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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Battle Results

After the battle with the Yōkai, or rather, after I was transferred to another world, my spiritual power increased exponentially.

At the time, I seemed to have lost my composure due to the headache and did not realize what the eerie feeling was, but it was the feeling I had when my spiritual power was full.

Normally, after spending spiritual power, I recover it while sleeping, but I guess that space was filled with spiritual power outside of my body, and it was entering my body …….

There is no way to be sure even if I wanted to find the right explanation, and so I was satisfied with that answer.

I think that headache was also a spiritual pressure thumbing like the difference in air pressure.

If I push the limits of Body Strengthening again, I might be able to go to another world, but I don’t want to go back there again. If it was a Yōkai’s ward in the first place, that guy would be dead and the answer would be in the dark forever.

I thought about talking to my asshole father about it, but I decided not to, because if he found out about my homemade talismans, he would get angry and sentence me to “stop teaching Onmyojutsu”.

“Dad, is the house ward okay?”

“…… what’s wrong all of a sudden. Did you dream of some Yōkai?”

The damn father answered in a very curious way. I was relieved to see that no Yōkai seemed to have invaded the house.

The clothes that should have been soiled by rolling on the ground are somehow back to normal, and there is no evidence of it anywhere.

It’s just that one of my homemade talisman has been diminished and my carefully crafted land refinement spiritual element has been completely wiped out.

In return, my maximum spiritual power was about three times higher than before.

I am genuinely happy about this growth. I had begun to be dissatisfied with the speed of the spiritual power refinement efficiency.

Now I can give my remaining spiritual power to the spirit animal egg again.

And one more thing.

Before I knew it, a pitch-black gradient gem was in my pocket.

Somehow I thought it might be related to the Yōkai I had killed, but there was no way to confirm this either.

At first I tried to throw it away. I didn’t want to keep such a spooky thing, because it might become a source of trouble someday.

But then, before I knew it, the gem, which I had tossed outside, was back in my pocket.

Like a cursed doll, it kept coming back no matter how many times I threw it away, so I finally gave up.

I had no choice but to keep it, partly because I have had it for a while and it has done me no harm.

When I learn how to perform an exorcism, I’m going to try it on this guy straight away.

“You paint well. Your brushwork is becoming more consistent.”

“Yes. It’s because of my father’s good teaching skills.”

Today was another day of practice to paint the formation.

After correcting the letters with a pencil, I had to practice with a brush.

It was difficult to handle the brushes, but my father taught me well, and I was able to master the art of brush strokes much faster than I had expected.

In a previous life, I had only done brush strokes in Japanese as a student, so it was probably a good thing that I had not developed any strange habits.

“You’ve learned ten varieties already?”

“Yeah. What’s next?

“…… isn’t it hard to learn it ……?”

It is probably lukewarm compared to work.

Anyway, Onmyojutsu is more interesting than the classes you learn in school.

What’s with all the supernatural phenomena that can be created just by drawing a circle with a series of small letters? What is going on in this world? Where are the laws of physics? I can’t help but be intrigued!

I am very happy that I have been able to put into practical use the spiritual elements that I have been steadily increasing since my birth, after learning that formation.

I have even been able to use them not only in practice but in actual battle, and I have come to conclusion that the first land refinement is still not enough.

Instead of being bitter, I am just getting more and more motivated.

When I told him of my enthusiasm, the asshole father reacted as if he was amused.

Was I doing something strange?

It is not unusual for a child who is passionate about something to display unusual enthusiasm and memorization.

“Well …… then, I’ll teach you the next spell if you want to.”


The talisman making was Onmyoji-like, but the spells are even more Onmyoji-like.

I would love to learn it.

Thus, after the painting practice, the spell learning began.


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