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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Switching to Killing

“Hijiri, today I will teach you how to perform the Gokusai Reisatsu Jin and how to make the Nentensatsu no Fuda, the Twisting and Turning Killing talisman.”


Yay, my killing intent will be increased!

Now I will be able to beat up Yōkai to a pulp!

I wish I could have been happy honestly with this…….

There is something wrong with my father.

He had previously taught me only safe, non-aggressive Onmyojutsu, but recently he has suddenly changed his training program.

I asked him, in a roundabout way, if it was okay for him to teach me, a child, these techniques that could hurt people if used incorrectly.

“You’ll be fine. I’ve heard you’ve never flaunted your Onmyojutsu to anyone, not even in kindergarten.”

He said that and continued to instruct me.

Well, if you’re going to teach me, I’ll gratefully accept your teaching.

Understanding my learning speed, my dad gave me new insights one after another.

From dangerous Onmyojutsu, to difficult formation drawing, to complex ritual procedures, it is as if I am digesting the contents of an instructional book all at once.

Thanks to him, my appetite for knowledge has been satisfied over the last few months.

I could never study for a test for longer than an hour, but I could concentrate as much as I wanted on Onmyojutsu. The enthusiasm I felt that day has yet to abate.

However, it is difficult to practice any of these techniques in the courtyard because of the severity of the effects and the cost. For now, I will be satisfied with knowledge alone.

“First, let’s start with the “Twisting and Turning Killing” talisman. This is a combination of the “vibration” and “rotation” formations, connected by 12 keyways, and drawn as a single formation. It is a simple yet powerful talisman that can distort the space around the talisman. For this reason, many houses have developed a variety of Twisting and Turning Killing talismans.

I already know that.

I’ve used this stuff in practice.

It’s a great starter. It’s stupidly powerful.

“If you make this talisman at the highest quality, you can eliminate up to a Threat Level 3 Disaster type with a single blow. However, it often fails. If it is not made well, it will not have the desired effect. It also has poor durability. If you can make a consistent high-quality Twisting and Turning Killing talismans, you can even be called a professional talisman-maker. You may even be able to make a living as a talisman maker.”

“Heh. That’s quite a challenge.”

All the Twisting and Turning Killing talismans I made fulfilled their purpose, including the trial versions.

Doesn’t that mean my talisman making skills are pretty good?

I didn’t realize in my previous life that I had such talent lying dormant. ……!

Yeah, no.

I’ve practiced making a mountain of talismans, and I’ve produced thousands of unsuccessful talismans.

If anything, I’m still mass-producing burnable trash. I can’t even put them out for recycling because of the risk of technological leaks.

They are all incinerated in a corner of the courtyard.

A series of “Twisting and Turning Killing” talismans that I made were successful. This means that something else must be the key to these talismans.

“Does it not work on Threat Level 4 and above?”

“They just can’t be killed with a single blow. It can hurt them, and if they are the Killing type, it can skew the trajectory of their attack. It’s a very versatile talisman, depending on the application. However, considering its instability, it is better suited for defense. It is also more reliable to use a formation when attacking. I often prepare it as a trump card in case of emergency.”

Hmmm…this kind of knowledge not found in instructional books is a valuable thing to learn.

It is precious information that can only come from an Onmyoji who has experienced actual battles.

“Here’s an example. The Twisting and Turning Killing talismans are a type of talismans that disappears when it is activated. Therefore, there is a possibility of failure even if you prepare it according to the instruction manual. You should experiment on your own. The area of effect is small, so I will allow you to practice in the courtyard.”


While my father is at work, I am reviewing the Onmyojutsu he taught me.

Because of the increase in the number and quality of lessons, these days, even if I spend a whole week, I still wouldn’t have enough time to learn it all.

I asked my mother if I could take a day off from kindergarten to practice Onmyojutsu, and as expected, she didn’t give me permission.

‘It’s good to study hard, but it’s also important to play with your friends.’

She said.

I never thought my parents would say to me, ‘You should play more instead of studying all the time’.

I had heard the opposite line so many times that it made my ears burst.

Onmyojutsu is more of a hobby than it is a subject to study so I enjoy this time when I can learn new techniques.

I’ve learned on my own to make the Twisting and Turning Killing talisman, so I understand it better now that my father has given me some tips and hints.

Oh, I see, this part was meant to be spelled out to limit the area of effect.

“The keystone here is particularly important. Because of the large number of strokes, it is easy for the shape of the formation to break down. Be careful with the strokes. …… yes, …….”

The first one is always supervised closely by my father.

