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I was reincarnated in a modern day Onmyoji family – Chapter 15

 Chapter 15 – Onmyoji Channel

I woke up early this morning to hear that my Onmyoji education was about to begin.

I quickly made my way from my bedroom to the living room.

Walking down the hallway with a fairly steady stride, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I have been curious about the information about spiritual power for a long time.

I would like to hear it. Even though I can speak the language now, my father has never talked to me as a baby about his work.

I can’t lead the conversation or ask questions without a reason.

Maybe I can ask him a lot of questions with today’s education. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to this opportunity to solve a mystery that has been building over the past year.

When I forcefully opened the sliding door, there was my mother, taking a sip of tea and taking a break.

“Huh? Pa-pa?”

There’s no sign of the damn father.

Where the hell is he?

I can’t wait for him to tell me about Onmyoji.

“Daddy went to work just a few minutes ago. Did you want to go?”



Because once he goes to work, he won’t be back for at least three days. On weekdays, he basically stays over and works. Yesterday was my birthday, so he just came home.

“What about the Onmyoji?”

“Oh, Saint is interested in Daddy’s work? Just perfect, let’s watch the Onmyouji Channel together after breakfast.”

Onmyouji Channel?

The flow was strange for my poor tone of voice.

Bewildered, I followed her instructions, ate my baby food maturely, and returned to the living room.

Mother was operating a large TV set that didn’t fit in the Japanese-style room.

After connecting to the Internet, she opened the YouT0be application.

With a familiar look, she moved to the list of channels she had subscribed to. At the top of the list was a parenting cooking channel, and one below that was the one we were looking for.

|Onmyoji Channel|

“From now on, if you watch it every morning, you will become a great Onmyoji like your dad.”

I don’t have to be like my shitty father, but I want to be a good Onmyoji.

So …… education nowadays is done via video …….

That’s a method that wouldn’t have been possible when I was a kid. But sure, I watched videos often in my previous life. This way of teaching the necessary knowledge to those who need it anytime and anywhere seems reasonable.

Mother immediately plays “No. 1 Onmyoji no Shigoto” (No. 1 Onmyoji’s Work).

Oh, it plays commercials.

Thirty seconds later, the main program started.

[“Hello~. Is everyone using their spiritual power? My name is Lioness Shido, and I’m your elder sister!”]

[“Nice to meet you. My name is Shimabane Shigeru, and I’m your older brother. From today, let’s take a look into the world of Onmyoji together!”]

It was a completely educational channel.

It seemed to be a combination of an older sister and an older brother teaching us about Onmyoji, like a public service broadcast.

Maybe there will be a mascot character after this.

[“Does everyone know what kind of work a Onmyoji does?”]

[“Me and my sister Shido have graduated from the Onmyoji apprenticeship and are working as Onmyoji.”]

[“To put it plainly, we are in the business of defeating evil – Yokai and helping those in need!”]

[“Everyone’s father and mother are doing a very fine job.”]

From the lines he speaks, I guess this channel is only accessible to families of Onmyoji.

That’s right, because this is an industry where the techniques of body strengthening are kept a secret.

But if that is the case, it is contradictory that two members of the Shido and Shimabane families are releasing videos like this.

[“I’m defeating the monsters, but I’m told there are other roles I can play.”]

[“Yes, that’s right. I do not exterminate Yokai, but rather protect people who have little spiritual power, which is my job as an escort. I also cleanse spiritually dangerous lands, pacify deities in rituals, and make amulets to keep Yokai away. Onmyoji are involved in all kinds of work related to Spirits and Yokai.]

It’s about what I expected.

There is no way that Onmyoji are only supposed to fight monsters.

However, it never occurred to me that they appease gods. Shrines, and by extension religion, may also be related to Onmyoji.

[“Well then, let’s see what we can do together today, my job, exterminating Yokai~”]

The scene changes, from the studio to an abandoned building in the middle of the night.

Sister Shido’s attire has also changed to a full-fledged Onmyoji style.

[“Today’s request is to exterminate the Demon Haze that play tricks on the mountain! They are bad demons that set fire to abandoned villages in the mountains and cause fires. So we, Onmyoji, will exterminate them!’]

The film crew moves through the building.

Occasionally the camera will show a wall, showing the scorch marks that remain on it.

Most of the scorch marks are small, as if seared with a match, but some are so large that the entire ruin could have burned down.

[“When the Demon Haze grows large, it can make a big fire. But when they are small, they can only burn things while they are using their power. With this big scorch mark on it, the Demon Fire will soon be able to handle real fire.”]

Sister Shido’s tone had changed to a serious one, perhaps because she was at work.

She is always looking around, and even through the screen, you can sense her determination as a person involved in combat.

