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Perfect Superstar – Chapter 251

Chapter 251 – Looking into your eyes

This welcoming banquet didn’t end until 9 o’clock at night.

Director Zhong Yue has an extraordinary capacity for alcohol. He and his assistant teamed up to resist the successive attacks from Zhang De, Lu Chen, and others. He drank four or five bottles of red wine and, in the end, only had a slight hint of intoxication, about seven or eight points.

Zhang De had already booked rooms to stay in this hotel.

Lu Xi followed Lu Chen to his executive suite, accompanied by Chen Feier.

Both sisters had consumed quite a bit of alcohol, so their faces were flushed. They sat on the sofa with a dazed look, whispering to each other.

Although Lu Chen had also consumed a lot of alcohol, he had built up a tolerance, so he remained quite sober. He prepared hot water and tea to help them sober up.

While busy, Lu Xi suddenly said, “Lu Chen, please sit down; I have something to ask you!”

Her expression was very serious.

Lu Chen was surprised but still sat down, saying, “What’s wrong, sis?”

“What’s wrong?”

A cold smile appeared on Lu Xi’s face as she glanced at the tipsy Chen Feier beside her and asked, “Be honest, are you and Feier dating?”


Chen Feier wasn’t so drunk that she didn’t hear that clearly, and her face immediately blushed as if it were about to bleed.

Even though few friends knew the real relationship between the two, Lu Xi was Lu Chen’s sister, the closest person to him.

This was completely different.

Lu Chen remained silent for a moment and suddenly held Chen Feier’s hand, as he earnestly replied, “Yes.”

“I knew it!”

Lu Xi instantly felt a bit deflated.

She had long suspected the relationship between the two, and now it was finally confirmed.

It felt a bit strange.

In Lu Xi’s heart, Lu Chen had always been that troublesome ghost who liked to follow her around, needing the care and attention of his family, which was the most important reason she had come all the way to the capital to help him.

And now, suddenly, the older sister realized that her little brother had truly grown up. Not only does he have his own career, but he has also found his life partner.

Why did it have to be Chen Fei’er?

Lu Xi was feeling surreal – she will have a famous sister-in-law?

To be honest, she’s still a fan of Chen Feier!

Lu Xi is proud of her younger brother because he is exceptionally talented. She also felt a faint sense of loss and bitterness.

When Lu Chen held Chen Feier’s hand and openly admitted their relationship to Lu Xi, the sweetness in Chen Feier’s heart exploded, and her eyes were on the verge of overflowing with tears. Showing indescribable tenderness and affection.

As a pop queen, she has never felt inferior, but after establishing a relationship with Lu Chen, she couldn’t help but have some worries, she was afraid of emotional turbulence.

Now those unreliable thoughts were gone!

At this moment, Lu Chen felt Chen Feier’s affection, and he couldn’t help but hold her hand tighter.

Lu Xi saw this and said, “Sister Feier, in the future, you should pay more attention to Lu Chen. He knows how to attract girls. Back in college…”


Lu Chen scratched his throat and said, “Sis!”

Chen Feier chuckled and said, “Sister Lu Xi, I got it.”

She glanced smugly at Lu Chen as if she was saying, “Now I’ve got something on you!”

Chen Feier is a few years older than Lu Xi, but because of her relationship with Lu Chen, they used “sis” to show their closeness, without worrying about formalities.

She freed herself from Lu Chen’s grasp and held onto Lu Xi’s arm, saying, “Lu Xi, how about you sleep with me tonight and tell me stories about him? Okay?”

Lu Xi smiled and replied, “Sure!”

So, the two of them got up and left, leaving Lu Chen who had mixed emotions alone.

The next morning, everyone gathered at the hotel again and took Zhang De’s provided vehicle to the Film and Television City.

With the accompaniment of many people, Zhong Yue first visited the set of “Autumn in My Heart.” Then, he carefully watched the first three episodes that had already been filmed.

Although the original video footage provided by the production team has not undergone post-production editing and dubbing, as the director of the program department at Haijin TV, Zhong Yue has reviewed countless episodes of TV dramas, honing a sharp eye.

The script for “Autumn in My Heart,” including the daily updates of the same-named novel chapters by Lu Chen on his blog, had already been seen by Zhong Yue. However, the script and the TV drama produced from it are two different things.

A great script and story, tarnished by poor directors and actors – it’s a common occurrence!

Even though Haijin TV had already made the decision to acquire rights for this TV drama, Zhong Yue still approached it with a cautious eye – he wanted to be responsible for his work.

And the result of his scrutiny left Zhong Yue truly surprised.

This TV drama has the potential to be a hit!

The first three episodes of the story are quite captivating, with a suspenseful start involving baby switching and emotional stories of exchanged characters that make viewers strongly desire to continue watching.

Most importantly, the performance of Lu Chen, who appeared later in the third episode, was amazing!

That’s right, it was stunning!