The second one he lets me draw without any restrictions, then the third one he points out what he likes about it, and the fourth one is almost like the standard version. After that, I just wrote and learned to draw without any help from my father.

“You’re learning especially fast this time.”

“That’s because of the way you teach, father.”

Indeed, my father’s teaching style suits me.

I like the fact that he doesn’t coddle me too much, nor he leaves me alone too much, and lets me do things freely to a certain extent.

Maybe it’s because we are father and son, or maybe our personalities just happen to be similar. We don’t like to interfere too much with each other, which makes it easy for us to work together.

My father quickly picks up the fourth talisman I’ve drawn, and he checks the workmanship.

“Well done. Looks like …… your new brush is feeling right at home in your hand.”

As I was bending and stretching my stiff fingers, satisfied with his appreciation of my work, I heard him unexpectedly say something like that.

My father’s gaze fell on the brush, and there was a luxurious-looking gem, not suitable for a child’s use, sitting on the brush holder.

“Yes, I’m starting to understand how to use it. But I feel like I still didn’t master it.”

It was given to me just recently by my grandmother as a thanks for the amulet I gave her. She researched what I needed that I didn’t have via my mother.

When mom saw me in the living room overusing the brush, she consulted my father, who introduced her to Onmyojutsu Tool Store.

I didn’t ask what the price was but seeing it in a paulownia wood box wrapped in a purple cushion, I doubt anyone would think it was cheap. If anything, I feel that the paulownia box and the cushion might also be useful for some other purpose, and I don’t think I’ll ever throw them away.

“Take good care of it. The experience of handling a first-class product is priceless.”

According to the product description included in the box, the brush tube is made of a branch that naturally fell from an ancient tree standing on a spiritual vein, and the spearhead is mainly made of the body hair of a spiritual beast similar to a sheep, mixed with the fetal hair of a newborn baby blessed with Onmyoji’s talent.

These precious materials are said to improve the flow of spiritual power, allowing it to be transmitted without any loss when drawing a line. I hear that the power is increased together with the spiritual power contained in the ink.

In addition to its high performance, the brush tube is decorated with engravings similar to those of a formation, and one can tell just by looking at it that it is a high-class product.

At first, I was like, ‘Oh, I can dip this in ink? Won’t it stain my perfectly white bristles?” I was afraid to use it, but I got used to it.

By nature, a top-quality brush like this, which is used only in case of emergency, is like a personal seal. Normally, they are carefully stored in a closet and rarely taken out. The reason why I am using it for practice is to honor my grandmother’s wishes.

‘I’ve chosen the one that looks the best, so keep up the good work.’

I couldn’t put this gift away in the closet.

Let’s just do as my dad says and nurture a first-class sensibility by being exposed to quality things.

Speaking of my grandmother, it seems that my father’s teaching policy has changed since that day when I had a bad premonition about her…….

After this, I was taught how to draw a very fine spiritual killing stroke, and the Onmyoji education for the day was over.

Normally, the two of us would head to the living room together and rest until dinner, but today we have a little more to talk about.

“With the skills I have taught you so far, you will be able to fight Yōkai.”

Oh, I got my dad’s approval. I’m a little touched.

I have mastered many Onmyojutsu, and at 4 years old, I still have a lot of time left to grow.

Unlike my previous life, where I spent my time in idleness, in this life I have many things I want to do. I get excited just imagining what kind of glorious future awaits me in the future.

If I am lucky, I will be the youngest person to exterminate a Yōkai, or I will by myself defeat a Threat Level 7 Yōkai, or I may achieve an unprecedented feat and leave my mark on the history.

As if he could see through my buoyant mood, my father nailed me with a warning.

“But do not ever challenge them. There is so much I have yet to teach you. Even with all your knowledge and strength, you lack maturity and experience. Dying only takes a moment. Never approach danger before you become an adult. Okay?”

Dad’s eyes were more serious than ever, and I could only nod silently.

Just like when he told me about the past of the Kyobe family before, my father’s strong emotions were leaking out. A strong desire to never lose his family again.

I know that without being told.

There are still too many things I can’t do compared to what I could do with my adult body.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a desire to be a hero, but I’m not a child so intoxicated by a sense of all-around goodness that I’d rush into a reckless endeavor.

Until I become an adult, I will not do something like sticking my neck out into danger.

It would worry my mother and Yuya as well.

However, if I am attacked by a shadow Yōkai-like creature again, I will have to fight back.

I will continue to carry a “Twisting and Turning Killing” talisman in my pocket.

I have been taught to use it to escape, and I have also been taught to use it to stall–

While playing with Yuya in the living room, I was examining my newly acquired trump card.

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