Is that what Demon Haze is like? Maybe someday I will fight against such a thing.

After exploring the mansion for a while, the group went outside and went around the abandoned village.

[“There you are, a group of Demon Haze. From now on, as Onmyoji, we will exterminate the evil Yokai~!”]

The actual situation is somewhat amateurish.

But now it’s not about that, it’s the combat scene.

They stand still at a considerable distance from the group of Demon Hazes. Can they attack from a long distance?

[“Put your spiritual power into this paper and move it according to your will.”]

The sister Shido took a piece of paper with some words written on it out of her pocket. She muttered something with her eyes closed, then opened them and threw the paper at the group of Demon Hazes. The paper should have just fluttered down, but the paper with spiritual power in it flew straight up, defying the wind.

As if with a will of its own, the paper avoided the smaller Demon Hazes and hit the largest Demon Haze in the center of the group.


The moment it hit the Demon Haze, a mass of water exploded from the paper.

What the hell was that? How dare you ignore the laws of physics.

Oh, my tentacles also ignored the laws of physics.

As I thought, the Onmyoji’s technique is interesting. I can’t wait to use that technique myself.

[“We did it! We defeated the strongest Demon Haze~! Let’s take down all the remaining small Demon Hazes at once!”]

With that said, the next thing she took out was a small bag of sand-like grains.

[“O soul of rain, power to the purifying tide!”]

Chanting! It’s cool, but isn’t it embarrassing to say that in public? The image would be broadcasted all over the country.

I guessed from the chanting that she took a pinch of purified salt from a sachet.

She threw it up in the air as if to pour it down on the group of Demon Haze.

The salt does not fall easily, even though it was not raised that high.

In the meantime, small Demon Haze attacked the assailants.

[“Yo, ha! This level of attack won’t hit us~”]

The body hits of the Demon Fire are as fast as an elementary school student’s dodgeball.

It would be impossible for someone with poor reflexes to avoid them. Moreover, they attacked continuously.

I don’t think I could have avoided them in my previous life.

And it seems that while they were avoiding it, its time had come.

[“Let the purifying rain fall!”]

The sister’s voice became cheerful as it was in the studio, as if she was relaxed after reaching a definite winning situation.

The salt must have had some effect, for rain began to fall from the supposedly clear sky.

The rain was faintly glowing, and when it touched the Demon Haze, it extinguished the fire that made up the body of the Demon.

What kind of Onmyoudo is this purifying rain?

[“Mission accomplished! All the evil Demon Fires have been exterminated.”]

At this point, the scene changes and the stage returns to the studio.

[“I wonder if everyone now understands what it’s like to exterminate a Yokai!”]

[“Our sister Shido was very cool as she used her Onmyojutsu to exterminate the Demon Haze in a spectacular manner.]

[“If you all study as Onmyoji, you’ll be able to defeat Yokai like me~!”]

[“Well, that’s all for this time. Next time, I will teach you about the most vital aspect of spiritual power for a Onmyoji.”]


And here the video ends.

I guess there is no need to ask for a Channel subscription.

“Hah, I had heard about this from Mr. Tsuyoshi, but I didn’t realize that Onmyoji performs this kind of work.”

It seems that mother had never seen it before.

I thought she had already taken the course.

“Mom didn’t see it either, because she wanted to study with Saint.”

Ufufu, smiling mother is as cute as being my own mother. I can hardly believe that she will be a mother of two next month.

I really wonder why such a wonderful woman married my shitty father.

That man is too clumsy. Is that what makes him so patronizing?

Oh, and that’s not what I’m talking about, it’s the Onmyoji battle scene.

It was very interesting.

I guess they are using spiritual power, but how in the world can they create such magical phenomena?

Tentacles and body enhancements are rather realistic in theory, but those were completely different.

I wonder if more videos would allow me to use the same technique.

“Mamma, next!”

The next story I’m going to tell you is about spiritual power.

You’ll get the information I’ve been wanting to know. Maybe I’ll even learn a trick or two sooner rather than later!

Mother nodded her head at me with some enthusiasm.

“Let’s look at one every day. If you look at them all at once, you’ll get bored.”

That’s not true!

My passion for the Onmyoji will not cool down just because of that. If it’s that bad, then I’ would have been bored by the time I was looking for the second refinement. I want to move forward on the path of Onmyoji with a curiosity stronger than anything I’ve tried so far.

“Look, look, please play vigorously today. It is also important to build up your body well.”

No, I’m not going to be able to change my mother’s decision.

I quietly exit the living room and walk down the hallway.

If I can’t watch the Onmyoji video anymore, I’ll just have to search for the mysterious creatures as usual.

After exploring the house for a while, I finally realized

I was in big trouble.

“Mysterious creatures, not present.”


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