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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 7

 Chapter 7 – Moonlight Bathing

“Oh, busy, busy. Saint is a good boy and very helpful.”

Mother is a very wonderful woman who works like a spineless mouse.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and the room, which was a little dusty, is now clean.

Apparently, mother has not been married here for very long.

I guess she did not intend things to be the way they were when I first arrived, because the house is getting cleaner just by having mother here.

Such a hardworking mother is folding laundry next to me right now.

This is not the usual bedroom, but a room facing the sunlit garden.

I assume it is a guest room, given that it has a slightly nicer table and a cushion.

I’m lying on a fluffy cushion.

Hmm, the sun is dazzling.

It’s not bad to bask in the sun like this, once in a while.


“Ahh(I’m bored.)“

There is little that can be done with a baby’s body.

Even if I tried to work out, I could not move satisfactorily, and even if I tried to eat mysterious creatures, they would not show themselves in the presence of my mother.

I just can’ t do anything but lay around in a daze.

If it was a normal baby, that would probably be fine.

Maybe they learn a lot by seeing a different view than usual.

But I’m an adult.

This idle time seems like a waste.

Besides, I feel bad remembering those days when I was in the hospital and had no choice but to rest.

I would like to use my time in some meaningful way.

Yes, to do something to make it big as an Onmyoji.

It is only by spending this kind of time that one can qualify to become a professional. That’s what I think.

To become stronger as an Onmyoji, it is still important to develop spiritual power. What I can do now that I can’t do predation, which is the means to that end, is…

“Dabu (I wonder if this spiritual power can be moved)”

Such an idea popped into my head.

I think in a reincarnation manga I read in a previous life, they were doing something about transferring magic power.

Mine is not a magical power, but it is no less a mysterious power that travels through the body.

So, it may be worth the challenge.

I try to manipulate the spiritual power around my body intentionally, even if it doesn’t work.




Phew. Mother, could you please change my diaper?(T/N – How did we get from moving spiritual power to changing diapers??)

From that day on, I began to experiment with ways to manage my spiritual power.

It’s a cloud-catching, aimless task, but it’s all I can handle at the moment, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

Besides, it’s fun to think of it as training to become a Onmyoji.

I have never felt this sensation even in my previous life. I don’t even know what kind of work a Onmyoji does, and yet it is a somber and painful time, and I don’t even know if success will mean anything, but this feeling makes my heart race.

Yes, I was looking for something like this.


And so a month passed.

A baby’s body grows very fast. I can now flap my arms and legs and move my head a little.

Until now, I have felt a dullness, as if my body were my own but without nerves, but now it is finally obeying my will.

Now, I honestly don’t care about physical growth.

I knew that if I left it alone, it would grow on its own.

It’s not about that, it’s about spirituality.

Finally, finally, it finally worked.

Around the two week mark, I asked, “Isn’t it just like physical activity, it just doesn’t work in the first place?” I began to suspect that it was the only thing that turned the tide slightly.

The spiritual power that travels from the heart through the blood vessels became stagnant in the area around the stomach, in what is called the tanden, I believe.

If I am not careful, I will soon return to the regular flow, but I am pleased to be able to move it anyway.

How this can really be utilized remains to be seen. For now, I would like to train myself to be more versatile.

Today, as always, I was gaining strength by absorbing the mysterious creatures that entered my mouth.

“Ahhhh (I feel like I’m getting much more spiritual power. I wonder if it’s accumulating instead of consuming).”

It is the nature of this spiritual power that has been bothering me lately.

At first, I thought it was like nutrients, which decrease in amount as they are used and should be taken daily, but it seems that this is not the case.

The spiritual power circulating in the body shows no sign of decreasing, and the more it is absorbed, the more it increases.

“Ehhhhh (Maybe using the Onmyojutsu technique reduces it. How much does it reduce it at one time?)”

Depending on that, the amount of spiritual power accumulated now may be as much as a child’s allowance.

Just as a large sum of money as a child can change the order of magnitude of the money you spend once you start earning your own money, so too is the possibility that your current efforts may not amount to much.

After all, I can’t wait to learn many things as an Onmyoji.

However, it is difficult to do so when one cannot even have a proper conversation yet.

It’s a world of Onmyoji, and if you suddenly start talking, they might say you have a demon attached to you or something and throw you away.

For the sake of mother, I should play the role of a normal boy who grows up a little faster than the others around him.

After all, there is no other way but to try things by groping with the spiritual power I have now.

It is also called maintaining the status quo.

“Today is a full moon. Let’s watch the moon together.”

At this time of the day, when I would normally go to bed, for some reason, my mother took me out to the porch.

If you show a baby the moon, he won’t think anything of it. Is it part of emotional education?

“Yes, please stay still on this formation. If you do so, I hear that you can borrow a little of the moon’s power.”

What’s that? Did the moon have such mysterious power?

When I believed mother’s words and remained still, I did indeed feel a creeping sensation in my body.

This is the feeling I get when I absorb a mysterious creature and my spiritual power increases.

The moonlight should only reflect sunlight. If that is the case, I would think that the same effect could be achieved by sunlight during the daytime, but I guess there must be some kind of reasoning along that path in the world of Onmyoji.

If just taking a nap every day would make you stronger, everyone would be doing it.

Besides, the spiritual power gained by moonlighting is much smaller than the spiritual power gained by absorbing mysterious creatures. It is a no-risk, low-return training method.

“I am sure your father is working hard right now. Your father is amazing. He is guarding the head of the of the Goken family.”

What, escort?

Do Onmyoji escort people?

By the way, which family is the Goken family?

The job of the asshole father is finally revealed, but to be frank, I don’t know what exactly he’s doing.

I had always thought that they were exterminating monsters, since they are called “Onmyoji“.

However, it must be a prestigious job, judging from the way the mother talks about it. If you are protecting the head of a prestigious family, you certainly have to have a certain level of trust in the person you are working with.

I’m persuaded that it’s an escort mission and that’s why he’ s staying overnight.

Then the mother looked up at the moon for a while.

I wonder if she is thinking of my shitty father who works far away from home. On a facial level, it’s really uncomfortable because it’s totally out of character.

What kind of relationship did they have to get married?

Unfortunately, clouds came in and hid the full moon.

The moonlight bathing was withdrawn after about three hours, and the world-filling wonder experience came to an end.

Today was a meaningful day, as I discovered new ways to do this other than absorbing mysterious creatures.

At this point, I intend to immerse myself in the world of the Onmyoji.


T/N – Thank you all for reading this novel and my translation of this novel. I hope you are going to end up liking it even more.

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