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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 240

Chapter 240 – Elated

After nightfall, Siming Street was bustling with activity, and the food stalls along the street were packed with diners.

Liao Jia’s temperament is different from ordinary people. He doesn’t care about the public’s gaze, whether he would expose his identity or not. When the mood for drinking came upon him, he borrowed a guitar and played it on the spot. His style could be described as unrestrained.

In the world of rock music, there are very few who can’t play the guitar, and rock singers often had the most guitar virtuosos among them.

Liao Jia’s guitar playing is definitely masterful.

Without using a pick, a series of passionate and fervent notes poured out from his fingertips, astonishing the original owner of the guitar and attracting the attention of many diners around.

Lu Chen chuckled in amazement.

Because Liao Jia was talking about ‘In Spring,’ but he had added his own touch to the prelude.

This national rock idol is definitely not just a name without substance!

“Remember the spring many years ago, At the time I haven’t cut my long hair short…”

“Without a credit card and without her, there’s no home with 24-hour hot water.”

“But back then, I was so happy, even though I had only a broken wooden guitar…”

“In the streets, under the bridge, in the fields, I sang those ignored folk songs!”

Liao Jia’s singing was deep and hoarse, with a rough and mature tone. Due to drinking a lot of alcohol, he couldn’t fully unleash his abilities, and his breath control wasn’t perfect.

But in this bustling city, hearing him sing “In Spring” with all his heart was still quite impressive!

Street performers are a common sight in Siming Street, and the diners are used to them. However, they rarely saw a customer sing so well on their own.

“If one day, I have no place to go, please leave me in that moment!”

“If one day, I quietly depart, please bury me in Spring!”

As he reached the chorus, intense emotions burst forth. Liao Jia’s face turned purple-red, veins bulging on his neck and forehead, as if he had poured all his strength into it. The guitar’s chords striked everyone’s hearts like a powerful beat.

The pedestrians crossing the street stopped in their tracks. Some of them raised their phones.

Even Lu Chen was infected by his singing.

After Liao Jia finished singing the first verse, he nodded towards Lu Chen, signaling him to sing too!

Lu Chen chuckled and didn’t refuse Liao Jia’s invitation.

He casually picked up an empty bottle from the table, holding it as if it was a microphone. He sang along with the accompaniment in a deep voice.

Lu Chen was a little drunk as well.

His style of singing “In Spring” is clearly different from Liao Jia’s. He didn’t have that rough hoarseness, nor did he have that deep-seated world-weariness, but it still carried intense emotions.

“Do you still remember those lonely springs, when I hadn’t yet grown a beard…”

“No Valentine’s Day, no gifts, no my lovely little princess…”

“But I felt like everything wasn’t so bad, even though I only had fantasies of love…”

“In the morning, at night, in the wind, singing those ignored folk songs!”

Lu Chen had sung “In Spring” before, even though he had sold this song to the Pang-Huang Band. Yet, he still loves this song very much.

It was just that for the first time he had sung the song, and now that he was singing it again – his life had changed dramatically.

The emotions of singing this song have also become very different.

There was more of his own perceptions about life!

As they sang fervently, Lu Chen ignored the gazes from those around and sang along with Liao Jia.

They looked like two drunk lunatics.

But lunatics who played the guitar really well and sang so beautifully…

Only in the Capital could one find this kind of lunatics.


After they finished the song, Liao Jia let out a low roar, picked up the beer on the table, and drank it all in one gulp.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

There was sporadic applause from the audience, and someone even whistled loudly.

Among the diners there were also foreigners, giving the two of them a thumbs-up.

Liao Jia put down the empty beer bottle. Then he returned the guitar to the young man who was the one originally performing.

The young man took the guitar and hesitantly asked, “May I… may I ask if you’re the one, that one…”

Liao Jia is wearing sunglasses, but the sunglasses couldn’t hide his entire face. The more he looked, the more familiar he felt.

Liao Jia chuckled and said, “You want to ask if I am Liao Jia, right? Hehe, many people have asked me that. Actually, I feel I’m more handsome than Liao Jia and sing better than him too!”

The young man was speechless and lost interest in pursuing this further. He continued singing with his girlfriend.

He thought this guy couldn’t possibly be Liao Jia. However, the person in front of him could easily appear on “Celebrity Impersonation Show.”

“Friend, sing another song!”

Just as the young couple had left, someone at the next table shouted, “Sing a few more songs, I’ll buy your album!”

There were five people at that table, all in their twenties or thirties, each looking strong and fit, like a group of gym trainers out for a meal. Some of them even had tattoos on their arms.

These people had also consumed a lot of alcohol, and the table was littered with empty bottles. The guy who wanted Liao Jia to sing again has long hair, reeked of alcohol, and had a wandering gaze. He waved his arms vigorously as he spoke.

Liao Jia had sung a bit earlier because he was in the mood, so he borrowed a guitar and belted out a few notes, letting out all his frustration.

