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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – The Ending of Limited-time Spiritual Power Increase Event

A month has passed since the day I gave Mamoru-kun the advice.

As a result, Mamoru-kun has stopped skipping his classes.

It seems that the effect of making a seal was significant for him, who is a sensitive person. I think I did a good job.

Thanks to this, Mamoru-kun’s friendship with me has increased.

“Hijiri, take that one.”


The silent moments continued on……..

The content of the conversation remains perfunctory, but this is a big step forward.

After all, he started calling me by my name.

In general, you don’t need to remember people’s names to have a conversation, just call out “Hey,” and use the second person speech. I was never good at remembering people’s names, so I lived my life without remembering names except for those who were close to me.

Nevertheless, Mamoru-kun calls me by my name. It is a great progress.

“Look at this, Hijiri.”

Mamoru-kun was fidgeting.

Mamoru-kun approached me and suddenly pulled out a sheet of drawing paper from his bag and showed me his new creation.

“Oh, you went to the aquarium. Wow, beautiful.”

He went to the aquarium with his family last Sunday, and in the painting there was a back view of his parents and brother.

The people and fish are realistic, and even the shadows are drawn with an attention to the light source. The backgrounds were also accurately depicted using an accurate perspective, and the beauty of the scene as he saw it was captured in the painting.

Although it still looks a little crude, it has an exceptional power of representation for an artist of his age. At least, it is much better than the picture of my family that I painted in my second life.

“……Thank you.”

The way he smiled at me was unimaginable a few months ago.

Overcoming problems together and fostering friendships… that’s the royal road.

“Don’t you draw in your classes in kindergarten?”

“They can see me; I don’t want to.”

If you ask him why he doesn’t draw during his breaks, which he is so good at and loves to do, he always gives the same answer.

At only four years old, he was already an artist in his own right.

“Did someone teach you how to draw?”

“I go to drawing class every day.”

Taking lessons at the age of four?

Seems a little early, but then again, maybe that’s normal nowadays?

Olympic athletes are said to be given special training for gifted children since their childhood. More than anything else, I am learning Onmyojutsu, so I can’t speak about others.



Whether he was fortunate to have a good teacher or his own talent, his drawings are improving every time I see them.

I won’t lose to him.

My Onmyojutsu education is progressing well: memorizing spells, practicing the formation, studying the ritual tools, and so on.

If I keep up the good work at this rate, I am sure I will become a fine Onmyoji.

If there is one concern, it is the decrease in the number of mysterious creatures being captured.

“Only one today, huh?”

I came home from kindergarten and was in the living room, scribbling down spells and setting up tentacle traps.

But after three hours, I had only caught one fish. Not long ago, I would have gotten at least six.

This phenomenon is similar to when I started watching the Onmyoji Channel.

Maybe I’ve become too strong, or maybe I’m getting closer to adulthood. I guess the interaction with them, or rather, the limited-time spiritual power increase event, will be over soon.

The increase in spiritual power from a single mysterious creature is a mere trifle compared to the spiritual power I currently possess. However, I had been absorbing mysterious creatures for more than four years, and it had become a habit.

“Are you hungry? Dinner will be ready soon.”

“I’m not hungry. Why?”

“Because you were munching.”

I wonder if I had become a bit hungrier without even realizing it.

The indescribable crunchiness and texture on the tongue, the sensation of increasing spiritual power and feeling creepy – I used to think they were disgusting, but now I feel as if they were a familiar dish.

Truffles, foie gras, and mysterious creatures. I think they should be added to the world’s top three delicacies.

“Ni, I’ll give you my boiled rice.”

“Thank you Yuya. Onii-chan is happy. All right.”

When I pat my gentle brother’s head, he grabs my hand with a giggle and a squeal.

Yes, these treats are tastier than the mysterious creatures. Family love is the greatest seasoning.

At the age of three, Yuya has completely escaped the threat of the mysterious creatures.

I remember when he was over one year old, there was a drastic decrease in attacks, and when he was two years old, there were less than three attacks.

I don’t think my little brother will be threatened again.

Onii-chan’s hard work paid off. Mysterious creatures were also caught, killing two birds with one stone.

“Do that thing where you fly your talisman, do it!”

“Hey, your brother is studying. Don’t bother him.”

“It’s okay, Mom. My hands are getting a little bit tired, so I’m going to go practice the talisman flying.”

I can’t say no when my adorable little brother asks me to do something for him.

I head for the courtyard with the chick in tow and a homemade talisman in my hand.

“Here we go, wham!”


As I flew the talisman, Yuya threw a paper airplane.

Seeing his brother manipulating something so interesting, I knew that my younger brother would say, “I want to fly it, too”.

Yuya, who has no spiritual power, cannot manipulate talismans. So, as a desperate measure, I taught him how to make paper airplanes.

Yuya, being an optimistic boy, was satisfied with that.

I didn’t think it would be his dream in the future.

A paper airplane thrown by a three-year-old would fall down immediately, regardless of whether it was thrown by a real pro or a three-year-old. On the other hand, if a talisman filled with my abundant spiritual power keeps flying endlessly, Yuya is likely to sulk.

“Come on – let’s go! It’s time to get going~ …… Boon!”


Of course, that is where I will take over.

I generated wind from the other formation I have drawn on the talisman and make the paper plane fly up into the sky again.

My brother was so excited that he cheered when I called out to him.

It was worth the effort.

Of course, it’s good practice for me too.

The effectiveness of the formation can change depending on how it is drawn. I am learning through experimentation and through making mistakes as I play with it, whether this way of drawing is correct, how much spiritual power to use, how much output can be obtained, and how to activate the talisman flying and wind formation at the same time.

In particular, the effect of the formation changes drastically depending on the type of spiritual element that is put into it, so I need to have a firm grasp of it.

The first time I used the continental refinement jade element, I desperately put in the element and activated it. Even though I was in the terrible shape physically, looking back on it now, it was a mess.

In order to properly demonstrate the effects of the formation, one must carefully consider and select the properties of the elements and then control the formation.

I was training Onmyojutsu today in preparation for the battle that would eventually come.

“Hey, hey, one more time! One more time!

“I guess I don’t have a choice!”



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