I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 6

 Chapter 6 – Old tale

“Come on, Saint. I’ll read you a picture book.”

At night, the mother reads to me in a room gently lit by anachronistic lanterns.

It’s the same story every night for the past few days.

“Once upon a time, in a certain place, there was born the founder of the Kyobe family, Momiji-sama. Born the son of a farmer, he was a very good boy who ate well, learned well, and worked hard.”

The content is highly educational. This is not surprising since it is a picture book for children.

But it is interesting to note that the path of this education is a straight line of Onmyoji.

“One day, while he was plowing his family’s field, a yokai ran out from deep in the forest. He and his family rushed to escape, and his younger sister fell down in front of him. For the sake of his sister, who had failed to escape, Momiji-sama confronted the yokai.”

It is reckless by any measure.

It seems that the yokai is a powerful enemy that even an Onmyoji cannot defeat so easily.

I understand not wanting to leave his sister to die, but standing there without a countermeasure will only result in one more dead body.

Well, children’s picture books are not required to have such sense of reality.

“At that moment when the yokai attacked, Momiji-sama wrote the formation in his head to the ground and shouted. “I, the one who feeds on spiritual power and seeks to make a connection with the other world. Answer my call and lend me your power!” Then the formation glowed and a dragon emerged from the swirl of light.”

It is doubtful that he really called the dragon. I suspect it is quite a stretch.

I, a dirty adult at heart, could not honestly be impressed by this story.

Nevertheless, there must have been similar events. As the founder, Momiji-sama must have had tremendous talent.

Now, this story tells the beginning of our Kyobe family in a very clear way.

From a peasant to a skilled Onmyoji in a generation, he quickly rose to the top and lived happily ever after with a beautiful wife. The end.

In summary, here’s what we have.

Unlike picture books sold on the market, these are handmade items handed down in the family.

Enlightenment about Onmyoji is mixed in here and there, and the will of the parents that Onmyoji is cool and that you should study hard is intervening.

It’s pretty shabby, the pictures are old, and you can guess that they had a hard time raising their children in the past.

“Yes, that’s it for today. It’s time for bedtime. I’m going to turn off the light.”

With that, she turns off the lanterns and gets into the futon next to me.

There is no shitty father.

The day after he performed that ritual, he went back to work or something.

For some time now, I’ve been living alone with my mother.

Apparently, he is working overnight and is not able to come home.

A little bit of a monopoly. Hell yeah.

Well, if I remember that I used to be a company stockbreeder, I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for him.

The mother is also asleep, and they reappear in the bedroom, where she has fallen asleep.

They show up during the day and come near my mouth when I’m sleeping. However, they don’t touch me in front of my mother when she is watching.

They are probably targeting only frail beings like babies.

Now the creepy maggots and winged insects are coming closer.

In all likelihood, it had something to do with the onigiri rice balls father made me eat during that ritual.

I suspect that the winged insects are breeding somewhere in this building, just as the eggs were planted in the rice balls, I presume.

These days, insects appear more often than humans. I can only imagine that.

But this is the situation one would hope for.

Considering the fact that I was fed a mysterious creature in a ritual, I think it is vital for me to train my spiritual power as an Onmyoji. Like muscle training for athletes.

And that ritual increased my spiritual power considerably. I was so strong that no wonder beings that entered through my mouth could beat me.

If this happens, it would be gratifying to have the food come to me on its own.

“Ahh (Pfft, you can be the foundation of my supremacy).”

This is exactly the kind of growth cheat that only reincarnated people can undertake.

Actively accepting wonder organisms into my mouth, I consciously digest and absorb them.

If I work hard now, I am sure I can become a promising Onmyoji in the future.

Not knowing what happens if you lose is a little scary, but you can’t get a return without taking a risk.

To become a celebrity, I had to fight against this unpleasant sensation again today.



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