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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 35

 Chapter 35 – Protagonist and Rival Characters

“My brother lost.”

The voice echoed in the large, quiet room.

Before I knew it, the girls and their mothers were watching us fight.

Akari-chan, who was in the center of the group, mumbled a few words regarding the fact that we were fighting.

Hearing her voice, Haruku-kun came to his senses, looked around, and asked a question.

“Who’s that?”


“Nice to meet you. My name is Kyobe Sei, the eldest son of the Kyobe family. Please allow me to extend my regards to you.”

I bow with the grace I’ve seen in some TV drama.

It’s exactly what I was aiming for.

Now I had made an memorable first impression. It was a good thing I didn’t blend in with the crowd.

Now, I wondered how he would react to the person who had beaten him.

After all this time, I found myself whispering in my mind, “What if he doesn’t like me?

I kept my head down and waited for his reaction.

“You’re awesome! Next time I won’t lose!”

What …… is …….

I thought at best he might throw a tantrum and run off, but what a hero move.

I’m totally the rival character in this one. Oh, that was the point, wasn’t it?

“What are you doing! You all need to get your asses to the paper, fast!”

And I have not forgotten the children around me.

I understood this by what he said and did.

He is not like me, who aspires to be a celebrity. He was born to be above the masses.

I am envious of him.

Even at my age, I can’t seem to compete in terms of humanity, so I guess I have no choice but to refine my spiritual power.

I feel like I can go to the next level of refinement. I’m not a sore loser.

The game of tag begins again according to Haruku-kun order.

I was caught by a doll controlled by another boy in an appropriate manner, and when I became an demon, I chased after Haruku-kun.

Haruku-kun happily fled, chased after me when I became an demon, and unexpectedly targeted a nearby opponent when he decided that he could not run away from me.

As expected, as a mentally mature adult, I couldn’t be any more of an adult.

I focused on game management so that everyone could have fun.

It was worth it, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I, on my part, approached and talked to a promising girl who was effortlessly manipulating her spiritual power, and it was quite a fruitful time.

However, it is time for me to get in touch with my main target.

I wonder if I can somehow make friends with Akari.

There is no doubt that Akari is cute. She is much more attractive than the child actors on TV, and it is definite that she will become a beautiful woman in the future. Because her mother is also a beautiful woman.

I would love to get close to her. They say love is blind, but my mind is occupied with how to approach Akari.

Even I, as blind as I am, can at least see the spectacle in front of me.

I got a hint from the sight of the dolls flying around, and I asked the servant for a favor.

The request was immediately granted. As expected of the servants of the Abe family, they are excellent.

“What will you do with the paper?”

“You’ll see.”

I put my spiritual power into about 30 sheets of paper.

When I have put a lot of energy into the paper, I close my eyes and think of the desired result in my mind.

“Wow, the letters are popping up…!”

Spiritual power can be used in many ways.

It is easy to burn a piece of paper if you stimulate it with a mass of energy. It’s a little trick I learned from my asshole of a father.

The paper, which has been prepared, is manipulated with spiritual power and folded into a butterfly shape in the manner of origami.

The sight of 30 sheets being folded at the same time is quite interesting to the eye.

The completed butterflies flutter down to the girls, flying like real butterflies.

“Wow, what’s this?”


The butterflies perched on their shoulders and their palms are slowly being opened by spiritual power manipulation.

Then, there is a greeting from me.

As the girls and boys are naturally separated, if I greeted the girls alone, I would appear to be out of place among the boys.

With this, it is possible to greet girls in a fashionable way without the boys knowing about it. The flying doll talismans were a good hint.

The result was a success.

“Wow, it’s a handwritten letter.”

“What does it say?”

A letter disguised as a butterfly. The girls who got it are showing it to each other and exchanging their impressions with each other.

Well, they all had the same sentence.

The last line was written in a fortune-telling style, something like “lucky color <red>. I remembered that fortune-telling was popular among girls when I was a child.

Only one person, my true love, had a very elaborate letter addressed to her.

I also added a picture that I thought she would like.

As I had hoped, she left the circle of girls and came to me alone.

It was a good thing I had moved closer to her beforehand.

“What is this picture?”

Ah, the tilting of the head looks good. I wonder if someone could take a picture of it.

The picture of the egg is drawn in the letter.

This is exactly what I’ve set her up for, something she’ll be interested in. One of the few things I seem to have in common with her.

“This is my spirit animal egg. It’s already got a pattern on it.”

“No way! Because my father said that the pattern would appear when a child turns 10 years old.”

My prediction came true.

After all, the children of the Abe family were given spirit animal eggs.

And the eggs of the spirit animal I drew have a pattern on it. This is strange to anyone who knows about eggs. On the other hand, if it did not have such a pattern, it would be nothing more than a simple egg drawing.

This is how I should get back the original 50 million yen.

“I’m not lying. The pattern is just like in this picture. If you like, come to my house sometime and I will show it to you.”

Phew, perfect flow of conversation.

I even suspected that maybe it was her reading my mental script.

This series of dialogue would not only give me a chance to meet her again, but would also convey to the Onmyoji leaders in a natural and easy-to-understand way that my spiritual power is excellent.

It was a perfect development for me.

In this way, I was able to become acquainted with the children of the Abe family.


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