Ever since Lu Chen launched “Autumn in My Heart”, doubts from both inside and outside the entertainment industry have never disappeared. As a young singer who had just debuted, can he really act?

Most people believe that Lu Chen’s TV series should be nothing more than a show of good looks, just like many so-called youth idol dramas nowadays, where the main and supporting roles rely on their appearance and physique to attract fans rather than their acting skills.

What set him apart from others was simply that he got involved with Chen Feier!

Now, Zhong Yue realized that such statements were simply laughable. Lu Chen’s acting skills were in no way inferior to those of professionally trained famous actors, and he was even one of the biggest highlights of this TV series.

In contrast, it was Chen Feier’s acting that was a bit lacking, relying heavily on her appearance to compensate for it.

Furthermore, director Fang Hui’s handling of Autumn in My Heart” was undoubtedly spot-on, with a delicate sense of pure beauty unique to female directors, effectively reflecting the atmosphere of the story.

If there were any flaws, they were minimal, and that alone was enough to impress Zhong Yue.

This also strengthened his determination to secure broadcasting rights!

After watching the original footage, everyone had lunch together, and in the afternoon, they arrived at a music production company in Jinling.

According to the scheduled plan, Lu Chen and Chen Feier will collaborate on recording the theme song for “Autumn in My Heart.”

This theme song, along with the set photos and teaser trailer, will be used as promotional material for the TV series.

This local music production company in Jinling has a high-standard recording studio. Due to their connection with Flying Stone Records, they specifically freed up half a day to record this song.

The arrangement and accompaniment for the theme song were also completed with the help of Lin Zhijie, at Flying Stone Records.

When Lu Chen and the others rushed over, the recording studio of that company had already been prepared and was waiting for the two to enter the studio for recording.

Although this studio is the largest and best-equipped in Jinling, it has never hosted a big star like Chen Feier before.

Chen Feier has been in the industry for over a decade and has visited countless recording studios, so this setup did not affect her in the slightest.

Lu Chen had also adapted to it.

Both of them put on their monitoring headphones and began the first recording session under the camera’s lens.

The theme song for “Autumn in My Heart” was carefully selected by Lu Chen, taking into account Chen Feier’s requirements.

This song will also be included in her new album.

In the memory of Lu Chen, there were many duets between men and women singing love songs. However, it wasn’t easy to find a song that truly fit this story. In the end, although it couldn’t be called perfect, at least there were no issues with its style and emotion.

The name of this song is “Your Eyes.”

With the accompaniment of music, Lu Chen began to sing, “Loving you, I forget to wake up. I’d rather close my eyes…”

“Even if I sleep deeply for this lifetime and the next,

You are my rebirth.

Love is an ordeal,

Happy people don’t wander far,

Chasing after the bitter seasons from spring to autumn,

I’d rather be unpredictable with you.

Not letting your eyes,

See the sorrows of the world again,

I’ll commit to you in the wind and rain,

Kissing your heart with my pain!

Looking into your eyes,

There are too many endless tears,

My heart aches for every step of your love’s hardship,

Difficult dreams are especially heartfelt!”

Lu Chen and Chen Feier took turns singing, then sang together with incredible harmony.

Lu Chen’s voice was as clear and pure as if it were a crystal, untouched by any impurities.

Chen Feier’s singing was like a heavenly melody, gentle and deep, carrying a hint of sadness and melancholy, as well as a resolute and unwavering determination of love.

Despite it being their first recording, and despite having practiced only a few times before, it felt as if they had sung it a thousand times before. The emotions that had accumulated in their hearts suddenly burst forth, completely merging into their voices.

Naturally, it possessed the power to touch people’s hearts!

This song, ‘Your Eyes,’ does not have the sweet and greasy antiphonal singing of ordinary love songs, nor does it have the melodramatic struggle of sorrowful ballads. Instead, it was filled with a gentle tenderness, brimming with emotion.

The sentiment expressed in the song mirrored the story’s soul – that when you see me and I find you, the whole world is just you and me, all the scenery exists within your eyes, and that’s enough!

“I won’t let your eyes see the world’s sorrow again, we’ll endure wind and rain together…”

The most sincere emotions couldn’t be expressed any other way.

In the monitoring room outside the recording studio, everyone held their breath.

Zhang De, Zhong Yue, Lu Xi, Fang Hui, Sister Li, Li Feiyu… and at least a dozen others, including the manager of the music production company, were all focused on listening to this song, afraid to miss even a single note.

Inside the recording studio, Lu Chen and Chen Feier locked eyes with each other, seeing the hidden affection in each other’s eyes.

At this moment, their hearts were in sync.

No words were needed; the song was enough to convey everything. Perhaps their relationship will be as tumultuous as this story, but at least for now, it was filled with happiness, warmth, and sweetness!

Author’s Note: Song – “Your Eyes”, Lyrics: Xu Changde, Composition: Xiong Tianping

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