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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Mysterious creature

“Onyaah!( Rat?! Cockroach?! Hey, father, you should at least take care of the baby’s room!).“

As a baby, I’m helpless.

I can’t kill pests or drive vermin out of the house.

On top of that, I heard that babies have a very low immune system. A germ that is no big deal to an adult could be fatal to a baby.

In this situation, there was no other choice. Let’s put aside shame and outward appearances and ask the mother for help.

“Hey, mom has come. You’re already awake. I wonder if you’re hungry?”

As a result of my grand crying, my mother came running to me, wiping her hands on her apron.

Thank God, please get rid of that dangerous creature quickly!

I tried to tell her with my desperate gestures, but my mother didn’t understand.

No, those big tits are always attractive, but that’s not what I meant.

“Are you not hungry? Diapers … looks okay. What’s wrong, did you miss your mom?”

My mother was bobbing me up and down as if she was trying to soothe me.

No, she’ s not getting the message at all. Her position as she spins around and tries to nurse me just so happens to bring her gaze in the direction where I found the dangerous creature earlier.

“Ugyaa! (There it is! There it is!)“

“What’s the matter, you’re in a bad mood. Parenting is difficult.”

I can finally see the dangerous creature, but is it even a creature in the first place?

It’s kind of translucent and transparent?!

It was like a forest spirit from Princess Mononoke, or a deformed mascot, a non-human thing with a vague outline.

It was not a human being or even an existing creature.

Is that a ……? A ghost? A spirit?

“Alright, alright, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Your mother is here, you know.”

“Ah (Don’t you notice that? It seems in the first place you cant see it).“

No matter how I think about it, I would be aware if such a strange creature was in the room.

However, the mother didn’t seem to notice it at all.

I wondered if it might have been some kind of ghost that only babies can see, or something like that.

I have often heard that babies can see the world that adults cannot. Could it be that imaginary friends are actually these people?

As I was bewildered by the unknown experience, she put me back on the futon, probably because I stopped crying.

“Your mother has to do the housework. I’ll be right around the corner, don’t worry. Please be a good boy and wait for me.”

No, no, no, wait, am I going to be okay alone with this fellow?

Won’t I be killed by some mysterious creature as soon as I was reincarnated?

My dependable mother left the room, leaving me stuck in anxiety.

Even though she was doing the housework for me, I was left in a pretty scary situation.

“Ah (I can’t see it)”

The strange creature seemed to be moving slowly and was no longer visible from my position.

I was wary of my surroundings for a while, but eventually I felt sleepy again, probably because I was tired of crying.

Ugh. …… It’s okay, right? I grew up to be an adult once in Japan, and I may have had a funny interaction with that strange creature as a baby, though I probably just forgot about it.

He could be a surprisingly nice guy when you talk to him.

My guess was denied by the strange sensation I felt in my mouth.

“Agyaa (There’s something, something in my mouth!).“

A deep, dreamless sleep led to an instant awakening.

The cause of this was a foreign object that I had never experienced in my entire life.

I felt something in my mouth, something soft, something hard, something fluffy that was neither solid nor liquid.(T/N – For some reason this sounds really wrong.)

I desperately tried to spit out the foreign object by moving my mouth, which had yet to grow teeth, but I guess the necessary muscles had not yet developed, so I reflexively made sucking movements.

I want to spit it out, but I can only take it in!

“Ahhhhh! (It’ s going in, it’ s going in! )”

My body rejected the unpleasant texture.

However, the foreign object had already entered the back of my throat, and I had been invaded to the point where there was nothing I could do.

It was only at this stage that I realized what the foreign object was.

This was the strange creature I had spotted earlier.

I was convinced that it had entered my half-opened mouth.

“Abuu (Can this be digested? Is my body okay ?!)”

As I started crying again, I heard the sound of my mother’s footsteps coming towards me.

“It’s time to eat, isn’t it? Yes, it’s time for boobs.”

No, now is not the time for that—oh, sadly breastfeeding is governed by instinct. My mouth twitches on its own and sucks in the breast milk.

This is a champon* of the strange creature I just swallowed and my mother’s milk, isn’t it?

What’s been going on with my life since my reincarnation?

I was probably blank-eyed as I sucked on my mother’s milk, and I could feel the presence of a strange creature raging in my stomach.

I wasn’t being physically punched in the stomach. It was more like it was slowly consuming me.

It might have been a ghost that was taking over my body.

I can’t bear to lose! I got a second chance at reincarnation, and I won’t accept dying right after birth!

Even though I am a baby, I try to resist erosion with all my might. However, I couldn’t manipulate spiritual power, so I just tried to be brave.

“Mmmm, you must have been very hungry, sucking so hard.”

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, mother. I never wanted to suck on your big tits.

My body is trying to nourish itself …… with breast milk.

I felt like I had been fighting for a very long time, but I guess that was just an illusion.

The strong erosion that I had fought so hard to resist began to weaken, and the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach disappeared.

At the same time, my mother patted me on the back, probably assuming that I had finished breastfeeding.

Cloth wrapped

A cute little burp came out of my mouth.

Digestion was complete.

I think I was able to digest that foreign substance along with my mother’s milk.

“Now that you’re full, let’s go lie down. Oh, by the way, be careful not to vomit or you’ll choke.“

The mother lay down next to me and nursed me.

To be honest, I didn’t like being treated like a baby, as I was an adult. Or rather, I had a hard time accepting it.

However, through the battle I just had, I realized. Mothers are great, breast milk is great.

The energy that I took from my mother’s milk was definitely useful in defeating the wonder creature. If I hadn’t had that power, the mysterious creature might have taken over my body.

I had felt like a stranger to my mother, but now I felt the love of my family. I had no other way but to call her mother.

“Good night, my little boy.”

My mother said loving words to me and quietly left the room.

I opened my eyes with the sound of the sliding door closing.

I felt a little drowsy, but I couldn’t sleep because I was more worried about something else.

“Ah (what is this, this chilling sensation?).“

A strange sensation runs through my small body that I have never felt in my previous life.

My heartrate was at its strongest, coursing through my body along with my blood.

No doubt, this is what I got for taking in that wonder creature.

I had no idea what this meant, but I was sure it wasn’t anything bad. Every time this tingling sensation went through my body, I felt a surge of energy.

“Eh (What was that guy in the end? There he is again!).“

When I was finally relieved that the mysterious creature was gone from my room, I found him by my futon again. If you look closely, you can see that the shape is slightly different. The shape of the eyes and mouth were different, and the arms and legs were quite unbalanced.

I can’t help but feel that he’s weaker than the one from earlier.

“Ah (I’m falling asleep yet again, but I’m sure he’ll come into my mouth once more no matter what I think!).“

At the time of my death in my previous life, I was old, ill, and had few emotional ups and downs.

It was then that I was reborn, and the surprises kept coming. I felt in a strange way that I was really in a new body.


I was asleep before I knew it. It was in my mouth. I swallowed it.

Mother, help me!





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