!

The Flying Music website had over 350,000 downloads and purchases, while the crowdfunding platform had over 140,000.

Such achievements are truly astonishing!

Look back to ten or twenty years ago, for first-tier or even second-tier singers and stars, as long as the promotion was done well, selling several hundred thousand cassette tapes or CDs in a little over half a month was normal. Those true superstars easily reached sales of several million copies for a single album.

However, it’s not the same anymore. The significant development of online media and the entertainment industry has led to rampant piracy.

Even someone like Chen Feier, a big name, hasn’t sold over a million copies of her albums in recent years.

In fact, it’s not easy at all to achieve platinum record certification.

As for those third or fourth-tier singers, they may need to resort to unconventional methods to sell over ten thousand copies of an album.

Tens of thousands or even thousands are considered normal!

MSN, the girl group, was just launched by Flying Stone Records this year after the transformation of this long-established record company into an entertainment company. They are trying to capture the young market with this move.

Due to several past failures, Flying Stone Records had invested a significant amount of resources and funds into creating MSN. The production cost of just the album “Not Yet Lovers” exceeded tens of millions!

This kind of lavish investment is rare even in the Capital, where there are many entertainment companies.

So, in the eyes of industry professionals, it’s normal for “Not Yet Lovers” to perform well, and it would be abnormal if it didn’t.

However, no one expected MSN to become so explosively popular.

Not to mention the big hit album “Not Yet Lovers.” Just the pre-sale on the crowdfunding platform, with a maximum selling price of 1888 for limited edition merchandise packages, surprisingly sold out all 688 units!

With just this transaction, Flying Stone Records was able easily earn back a million!

So, despite many people in the industry questioning the astonishing sales of “Not Yet Lovers,” Flying Stone Records happily hosted a platinum records commemorative event. They invited their colleagues as well as MSN’s fans to come and celebrate.

And, of course, as the creator and producer of the title track – “Not Yet Lovers,” Lu Chen was among those invited.

Lin Zhijie personally delivered the invitation to Lu Chen’s studio.

The music director of Flying Stone Records told Lu Chen that the success of “Not Yet Lovers” was genuine. Initially, the company had prepared funds for chart manipulation, but they later realized it wasn’t necessary at all.

The sales on the first day were eye-popping, even astonishing the people within the company.

This platinum record is unquestionably valuable and can withstand any scrutiny, so celebrating it is completely justified!

Lin Zhijie also told Lu Chen that currently, MSN’s performance fees have exceeded 300,000, and their brand endorsements start at a minimum of one million. In due time, they are bound to become the cornerstone of Flying Stone Records.

Or, to put it more accurately, they would become a money-making machine.

Therefore, regarding Flying Stone Records, they hope to establish a deeper partnership with the Lu Chen’s studio.

For the next album, Lu Chen will even take a share, and it will be a share of the sales!

At this celebration, he is, of course, a guest of honor.

When he arrived at the banquet hall of the Lijing Grand Hotel, it was already bustling with people, and dozens of banquet tables were filled.

The large stage in front was beautifully decorated, and on the big LED screen there was a broadcasting of behind-the-scenes footage from the MSN MV shoot and their life records. The top executives of the Flying Stone Records were all standing on the red carpet.

Everyone had enthusiastic smiles on their faces.

“Teacher Lu!”

Lu Chen had just walked in, and someone immediately greeted him.

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