Now that he had vented and was in a better mood, there was no way he was going to sing again for others.

After all, he isn’t a street performer.

“Come on, let’s continue drinking!” Liao Jia didn’t even look at the other person and said to Lu Chen, “Tonight, we won’t stop until we’re wasted!”

“What the hell!”

Before Lu Chen could reply, the long-haired youth got angry. He stood up suddenly, his eyes filled with bloodshot veins, and shouted at Liao Jia, “Master is giving you face by letting you sing, don’t be shameless!”

Little Li immediately stood up and stood in front of Liao Jia, while saying coldly, “Friend, you’ve had too much to drink.”

The long-haired youth was indeed drunk, so his rationality had dropped below the baseline. Without thinking, he picked up a alcohol bottle from the table, took a step forward, and swung it towards Little Li.

Little Li, being Liao Jia’s personal assistant, is no ordinary person. Before the bottle could land on him, he swiftly kicked the youth in the stomach with force.

He could have dodged, of course, but Liao Jia was behind him!

So he could only retaliate.

The long-haired youth couldn’t dodge in time and was kicked, making a muffled sound as he staggered back, bending at the waist like a cooked shrimp.

But he didn’t fall down; his face became extremely grim, as he hoarsely exclaimed, “Damn…”

To be able to speak after being kicked in the stomach, this long-haired youth had quite a robust physique, and also Little Li had controlled his strength.

However, the youth clearly didn’t appreciate this favour and had instead erupted in anger, saying, “Disable him!”

The four companions of the long-haired youth simultaneously lunged towards Little Li. Their movements were lightning-fast.

Little Li’s expression immediately changed.

He was trained in free combat, so dealing with a few ordinary people was no problem, but these individuals were clearly not ordinary. Being surrounded by four or five of them would undoubtedly put him at a disadvantage.

Little Li himself was not afraid of taking a beating even if it meant having his limbs broken. He could recover afterward.

However, if something happens to Liao Jia, then his livelihood would be completely ruined!

Thinking about the severe consequences of the situation, Little Li gritted his teeth and charged at them instead of retreating.

His plan was to desperately engage with them, then as long as someone calls the police, he would be safe once they arrive.

This is the Capital City, and here law enforcement is always efficient. The response time for 110 emergency services is very quick.


What Little Li never expected was that as soon as he took a step forward, one of the long-haired youth’s companions would suddenly lost balance and fell heavily to the ground!

The one who lent him a helping hand was none other than Lu Chen.

Seeing that the situation was turning out to be unfavorable for them, Lu Chen stood up without a word. He swept his right leg, knocking down the closest person to him, rendering him completely powerless.

That guy was heading towards Liao Jia!

In the next moment, Lu Chen accelerated forward like a hunting leopard. He suddenly sidestepped and used his shoulder to forcefully hit the second opponent, sending him flying.

This unlucky guy crashed into his companion and even toppled a table. The encirclement instantly collapsed.

As the long-haired youth was recovering, he became furious at the sight of this situation. He raised his fist and aimed for Lu Chen’s face with all his strength.

Lu Chen stopped and turned around. He raised his right arm, elbow out, to block the incoming fist. While, his left hand flashed like lightning, striking the opponent’s throat precisely.


The fiercely determined long-haired youth immediately turned pale, as he fell to his knees in excruciating pain, clutching his throat and attempting to vomit but failing to do so.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Chen had taken down three opponents, while Little Li seized the opportunity to punch another person in the face, knocking him to the ground.

The last one was so terrified, that he ended up running towards the street in a panic, leaving his companions behind.

At this moment, the entrance of Old Zhu’s Sichuan Restaurant was in chaos. Some people were screaming, some were laughing heartily, some were hastily calling the police, and others were taking pictures.

“Brother Li, I will leave this to you!”

After dealing with the opponents, Lu Chen immediately pulled Liao Jia, who had just grabbed a bottle of wine, and ran away.

Little Li kicked over a guy who was struggling to get up and said without looking back, “Don’t worry!”

It was fine for him to stay here and wait for the police, but that wouldn’t work for Liao Jia and Lu Chen.

Once their identities were exposed, they would definitely make headlines tomorrow.

Some people at the scene were already taking photos.

Lu Chen dragged Liao Jia to the street, and the alcohol in his mind finally cleared up a bit.

He threw the bottle of wine he was holding into a nearby trash can, grabbed Lu Chen’s shoulder firmly, and gasped, “Lu Chen, I really owe you this time. I consider you a true friend from now on!”

Lu Chen, with Liao Jia, mingled into the crowd, slowed down his pace, and said, “It’s nothing, this was just a small matter.”

For him helping Liao Jia was secondary; the most important thing was that this was a rare occasion for him to let go and have a good fight..

Drinking, fighting… He hadn’t had this much fun in a long time!

Liao Jia sighed and said, “Feier chose you for a reason, anyway… Anyway, treat her well in the future. When you two get married, I’ll give you a big gift!”

Lu Chen was speechless.

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